Intel boosts 12th generation mobile CPUs with HX suite for demanding workstations and gamers


Intel announces new line of processors for workstations and PCs the games. AlderLake-HX resumes desktop processor architecture to offer up to 16 physical cores. Dozens of laptops will be equipped with it by summer.

Intel doesn’t intend to give the competition any respite and is unveiling new laptop processors for highly demanding workstations and games. And more than new processors, it’s almost a new platform. Finally…there is a trick.

Desktop processor in a laptop

Intel completes the laptop lineup from above by adding so-called HX processors in the AlderLake-H series. However, it is difficult for Intel to add cores to these processors since, according to their architecture, they are limited to 14. To overcome this limitation, Intel relies on the AlderLake architecture for desktop processors. The founder simply reduced the height of the processor by removing a file heat diffuser To integrate it into laptops and limit the base TDP to 55 watts, versus 65 watts for the desktop version. However, the maximum power can be up to 157W in boost for a period of time that can be specified by each laptop manufacturer. For comparison, the Core i9-12900H can only reach 115W. However, it remains to be seen if this impressive wattage rise will be properly accommodated by the laptops chassis so as to deliver low-noise operation. At this point, the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros have pretty much modified the cards.

Hop, new wizard!  © Intel

Hop, new wizard! © Intel

Building on the desktop architecture, AlderLake-HX boxes in a new category. It is now possible to include up to 16 cores divided into 8 high-performance cores (P-Cores) and 8 economic cores (E-Cores), supportingOverclockingDDR ECC memory up to 128 GB (in some references), two Thunderbolt 4 and PCIe Gen5 controllers. In practice, Intel partners will be able to offer both workstations and laptops to gamers, equipped with a 16-core processor accompanied by 128 GB of DDR5 RAM, and up to 16 TB of SSD with the ability to overclock Processor and RAM.

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© Intel

Workstations in line of sight

Intel is playing with these new processors at two tables. The first is workstations for professionals with a mobile processor with 24 logic cores, error-correcting memory (ECC) and unprecedented mobile storage, compatible with RAID 1, 0 and 5. Intel also announces that it is working closely with Software publishers AutoCAD, Revit and Premiere Pro to ensure platform stability. The second target audience consists of gamers who don’t mind spending and want the best overclockable laptop.

Performance-wise, Intel reported a 17% gain on a single core, and nearly 64% on multiple cores in favor of the Core i9-12900HX (16C/24T) versus the previous-generation Core i9-11980K (8C/16T) — which sticks With the results obtained in the rest of the twelfth generation Core series. However, the founder is careful not to announce the performance of his battery engineering, and even less the autonomy of the machines that will carry the AlderLake-HXs. When asked about this, Intel reported a performance drop of about 10% once on the battery, which we wouldn’t fail to verify during our tests.

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Performance in a professional environment: Core i9-11980HK serves as a reference.  © Intel

Performance in a professional environment: Core i9-11980HK serves as a reference. © Intel

Intel specifically highlighted the performance of its architecture in a professional environment and its specific software, noting that Apple’s M1s do not exist in this environment due to incompatibility. This is partly true for CAD-like applications, and less so for anything creative. A sleight of hand that makes it possible above all to avoid direct confrontation and questions about it. For example, when we were asked whether this series of processors is placed, in addition to AMD’s Ryzen, as well as on Apple chips, Intel told us that these processors are not designed for positioning, but for the user. Smart… The fact remains that the user will be keen to compare things when their programs are viewed on both platforms.

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In gaming, according to Intel, the performance gain will be minimal, especially against the Core-12900H that equips many laptops the games High-end and excellent performance. Moving to 16 physical cores only takes advantage of a few CPU-intensive games, such as strategy games.

From Core i5 (8C/12T) to Core i9 (16C/24T)

A full set of processors.  © Intel

A full set of processors. © Intel

Seven processors make up the HX range, from Core i5-12450HX (8C/12T) to Core i9-12950HX (16C/24T) that support Intel vPro memory and ECC. So three references are assigned to workstations: Core i5-12600HX, Core i7-12850HX and Core i9-12950HX. Gamer laptops will primarily see Core i7-12800HX and Core i9-12900HX, especially with faster processor and memory cores.

Dozens of models are already planned.  © Intel

Dozens of models are already planned. © Intel

Thus, at least a dozen configurations should see the light of day with Intel’s partners, notably with Asus, ROG, Gigabyte, HP Lenovo, and MSI for laptops. the games. For workstations, it will be necessary to monitor the ExpertBook B6 from Asus, Dell Precision 7670 and 7700. All these little guys should be available during the summer of 2022.

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