Orleans Lower Basket (again) has the chance to ensure she’s maintained in the elite, Tuesday night, for her last outing at the gym

The equation data has not changed, within a week. If the OLB team beats Champagne Basket, this Tuesday evening (8 p.m.), in the gym, and that Vos-sur-Mer at the same time, bows to his floor facing the choir of Rouen, German Castano’s men will ensure they stay at the Betclic Elite. without what, It will be necessary to engage in a fear matchat Gravelines, next Tuesday, to try to save their skin at the highest French level.

Before them, shortly, will find the inhabitants of Orleans Already promised a champagne red lantern to ProB, but they weren’t laid off for all of that. I discovered “Paris Basket” the hard way, Slaughtered properly (109-77) last week by the team that was captured last month by Thomas Andreu, who finished that evening A series of twelve consecutive losses.

“If we defend hard, we win this match.”

So as not to pay the price in turnLeap Partners Jesse Bejarin (Announced in uniform at Loiret, after three weeks of hiatus), German Castano claims Defensive intensity at all times And his players said this evening: “On the contrary, they should not gain confidence under any circumstances. For me, there is a complete ban, whether Champagne Basket wants it more than us. If we defend hard, we win this match,” the Orleans coach confirms.

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“We’re fine on that last straight line.”

likely to reassure the current dynamic of his group, With these three successes (Rouen, Bourg-en-Bresse and Paris) she won the last five days of the tournament. The last sessions are good too. I see the boys focus and take care of the exercises, which does nothing randomly. We’re fine on that last straight streak,” the OLB coach judges.

Sports Orleans is defeated by Bao, and sees Vos-sur-Mer back in its wake

The only bad news is Malila Mutual’s Physical Fault (read below), which adds a bit of uncertainty to prepare for this crucial deadline. To negotiate better “ce do or die (win or die)”his teammate Bruno Singala Mata calls the Orleans group To put themselves in the same state of mind and the same requirement as if they were the opposite of Asvel or Monaco. They should be respected in the same way,” he insists, the interior of Guadeloupe, before what he considers “final,” as will be the last outing of the season for Orleans residents to the gym.

Malela Mutuale, a departure from his long-running streak?

Malela Mutuale, who did not miss a single official match with OLB Since arriving in January 2018, you could see his incredible streak (171 encounters!) halted Tuesday night, due to a sprained ankle. It’s actually a repeat of the injury that happened against Strasbourg last month. “Malela hurt herself again three days ago. He hasn’t trained since, and won’t be doing anything until Tuesday night. We will decide right before the matchIf he can help us for about ten minutes,” notes Germane Castano. The Orleans coach made no secret of his pessimism, yesterday morning, before today’s session:There are more chances of him not playing than the other way around. It’s obviously very bad for us. “Very good at the end of the season, With a leading defensive performance against Bourg-en-Bresse and Rouen in particularThe Congolese international is linked to the recovery observed in Orleans in recent weeks.

Raphael Cokele

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