One of the gendarmes from PGHM who participated in

New testimony five years after the disappearance of Matthew Kaysergis. In a video by Youtuber Rafu, a PGHM cop who took part in the research, he confirms that Mathieu Caizergues is not in Mafate.

Will this new testimony allow the investigation to be restarted? A new testimony is published on social media, five years after the disappearance of Matthew Kaysergis.

In a video by Youtubeur Rafu reviewing “Incredible True Stories”, a PGHM policeman who was involved in the research confirmed that Matthew Kayserges is not in Maffet.

Watch the full Ravo video below:

But this 24-year-old traveling policeman went missing on June 23, 2017, when he was out for the first time in a circus with another policeman and a fellow husband. He disappeared on the way back between Roche-Plate and Maïdo summit where he was due to join his fellow walkers.

At the end of June 2017, Christophe Grange, the gendarme of the PGHM in Reunion, was in charge of the search for the first week of the disappearance of Mathieu Kayserges.

“Keep a margin of error, because we’re not immune to losing something, but I’d say 99.99% Matthew wasn’t in that sector there (from Mafate, editor’s note),” Christophe Grange confirms.

Find here an excerpt from Christophe Grange’s testimony:

Christophe Grange: A new element in the disappearance of Matthew Kaysergis

If it was there we would have found it. Perhaps he left (from Mafate, editor’s note), who sought it elsewhere, I don’t know, we have no information about it and I was not responsible for the investigation. But from a mountain rescue perspective, I don’t think it’s there.

Matthew Kaysergis has been missing for nearly five years. His mother, Delphine Kaysergis, continues to fight for the truth about her son’s disappearance.

“It confirms what we have been saying since the early days, which is that Mathieu is not in the Mavati Circus”guarantees on Réunion La 1ère, Delphine Caizergues who hopes so “The investigation continues with this testimony.”

“We are nearing the end of this investigation, and we have the right to know. The case is on hold.”she completes. For five years, we’ve been struggling to take action, like seeing if Matteo’s phone was reactivated to see where it could be.”

Watch his interview on Réunion La 1ère:

Testimony of Delphine Kaysergis, mother of the deceased Matthew Kaysergis

By analyzing the phone, Delphine Kaysergis hopes to learn more about the selfie her son sent her just before he disappeared. He had a bump on his head and wrote “I have not failed.”

An analysis of his phone will allow us to know the circumstances under which this selfie that challenged us was taken from the start.

Delphine Kaysergis

Matthew Kaysergis’ body was never found, although important research resources were published in the days following his disappearance.

Two months later, in September, his disappearance is relived by testimony from a family who would have seen him in the south of the island. The gendarmerie had come to ask for water from a resident of Saint Joseph. After that, the testimonies follow each other and suspicions begin.

Today, the mystery remains. On June 23, 2018, a year after the disappearance of Mathieu Kayserges, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Saint-Denis considered the gendarmerie to be officially dead. After twelve months of searching, Justice and the investigators were forced to admit that they had no reason to be exploited.

The two men who accompanied him on this trip in this case have been accused of failing to assist a person in danger.

One of them had made it clear while in police custody that he had received a call from Matthew Kaysergis before leaving Maidou. This would have told him that everything was fine, and they would have worried in the evening, indicating that he had not returned.

The two men said they were unable to quickly report to emergency services because their cellphone batteries had run out. Three hours passed between the moment of disappearance and the call for help.

The Gendarmerie Reunion group doubled the search. Helicopters, drones and dog teams have traversed the terrain in recent years without the slightest result. Admittedly, the road that allows you to get off or climb up from Maïdo is quite steep, but it is also very congested.

It is not uncommon for pedestrians to find glasses or a bag that has fallen from the hands of the walker. This inexplicable disappearance kept hope alive among those close to the gendarmerie. But in the absence of a body, the family of Matthew Kaysergis cannot solve the thesis of the fall.

“The crime control unit of Pontoise looked into a criminal matter, but it was not investigated by the Gendarmerie Reunion and one wonders why, asks Delphine Kaysergis.

We would like to do everything before the trial to get our answers and so that the two people who accompanied Matthew that day, if they are guilty of criminal acts, are punished for it.

With this testimony, Matthew Kayserges’ mother is waiting to relaunch the investigation. “Maybe the new judge can help us get the answers we deserve and take charge of this file.” It concludes wistfully by Delphine Caizergues.

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