Sony: A record year even though PS5 sells less

Business News Sony: A record year even though PS5 sells less

Publishers and manufacturers in the video game industry are submitting their annual reports at this time. For Sony, it was a record year … despite the sharp drop in sales of gaming consoles!

Often times, it is the journalist Oscar Lemerre World Health Organization Gathers information and statistics from industry balance sheetswhich shows us how PlayStation business has evolved throughout the year. The least we can say is that A year full of irony for Sony: Less sales, but more profits.

PlayStation 5 sells for less

you might remember, When was PlayStation 5 releasedshe has break all records. In eight months, the Sony console has already exceeded 10 million copies, which is a record in the entire history of the industry. It seems that the fairy tale is over.

We’ve already told you that the Xbox Series has been selling better than the PS5 for several months, and this time Sony announces more disappointing news: PS5 sales are back ‘in the line’, compared to other successful consoles of past generations. During the fiscal year From March 2021 to March 2022, Sony sold 11.5 million PS5s, of which only 2 million were between January and March 2022. With only 2 million consoles sold in the last quarter, and 11.5 million units in its second fiscal year of operation, the PS5 is thus Worse than PS4 and sold 14.8 million copies in the second year.

PS5 has been marketed since November 2020, and it matters now 19.2 million copies sold. It sure is for Better than PS3 ultra soft launchwith 12.7 million consoles sold in a year and a half, but this Worse than selling 24.5 million Wii in a year and a half, or 22.5 million PS4, or 19.7 million Nintendo Switch.

Worst year since 1997 for Sony

And, as Oscar Lemerre reminds us well, this is not the case Not really a console problem. If Microsoft’s strategy is doing well, allowing the Xbox series to sell well for the time being, then PS5 sales will be declining as well. Above all, it is a question of production. Consumer demand is there, but Not affiliated with Sony productiondue to lack of components. All PlayStation 5s in stock immediately go to the buyer, who is Demand is much greater than supplyThe shortage continues.

So we note that PS5 has average numbers, compared to other highly successful consoles. But even worse, is the year 2021-22 A particularly bad year on the hardware side for Sony. Indeed, Oscar Lemerre points out that this is necessary Go back to 1997 to find the year when Sony sold fewer consoles than in 2021-22. This was the second year of PlayStation’s operation.

A record year for Sony anyway

However, as we told you above, Sony records a record year. One might wonder how, in It had its worst year in hardware sales Since 1997. In fact, the Sony’s video game subsidiary is recording the best year in its entire history Financially speaking! Thus, the year 2021-22 exceeds the previous year, which is already a record for Sony. Between March 2021 and March 2022, Sony records 19.862 billion euros in turnoveran increase of 3% over the previous year; And 2.509 billion euros profit1% more than last year.

Sony: A record year even though PS5 sells lessSony: A record year even though PS5 sells less

Thus, Sony makes more money by selling fewer consoles. It’s especially Thanks to Sony’s game sales too this year. In fact, the PS4-PS5 transition is the best for Sony. As you can see below, the The first two years of PS2 brought 383.2 million In game sales on PS1 and PS2. The The first two years of PS3 brought 419.7 million In game sales on PS2 and PS3. The The first two years of PS5 brought 642 million euros In game sales, on PS4 and PS5, a new record. However it should be noted that This is the first time in the transition between two Sony consoles that the second year shows a decline Game sales (likely due to the pandemic, again).

Sony: A record year even though PS5 sells lessSony: A record year even though PS5 sells less

Note that the transition between PS3 and PS4 is not in these stats, because Sony did not communicate with him at the time. This is why between 2013 and 2016, we had no figures on game sales at Sony. However, we note that With the industry gaining momentum, 2021-22 remains the second best year ever In game sales since video games debuted at Sony, after 2020-21.

DLCs ​​and micro-transactions are more important than ever in the industry

As for the total sales volume of Sony’s video game subsidiary, Oscar Lemerre explained business volume distribution through graphics. So we note that Most of the sales volume comes from DLCs and microtransactions, by 31.15%, ahead of game sales with 25.54% of sales. Devices, which we saw were in sharp decline, accounted for just 21.51%. The Subscriptions represent 14.94% of revenueThe rest, mainly sales of Sony PC games and accessories, account for 6.85% of sales.

Sony: A record year even though PS5 sells lessSony: A record year even though PS5 sells less

If we focus on the program, More than half of the trading volume is distributed between DLC and micro-transactions (Including Sony commissions on purchases from third-party publishers). Notes that the file Physical gaming accounts for only 8.3% of turnover program from Sony.

47 million PS+ subscribers, 106 million monthly active players

Statistics summary From Sony’s March 2022 balance sheet:

  • A total of 19.2 million PlayStation 5s were sold
  • 117.2 million PlayStation 4 sold in total
  • 70.5 million games were sold on PlayStation devices in the last quarter
  • 14.5 million Sony first-party games were sold on PlayStation consoles in the last quarter
  • 47.4 million PlayStation Plus subscribers
  • 106 million monthly active users

Illustration source: Oscar Lemerre
Numbers source: Sony budgets

According to its balance sheet, Sony is hoping to sell 18 million PlayStation 5 consoles between April 2022 and March 2023. That’s a very optimistic estimate, after selling 11.5 million consoles over the past fiscal year.

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