The first “school of wizards” bar to be discovered in Paris

If you are a fan of Culture Pop ArtIf you are from Paris, or you have already visited the capital, you may already know Player One, a bar located in 224 Saint Denis Street, in the second arrondissement of Paris. If not yet, we invite you to discover it in more depth. It is simply the perfect headquarters for Lovers of cocktails, board games and backtrackingAnd for those who like to meet enthusiastic people geek culture.

Bar with unique decor

first playerIt is, above all, a special atmosphere. Once you pass the front door, you land in a fully decorated space, highlighting many special features. If you decide to go down to -1You will discover a space that will delight fans of this epic Harry PotterWith a room like a great hall, full of candles, and other open rooms, That invites you to relax, play and share.

Everything is in the details!

If you dreamed of having an owl of your own bringing you an acceptance letter at Hogwarts when you were younger, you will be totally immersed here.

The room is full of references and Easter eggs to your favorite epics, and among them, there are a series of paintings… that move!

And if you’ve always wanted to discover Arthur Weasley’s Ford Anglia, come and discover the Player One Edition!

If we agree to say What a good decoration Allows to immerse well and we were looking forward to discovering the activities and drinks the bar has to offer, these could also be interested Magician cultivators who sleep in you.

Perfect space for a magician’s apprentice

If you want to share with other popular culture fans in general, first player He extends his arms to you. And since we are talking here of a bar above all else, the latter offers you Many beers and cocktailswith or without alcohol.

In the bar menu you will find, among other things, the very popular Butterbeer (a mixture of beer, apple juice, ginger ale, whipped cream and caramel) Branchiflora (a non-alcoholic cocktail based on aloe juice, kiwi juice, cucumber syrup and lemonade), or the very popular Polygos (consisting of 3-year-old Havana Club Rum, passion fruit juice, and peach syrup), all served in Beautiful steaming boiler.

Although it is beautiful in appearance, for your healthDon’t forget to eat it in moderation. For those who want to taste some drinks from different worlds, the list is at arm’s length. One thinks especially of the irresistible Sang de Licorne (Raspberry lemonadeFear not) which has edible luster. We let you imagine the impact it has. When you shake the bottle !

The blood bag cocktail for the most experienced vampire…

Games and devices for everyone to enjoy

At -1, you will not only enter After a dream for lovers Harry PotterYou will also enter a miniature world full of board games. first player It already offers so many games (more than 60 on offer), classic or not, that you can find your friends, or family members, in the best possible conditions. Whether you are a fan monopolyThe White Eight CocoThe yellow elf or even riskThere is something for everyone, including Games unknown to the general public.

And if you prefer it Video games for board games, There again, there is what pleases you. The tape is also based on back To make you relive the beautiful moments, with arcade stations and classics, but also Tetris on a giant Game Boy, or Pac-Man projected directly onto a wall, or Mario back at the NES table.

Perfect to play with friends and challenge yourself.

You will also be able to play on your old consoles which are sometimes missing, unfortunately, like cube game For example, or Superness.

Here is an overview of what awaits you on the ground floor…

… and what awaits you at -1.

And if the consoles still don’t work for you (you’re a bit tricky), the bar also offers events To meet and make connections.

Events throughout the year

Apart from the decoration, games, consoles and drinks of first playerThe bar also organizes various events throughout the year. For example, for twenty euros, you can take part in the bar’s “Quidditch Pong”, which is a derivative of Beer pong. It’s up to you to challenge your friends if you feel up to it!

Very soon, you will also be able to participate in it Make magic potions, which will be presented by the animator. You can make 3 special cocktails for each person, and burn their recipe in your mind, To charm whoever you want.

Other events like Pop culture competitions Fully (themed Disney movies or the universe Harry Potter for example) or karaoke or a homemade burger contest or blind check It is also organized very regularly.

you would understand that, first player It is the perfect place for all Harry Potter fans, and for those who aspire to have fun on weekday evenings or weekends. And if you want to know more on the barYou can go to the official page of the latter! Don’t forget, having said that, this Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, so take it in moderation.

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