Orleans Lorette Baskett lost to Champaign Basket after a crazy match. Relive our direct comment…

Follow the mood and score

Great atmosphere before the match at the Sports Palace ! The fans came in droves for the last game of the season at home, which is absolutely crucial to keeping them in the elite. Most of the spectators wear a white shirt in support of the German Castano men. Magic Sup, who usually wears yellow, is one of them.

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2nd overtime (110-111)

Three-point basket for Chalons Reims at the start of second overtime (99-102, 4’50). It’s rerunning on the wheel covers, and we don’t know where to go (102-107, 3’09). Boungou Colo gives hope again with an impressive three-point basket, which is undoubtedly worth gold (105-107, 2’45)!!! 1’40 to go: Orleans 106-109 Shalon Rhimes!

Successful Free Throw 107-109 (1’28)!!!! Incredible scenario!!!!!! Three-point basket now scored by Olmer!!! 46 seconds left (110-109)!!! Time out I asked for the champagne basket, it’s too hot in here (110-109), there are 11 seconds left!!!

is over ! OLB loses after a totally crazy match (110-111). Stockton scored a basket in the last minute. The Ansar, who did not surrender, passed through all the states. We will have to wait until next week to see if OLB will play in the first division next season.

First Overtime (99-99)

Beginning of overtime. The audience pays and OLB has the will to snatch this victory, which will be well deserved on a mental level! The two teams are still tied (89-89, 3’25). Three OLB points scored by Ulmer but Châlons netted a basket by step (92-94, 2’30). Lots of flips, the two teams spotted each other (95-97, 1’50). The score is getting worse for the OLB which is now down 99-95 (1’32).

A new ray of hope for OLB (97-99, 1’00)!!

99-99! OLB is back to score again, this match is amazing!!! (0’15). Eleven seconds left! Orleans holds a new match point. End of overtime, still 99-99. Five new extra minutes to play!

Fourth Quarter (89-89)

Schwartz gives an edge to Orleans (71-68, 9’10)!!!! The Chalons Reims brand… The confrontation rages at the beginning of the quarter (71-75.6’50). Back to equality for OLB (75-75, 6’10). The timeout required by the OLB, which is led again (75-80, 5’13). This last work is hotly disputed!

Vos expanded the difference in front of Rouen with one minute and thirteen seconds remaining (95-84).

At the Palais des Sports, Orléans were brave and did not leave the audience in front of the rendezvous (77-80, 4’11). Feature is now taken by OLB (81-80, 2’43)!!!!

Voss beat Rouen (98-84) and remains in the race to stay in the first division with OLB. It will therefore be necessary to wait until the last day for the fate of the Orleans family to be decided.

Chalons Reims didn’t say his last word (83-83, 2’00). Too tight end to the game like this quarter! Another timeout was requested by the OLB, which is still one point behind (86-87, 0’51). Terry lifted the OLB after making a foul (87-87, 0’33). OLB leads to the result!!!! 18 seconds left!!! (88-87)

“Here is Orleans,” the Palais des Sports supporters chanted! Warm atmosphere!!!!! Basketball scored by Chalons Reims (89-89, 0’3).

The score will not move, overtime!

Third Quarter (68-68)

Here we are again at the Sports Palace! Go OLB!

Terry Dunk! OLB leaves strong (36-54, 9’47). Three Point Basket Made by Paige (40-57, 8’00)!!! Both in service and in production, Stockton is ubiquitous on the Châlons-Reims side (43-60, 6’48). Some technical errors should be noted on the side of Chalons-Reims (46-60, 5’30). OLB on the right track? Three free throws and a successful three-point basket revive the game (54-60, 5’16)!!!!

In the stands, the fans are pushing their team! Huge atmosphere tonight!!!

Incredible quarter time!!! Another successful three-point basket (57-60, 4’24).

58-60 (4’00) This game is crazy!!! The tide has turned, and success is now with the players of German Castano (66-67, 0’49). There might have been a slight mistake in ware but Orlean came back to score (68-68, 0’3).

With success and a blazing crowd, German Castano’s players came back from Hell this third quarter. Marcus Page’s teammates appear to have taken a psychological advantage over their opponents. This quarter, OLB clearly dominated (34-14, overall score 68-68).

Fos is currently leading (78-73) against Roanne. Nothing is playing!!!!

Second Quarter (34-54)

OLB failed to find error (15-34, 8’21). So far, Orleans has lacked success in all of its offensive attempts, unlike Champagne Basket. In the stands, supporters do not leave. It is set in Châlons-Reims who plays the relaxed soul (20-40, 5’25). As a reminder, OLB opponents already know they will be playing in Pro B next year.

We’re in the final five minutes of the second quarter and OLB is still lacking in success, especially in the three-point shot attempts. A basket from Boungou-Colo still gives some hope (25-40, 3’56).

Fate haunts Orleans, Sacco scored a contested free throw for Chalons Reims when my descent attempt was miraculously repulsed (27-43, 2’00). Timeout requested by Germain Castano, none applicable to OLB (29-45, 1’19). end of the second quarter, OLB struggles to get back to its opponent (34-54). Besides Orleans, Marcus Page is currently the top scorer (15 points).

The players return to the locker room to the constant applause of the crowd. from his side, Vos leads the score (47-46) against Rouen.

First Quarter (15-28)

Let’s go to the Palais des Sports in Orleans between OLB Basketball and Champagne! The match is very tight so far. With six points scored, Marcus Paige allows his teammates to stay in the game for the time being (16-12, 3’30) despite opponents’ control.

The gap widens between Orleans and Champaign Basket (15-26, 1’00). At the end of the first quarter, German Castano players were late (28-15). Bad start especially since Fos lags at the same time (21-23).

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