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There are dozens of variants, each with its own characteristics and methods. Let’s move it vinyasa yogaThe Ashtenga YogaThe Iyengar YogaThe Kundalini Yoga where is the yin yogaThe Bikram Yoga and the hatha yogaThe Yoga Nidra… It’s very confusing and for the uninitiated, it’s not practical. In this article, we’ll refocus your yoga practice around 5 moves that will bring real benefits to your body.

Yoga: perfect for tightening muscles, tendons and joints

Yoga refers to all exercises, often static, to stretch the body. Everyone thinks of a person squatting and meditating, and while this corresponds to a very passive and calm form of yoga, there are other, more active forms of yoga. These are the things you need to focus on to see the most effects on your body. !

Yoga, when practiced more actively and dynamically, can easily fall under the name fromgymnastics exercises (ie body weight exercises). We work primarily on balance, but also the raw strength of the extremities of the body, the coordination of different muscle groups, the heart and breathing, the stretching of muscle fibers, the health of joints and joints, the production of growth hormones and well-being (endorphins especially) …

In short, a long list of benefits that we don’t find almost anywhere! Only strength exercises can bring a lot of benefits, As long as it’s good Configure the entire program About the main exercisesWell executed and rhythmic. On the contrary, yoga will be more fun and less restrictive!

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5 yoga exercises to try for the whole body

Here are 5 yoga exercises that target different areas of the body and bring them a good dose of benefits. We won’t do it again: remember to get enough rest and good A balanced, varied diet rich in protein To help your body shape itself based on what you do!

Exercise 1: The hangman,”hang dead“classic

The first exercise won’t push you to your limits. You will need two things: horizontal tape, retractable pattern tape, and gloves. But if you don’t want to go to the gym for it and can’t/want to iron at home, get creative:

  • drawer edge
  • strong door
  • A broom is placed between two cabinets

The goal is simple: grab the rod and let yourself hang. This is the position that better straightens your back, better decompresses the spine, and Which opens the entire column in its three areas (lumbar spine, thoracic spine, and cervical spine).

The first few times you won’t be able to hold out for hours, but the goal is to speed up the hanging: first 10 seconds, then 12, then 14, then 16, then 18, then 20. Goals other than those of firmly gripping the bar and relaxing the whole body, with A few small pelvic movements in all directions to relieve pressure on the back. Do at least 5 sets regularly to get a better position!

Benefits on the body: Relaxation of the back, traction, correction of miniature scoliosis and deformities of the back, development of the grip.

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Exercise 2: Legs in the air along the wall

The second movement, we love it because it allows for a little extra level. Installation is simple: lie along a wall and place your legs toward the ceiling. On the one hand hamstring conditionIt will adjust the stiffness of your legs. We’re willing to bet that sedentary people will have trouble extending their legs fully!

Anyway, putting your legs up in the air has many benefits and this exercise is great for its modularity:

  • Legs spaced to stretch the kidnappers too
  • Straight legs to stretch the quadriceps and hamstrings
  • bent legssole of the foot against the wall and movement up and down to stretch the lumbar muscles (muscles are often forgotten!)
  • The legs are tied and move from left to right to abs work and the essence

So taking just a few minutes each day, or during yoga sessions, is an effective and quick way to exercise your entire lower body. This exercise will not build muscle on its own, but if you combine it with it gym exercises similar to resistance training (squatetc.)Then there will be amazing changes.

Benefits on the body: Tighten the legs and back muscles that are still very tight in the 21st century due to sitting work, better performance, increased strength and flexibility, and improved circulation.

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Exercise 3: Cow Pose

Also known as Marjaryasana-BitilasanaThe cow-cat pose alternates between a rounded back and a hollow back. to Maximum impact on the spinebut it also works for the front of your body.

  • On all fours, relax your neck and be comfortable on your knees and hands.
  • Take a deep breath and arch your backAlso, raise your pelvis forward.
  • The goal is not to break the spine in 2 but to open each vertebral disc.
  • Hold this position for a few secondsthen return to the initial position and without stopping, arch your back and bring your navel toward the floor.

at every step, Relax well nape so you don’t get hurt. Also, be careful not to overdo these poses, which can quickly tire the spine without interacting with the muscles. 3 to 4 times per pose for 4 to 5 seconds, this is enough for fresh blood to flow in the entire back area!

Benefits on the body Cow cat stretches help a lot with back pain and general movement. The joints around the spine are also taken care of, while the core of the abdomen also gains flexibility!

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Exercise 4: Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is well known but few people associate it with yoga. However, it is one of the most important movements thanks to its many benefits on the forgotten areas of the body: Back, pelvis, hamstrings, and buttocks. In addition to a slight span, the position of the bridge also brings reinforcement to the cladding.

  • Lie on your back, arms along your body.
  • raise your knees And keep your feet flat on the ground.
  • Engage the muscles of your buttocks and the backs of your legs to raise your pelvis into the sky.
  • At the same time, Contract the abdominal muscles to maintain a chain of motion Strong and solid, without losing strength.
  • Hold for a few seconds, then slowly lower back down.

Just repeat the exercise a few times, ending with a few minutes with a pillow under your back or something comfortable to finish tightening and relaxing the muscles. Don’t overdo it: the goal is to “wake up” the areas that are often left aside in the gym or in everyday life, not taunt them!

Benefits on the body : The bridge pose strengthens the core, butt and lower back strength, not to mention the hamstrings and a lot of the small stabilizer muscles in the middle of it all. Add a good stretch for the lumbar muscles and hips, which are often crushed when sitting for too long, and you’ve got a great workout!

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Exercise 5: Alternate arm/leg extension

The last but not least exercise: Alternate leg/arm extension. Also known as the “Bird-dog” pose, it consists of running on all fours and raising the right leg and left arm, then the left leg and right arm.

looks simple, But the body will have to move a lot of different muscles and stabilizers, in addition to relying on the equilibrium resources that will be taxed by the action of absolute value. But for this to be effective, you must of course be controlling the movement and gaining strength, not just doing the movement without a voluntary, conscious contraction.

In short, an excellent exercise that should be incorporated regularly into your exercise routine to get the most benefits!

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