Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro Laptop Review

With the new Galaxy Book Pro range, Samsung intends to make a strong return to the ultra-fast notebook market. This new 13-inch model has strong arguments starting with a weight of less than 900 grams and an OLED screen. Enough to convince?

Samsung is finally back in the laptop market in 2022, with an all-new set of Galaxy Books. With an emphasis on superior portability, these laptops make strong arguments against fierce competition. A few weeks ago we were testing the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360, a very convincingly portable device with a hinge capable of tilting its screen 360 degrees.

The new model we were testing is more “classic,” because it ditched the pivot hinge. Also goodbye to the touch screen, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro is a superior device for portability under Windows 11. Its direct competitors are called Zenbook at Asus, Swift at Acer and of course, MacBook Air at Apple. But the Galaxy Book 2 Pro has something that stands out, starting with its extremely light weight and beautiful OLED display.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro features

Screen Size 13.3 inches
screen type OLED
Screen definition 1920 x 1080 pixels
refresh rate 60 Hz
Healer Intel Core i7-1260P
Graphics Card Intel Iris XE
storage 512 GB NVMe
connectors 1 USB-C, 1 USB-A socket, 1 microSD, 1 HDMI
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 1 cm
weight 868 grams

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Design and construction: Less than 900 grams Yes madam yes sir

When you first unbox the Galaxy Book 2 Pro, you can’t help but be amazed at its weight. It is indeed one of the lightest portable devices on the market, weighing just 868 grams. A real feat for a 13.3-inch computer, especially since the chassis gives a real impression of solidity. The latter showcases a clever combination of aluminum and plastic, for a successful result, both visually and under the fingers. Both the cover and the input area (keyboard and touchpad) benefit from a matte treatment for the finest effect, which has the advantage of properly repelling fingerprints.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?

The frame around the screen is quite thin, but maybe it could have been improved a little better, which is the wideband bug at the bottom. The top also houses a 1080p webcam.

So compact, is the Galaxy Book 2 Pro still comfortable for everyday use? The screen opens without any problem and we deal with it with pleasure. The keyboard is quite confusing at first glance, as it has very short keystrokes. The sense of writing is pretty poor at first, but you get used to it quickly, especially if you’re used to typing on a laptop. Also note the presence of the Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint sensor, located directly below the computer’s Power button, which allows you to unlock your session in the blink of an eye. The backlighting of the keys is done on 3 levels.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?

The touchpad is the most classic, but it performs its role perfectly. Well integrated in the body and of good size, it provides precise gliding and a very good response.

The Galaxy Book 2 Pro also achieves the feat of being extremely thin while still providing a fairly complete connection for super easy portability. While many products of this type (starting with the Galaxy Book Pro 360) ignore USB-A and HDMI ports, the Book Pro 2 includes two USB-C ports (including a compatible Thunderbolt 4 port), a USB-A 3.2 port, and a USB port. HDMI, headphone jack, and even a microSD card reader. The latter is a really big argument, as it offers a simple and economical way to increase storage capacity.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?

So the Galaxy Book 2 Pro is the “perfect” ultra-portable device we imagine: amazing lightness, despite everything complete connectivity, a successful keyboard and unbeatable portability.

Screen: OLED panel with brilliant colors

The new Samsung Ultraportable chooses a 13.3-inch display with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Classic, except that we are dealing here with an OLED panel. Excellent news, gives hope for an “unlimited” contrast ratio and colors that stand out well.

In practice, this screen has very few flaws. We can only notice the wonderful treatment that causes a lot of reflections, even when the brightness is pushed to the limit. This may become annoying if you use the product outdoors.

We still appreciate the 90Hz panel

Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?

For the rest, there’s nothing to complain about: everything is in line with what’s expected on an OLED display for a high-end laptop. The maximum brightness is very good (measured at 420 cd/m²) and the contrast ratio is, unsurprisingly, not quantifiable. So we will deal with the “blacks” completely and the HDR content will look better.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?

In terms of colorimetry, again, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro’s display impresses: the display is high-resolution as well as being very well-balanced. Thus we see an impressive delta E of 1.2 and a color temperature of 6860 K. Remember that Delta E represents the difference between the actual and displayed colors and should be as low as possible. It is generally considered a good under 3. Color temperature represents a balance between warm and cool tones and should be as close as possible to the standard at 6500 K.

Thus, color accuracy is particularly good and it is still rare to have a Delta E below 1.5. The balance between warm colors and cool colors is also present.

Bright screen, with deep blacks and vibrant, true colors: that’s the whole point of OLED on this Galaxy Book 2 Pro. It is ideal for work and content consumption (movies, series, etc.)

Performance: 12th Gen Intel processor ensures no overheating

2022 saw the arrival of Intel’s 12th generation processors and it’s no surprise that the new Galaxy Book could benefit from them. So we are entitled to get a Core i7-1260P based on the Alder Lake architecture. It is a CPU with 12 cores, 4 of which are dedicated to “greedy” tasks (the so-called “performance” cores) and 8 are reserved for energy efficiency. This is a new approach for Intel, which turns out to be somewhat profitable on a laptop-type product, in which we will have a good balance of performance and autonomy. The CPU is also not very greedy, since it only consumes 28W by default. For the graphic part, the integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) is Intel Iris Xe. It offers limited gaming performance, but it will suffice for less demanding games at 720p or 1080p, with an “average” level of detail. 16GB of RAM is added to this new generation of RAM in LPDDR5 and NVMe SSD with a capacity of 512GB or 1TB.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?

Concretely, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 with its new Core i7 processor will be very fast on a variety of tasks, but it will still show its limits on more demanding things, like advanced video or photo editing. The good amount of RAM and SSD speed will still provide real convenience on a daily basis in 90% of the uses. But, despite its only formatting, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 is above all a “luxury” desktop product, which offers an excellent user experience under Windows 11.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?

The advantage of having a low-power processor can also be found in terms of heating and noise. Most of the time, the chassis does not heat up and the computer remains completely silent. By stressing the whole thing a bit (in our case with the OCCT “stress test”), temperatures will rise and the underside of the computer will get very hot, but at a level that remains perfectly tolerable, accompanied by a breath so soft you’ll only hear it by sticking your ear to the grille located below.

Independence: a long working day, and even a little more

Will you work with the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 2 in your bag and forget the charger? It’s not a problem, as it will last pretty much all day. This is definitely one of the product’s biggest strengths. The autonomy very easily rises to 12 or 13 hours using the power saver correctly. On the video streaming side, our Netflix test with Chrome lasted 10:35 hours before the battery went completely empty. Once again an excellent result.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro review: Less than 900g, OLED screen.  What else ?

In terms of charging, the computer is equipped with a 65W fast charger that is no bigger than a smartphone charger. It allows a full charge in less than 2 hours 30 minutes.

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Buy Galaxy Book 2 Pro (Core i7) from Amazon


strength point

  • Laptop weighing less than 900g
  • Excellent build quality
  • Perfectly calibrated OLED screen
  • Very complete connection for easy transportation
  • Very good independence

Weak points

  • Reflections on the screen
  • Too short a keyboard key
  • Screen size / chassis ratio that could have been better

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 represents everything that is expected of a highly portable device in 2022: a practical body, a compact and versatile format, amazing lightness, good autonomy and real comfort in use. All the modern components are present (12th generation Intel CPU and OLED display) and even a little more. We especially appreciate his complete connection to a product in this category. The only noticeable drawback is a rather high level of reflections on the panel, which can complicate external use. Downside is it doesn’t weigh much at the time of the balance sheet.

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