Russia has been accused of being behind the cyber attack that targeted the KA-SAT satellite network

The European Union and the United Kingdom on Tuesday (May 10) accused Russia of being behind the cyber attack that temporarily paralyzed part of the Viasat satellite network in the early hours of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. In a declaration obligating all its member states, the European Union ‘strongly condemn’ This is the process I conducted according to it “Russian Federation”.

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British authorities have done the same, with the National Cyber ​​Security Center believing so “almost certain” Russia is behind the cyber attack.

“This cyber-attack had a significant impact, causing communication outages and disruptions in communications for many companies, public bodies and users in Ukraine as well as in many Member States. This unacceptable cyber-attack is another example of Russia’s irresponsible activities in cyberspace and an essential component of its illegal invasion Legal and unjustifiable for Ukraine. ”In its statement, the European Union condemned “This is clear and clear evidence of a malicious and deliberate attack by Russia that has had dire consequences for ordinary people and businesses in Ukraine and across Europe.”British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said.

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An attack that extended far beyond Ukraine

On February 24, when Russian tanks launched an attack on Kyiv, the KA-SAT satellite network, operated by the American company Viasat, was seriously disturbed by a computer attack. The latter initially targeted the Ukrainian military, which uses the KA-SAT network in some of its exchanges. Cause this attack ‘Big loss of connectivity’a Ukrainian official admitted a few weeks after the events.

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But the effects of this attack were being felt far beyond Ukraine’s borders, affecting businesses and individuals across Europe. A wind farm in Germany was markedly separated from the satellite link, allowing it to be controlled. In France, hundreds of satellite Internet subscribers saw their connection suddenly drop.

Given the initial target and the timing of its release, few doubted who was responsible for this cyberattack. However, this common front from Europe – and more broadly from the West – is noteworthy, as it opposes the Russian-led war action that has also affected third countries, including members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

From Holland to Estonia, via Germany or the Czech Republic, Many European countries They conveyed, through their foreign ministries, the condemnation of the cyber attack by the European Union. France, which has never officially attributed a cyber attack to a country, joined the concert of its allies with the voice of the Director General of the National Agency for Information Systems Security, Guillaume Poupard, on his LinkedIn account.

Western countries took this attack very seriously. According to Reuters, the powerful National Security Agency, a body under the US Department of Defense, made a significant contribution to the investigation aimed at identifying those responsible. According to Viktor Zora, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Cyber ​​Security Agency, “new facts” You have Recently discoveredResearch development.

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