Palestinians are “shocked” by the death of Shireen Abu Akleh, a journalist for Al-Jazeera

Her name is Sherine Abu Akleh, she is 51 years old and she was one of the characters of the TV channel Al Jazeera, a familiar face on Middle Eastern screens, was killed on Wednesday, May 11th in the West Bank as she was covering clashes in Jenin for her channel. Despite wearing a bullet-proof vest, Sherine Abu Akleh was martyred after being shot in the face. Great affection among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinian enclave.

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Al Jazeera’s buildings in Gaza are still temporary, since May 15, 2021, when an Israeli raid destroyed the building where the TV channel and the Associated Press were located, during the war between Hamas and Israel. The chain’s employees were due to move to new premises on Sunday, May 15. This “memorial” will be more difficult, says Wael Al-Dahdouh, the symbolic Al Jazeera correspondent in Gaza who cannot talk about his colleague in the past. “Shereen is really a great journalist and very famous tootrust. He is an unbelievable person and what happened was a very big shock. We met only once when she came to Gaza. But we saw each other hundreds of thousands of times through the screen during the live broadcast.”

“We used to cover the news hand in hand, and we exchanged information about the situation in Palestine. We knew each other very well and we had a great relationship.”

Wael Al-Dahdouh, Al-Jazeera correspondent in Gaza

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Throughout the day, personalities from Gaza attended to offer condolences to the Al Jazeera team, which continued its live broadcast in both Arabic and English. The men sitting on the sofa greet the visitors respectfully. Incidentally, a delegation of European diplomats spent the day in Gaza to celebrate World Press Freedom Day a few days later. “It is very dangerous because it goes against the basic principles of freedom of expression and the ability of the media to be independent and to be able to report from conflict zones without fear.replies Sven Cohn von Burgsdorff, head of the European delegation in the region, present with the Consul General of France in Jerusalem. An immediate and independent investigation was immediately called for. It seems that the Israeli foreign minister suggested opening a joint investigation between Israel and the Palestinians.” After the Europeans left, we saw huge wreaths arrive in the name of various Palestinian political movements.

Sherine Abu Akleh was born in Jerusalem 51 years ago. I got American citizenship but the fellow from Al Jazeera was actually a Palestinian who spoke Arabic. A familiar voice and a familiar face to viewers across the Arab world. Many Palestinian youth watched her recount the events of the second intifada 20 years ago. “Our colleague was killed for thiscaptivates with affection the 57-year-old doctor Sami Awaida. We are very, very sad, shocked and shocked by what is happening because she was deliberately targeted. Touch me deeply. All Palestinians are sad.”

“She was in Gaza several times, she always tried to cover everything that happens here transparently and professionally. And she is very nice.”

Sami Aweidah, a doctor in Gaza

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‘targeted’ She wears a “press” jacket. “what does it mean ?asks Sami Awaida. This means that the Israelis do not care about anyone. I feel a lot of anger.”

An improvised altar in memory of Shireen Abu Akle at the Music School in Gaza, May 11, 2022 (FREDERIC METEZEAU / RADIO FRANCE)

At the Gaza Music School, a keffiyeh On their shoulders and a candle in their hands, the children sang in front of an improvised altar and a small table with flowers and the image of the deceased.

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