Westerners accuse Russia of disabling satellites in preparation for the invasion of Ukraine

The European Union has so far claimed that the cyber attacks came “from within Russia”, without directly accusing the Russian authorities.

Europeans and the United States officially accused the Russian authorities on Tuesday, May 10, of carrying out a cyber attack on a network of satellites ahead of its attack on Ukraine, at the end of February, as a prelude to the ground.

We can attribute it to the Russian governmentThe head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced to the press in Brussels, explaining that this was the first time that the European Union had openly accused Moscow’s power of being responsible for a cyber attack.

Russian authorities accused

The cyberattack occurred an hour before the unprovoked and unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, facilitating the military aggression.The European Union says in a statement on behalf of the 27 member states.The attack caused major communications disruptions affecting public services, businesses and citizen users in Ukraine, as well as affecting several EU member states.‘, you remember.

“This is clear and shocking evidence of a deliberate and malign Russian attack on Ukraine, which had dire consequences for ordinary citizens and businesses in Ukraine and throughout Europe.”

Liz Truss, UK Foreign Secretary.

The European Union and its member states, along with its international partners, strongly condemn the malicious cyber activity of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which targeted the KA-SAT satellite network, operated by Viasat.The European Union has so far claimed that cyber attacks come fromfrom inside Russia‘, but without directly criminalizing the Russian authorities.

In coordination with its European allies, the United States released its own analysis, blaming Moscow for the hack. According to the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, the attack took placeDecommissioned in Ukraine and across Europe“Which makes it work especially”wind turbines” And “Bringing the Internet to Ordinary Citizens“.

deliberate attack

Washington also accuses Russian military cyber agents of “Spreading multiple families of malware wiper“, which erases all data from the target computers,”In the Ukrainian government and private sector networks“.”These destabilizing cyber operations began in January” And “continued during the warThe US Secretary of State added in a statement.

This is clear and shocking evidence of a deliberate and malign Russian attack on Ukraine, which has had dire consequences for ordinary citizens and businesses in Ukraine and across Europe.British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss added. The European Union envisages in its declarationTake further steps to prevent, deter, deter and respond to such malicious behavior in cyberspacein coordination with its allies.

Helping Kyiv strengthen its cyber defenses

The Westerners also promised to continue helping Kyiv bolster its cyber defenses. The attack on the US satellite operator Viasat infected thousands of offline internet users in Germany, France, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Poland.

Vyasat said tens of thousands of stations have been damaged, rendered unusable and beyond repairRussia invaded its pro-Western neighbor in the early hours of February 24, seeking to capture the capital Kyiv. The offensive has so far continued for more than two months and the resistance of the Ukrainians has inflicted heavy losses on the Russian army, forcing it to refocus its offensive on the east of the country,” the British Foreign Office said. .

The military and experts fear that Russia’s war in Ukraine could lead to a wave of devastating cyberattacks that could have a global impact. But the worst-case scenario has so far been avoided, as the attacks observed appear to be present in their impact and geographic scope.

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