Golf: Tiger Woods happy despite poor Augusta grades

Tiger Woods posted his worst total (+13) in 24 Augusta Masters appearances, after the fourth and final round on Sunday 10 April, and yet completed an unexpected and brilliant return to competition, thirteen months after the car crash that nearly cost him a leg.

Despite this result that saw him break down 47th, it is an feat that the 46-year-old American has managed to do, by first being able to override the chops, then moving on to the 72-hole finish.

Because he narrowly avoided amputation of his right leg, after his accident on February 23, 2021 near Los Angeles, which caused several open fractures that eventually required the insertion of a metal rod into his cane, and screws to strengthen the bones of the foot and ankle.

Ranking after the fourth round (72 percent)

1. Scotty Scheffler (US) -10 (69-67-71-71)

2. Rory McIlroy (YR)-7 (73-73-71-64)

3. Shane Lowry (IRL) -5 (73-68-73-69)

3. Cameron Smith (Australia)

5. (68-74-68-73) 5. Colin Morikawa (US) -4 (73-70-74-67)

6. Corey Conners (Canada) -3 (70-73-72-70)

6. Will Xalatores (US) -3 (71-72-75-67)

8. Song Jae-im (Korea) -1 (67-74-71-75)

8. Justin Thomas (US) -1 (76-67-72-72)

10. Cameron Champ (US) 0 (72-75-71-70)

10. Charles Schwarzl (RSA) 0 (72-69-73-74)

The tiger had been in hospital for weeks and many wondered if he would even be able to walk normally again. He does even better: he’s become a golfer again. He said, “A month ago, I didn’t know if I could do it. It’s a plus point. I still have work to do. Can’t wait to get back to it.” hot reaction.

The day before, his +6 card, the worst ever in a day, had ruined his dreams of a sixth podium finish, which would have allowed him to reward Jack Nicklaus as Georgia’s most successful golfer and add the 16th major on his roster to approach the age of 18 for his glorified oldest .

strong emotion

The victory, as he already knew, would be held between American Scottie Scheffler, the world number one, and Australian Cameron Smith (sixth), separated by four strokes (-10/-6) after six holes. This time, Woods was no better, returning 78, like on Saturday. Under the bright sun that had finally returned and benefited from the wind that had finally vanished, he nonetheless started well through a No. 2 fifth-grade bird.

But there was nothing else. Because just like the day before, Tiger was betrayed by his throw and chained three Ghosts to No. 4, 5 and 6. Then two more were added to No. 11 and No. 14. On this last hole, though, he managed to make his best performance in the Today, it’s 11m uphill after a previous pit, shorter (8m) and affordable, and finally left to run slowly on the slopes.

Enough to make him smile. He soon lost it by making a double ghost on No. 17. Mais l’heure était déjà à une forte émotion, mais contenue, en se rapprochant de l’ultime green sur le N°18, sous les vivats nourris d’un public, dont la ferveur à son endroit ne s’est jamais démentie durant weekend.

Attending the British Open

“I didn’t play to my best, but with that support, I don’t think words can describe how I feel,” he said. “It was just amazing.” Fans have actually worn it throughout the legendary track as she has never run a leg despite the fatigue and certainly the pain.

Even if, during his long career, he has been seen leaning on his cane several times and massaging his lower back with a back that has also been tested after five surgeries he has undergone in recent years. The formidable champion that he is, whose score cannot be denied, once again roared at Augusta and he intends to do so again this year. Because the anime is the only one that wins.

“I will only play the major tournaments from now on, and I can no longer play whole seasons. I plan to be in St Andrews (in Scotland, at the British Open in July, editor’s note). I have won twice there, it is the tournament close to my heart in my favorite track. “.

“As for the events scheduled on the calendar until then, I don’t know. I’ll do my best for the PGA Championship (second major of the season) in Southern Hills (Tulsa, Arizona), as I did when I get back here we’ll see if my body will allow it.”

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