Le Nouvelleste | Collège du Sacré Cur, Champion of the ninth edition of the Interscholastic Basketball Tournament in Jeremy

There are a few activities aimed at young people in Jeremy. They struggle to find activities in the city in search of a new, sane vibration. However, thanks to the Interscholastic Basketball Tournament, organized by the Group of Haitians for Advancement Through Education and Sports (GHATES), the situation appears to be changing.

Captains, coaches and supporters between joy and regret

There were a lot of them, this Sunday, for the final of this ninth edition that started on March 4, 2022, with 11 schools competing. Fans, students, school officials, journalists, observers, and orange ball fans, young and old, had only one place, Jeremy Municipal Library’s basketball court, for the weekend’s only attraction, the final of this competition, opposite Jeremy Sacred Heart College (CSC) to Institute of Applied Sciences (ISA).

I hope to have other opportunities to shine on the national stage. Why is this not done at the international level? CSC captain Benjamin Roberto comments, after being crowned champion for the second time. Known as “PenPen,” an NS4 student, he is certainly the most talented youngster in the sport at Jérémie. Remember, after awarding the title to Lycée Nord Alexis Last year, this youngster was awarded a scholarship by CSC, with the goal of giving Sacré Cœur his first interscholastic basketball title.The mission was accomplished by young talent Jeremian.

Meanwhile, ISA coach Sunday Gerson believes his players thought a lot about the first defeat. “The opposing team was mentally and morally better prepared than us,” he laments.

In the process, two fans discuss: “We won because we are Sacred Heart College. We are the best in everything, including sports,” the NS4 student from the said institution rejoices. For this student at the Institute of Applied Sciences (ISA), he says he hopes his school will do better in the upcoming edition.

Remember that since the first match, ISA has been dominated by CSC (50-46). Then going and winning the title after the second game to win is much easier than the first (57-35).

Gates to save basketball in Jeremy

When asked by the newspaper, Mr. Ricardo Cherry, Director of Communications at GHATES, spoke about the vagaries of the competition. “Aside from token support, we have not received any economic support from the MJSAC. Apart from the support of the media and other responsible citizens, sponsors are unresponsive,” argues Mr. Sherry. He noted that electricity was one of the biggest problems in previous editions. But, for this ninth edition, the problem was solved thanks to the efforts of the organizing committee.

According to the director, GHATES wants at all costs to continue strengthening this discipline in the City of Poets. He recommends, however, more tangible support from the authorities, such as building another, more spacious site that meets international standards. Note that apart from the small Sténio Vincent stadium, there is another one located a few steps away near Place Dumas, except that, like the first, it does not conform to the standard of a basketball court.

In addition to the inter-school tournament, another tournament that will be against college students and vocational school students will start next week, Mr. Ricardo Cherry assured us.

As a reminder, the team champions of the 2022 edition, in addition to trophies and medals, won a reward of 50 thousand gourdes. This money will go directly to the coffers of the educational institution in question. The second receives a consolation reward of 25,000 gourdes. This year, Player of the Season and Player of the Final awards were awarded respectively to Bradley Monfleuri and Benjamin Roberto, players of College Sacred Cure. To close it all out, 15 English-language semi-scholarships have been awarded to champion team players.

It should be noted that the Collège Saint-Louis and Lycée Nord Alexis de Jeremie were clearly absent this year. This latter institution was the biggest winner of the 2021 edition.

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