Those conservatives who want to go as far as toppling the Roe v. valley

The Politico leaks have galvanized the anti-abortion clan to want to go beyond the “naked” burial of the 1973 resolution.

Note, it was revealed on Tuesday by Politico, re-ignited political and legislative tensions over the right to abortion. The US Supreme Court is about to bury the Roe v. Wade, who has protected abortion since 1973. Unconvinced by this earlier victory for conservatives, the decision infuriates the Republican camp. Local and federal elected officials in the four corners of the country ask themselves: Should we go further?

Because the only crushing of the Roe v. Wade does not allow abortion to be banned on US soil: it leads back to the situation before 1973, when every country was free to allow or not allow the use of abortion on its territory. If the decision is buried well next month, abortion could become illegal in 26 of the 50 states. This number, created by the Guttmacher Research Institute, lists certain states such as Alabama, Arizona, Missouri and Texas where access to abortion is already available has made it extremely complex — if not It was almost impossible – which would a priori not hesitate to ban abortion.

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Ban nationwide

But this piecemeal ban does not quite satisfy the most conservative, for whom national exclusion remains necessary. At the federal level, a draft response has already been submitted by Republican senators. In an interview with USA Today on Thursday, conservative leader Mitch McConnell said a nationwide abortion ban would be “Maybe“,” if Roe v. Wade was canceled this summer.

If the leaked opinion becomes the final opinion, the legislatures – not only at the state level but also at the federal level – can certainly legislate in this area.He continued, “considering that in this matter.”The position of the Republican senators is quite clear“.

This desire is not surprising: Democrats, encouraged by Joe Biden, are betting on a similar strategy, on the contrary, to legalize abortion across the country. However, on the one hand as on the other side, legislators are paralyzed by the lack of a clear majority in the Senate. Without it – that is, without 60 senators from the same camp – it is difficult to ban abortion completely. Only a red wave at the end of the midterm elections could open up this possibility.

murder and complicity

While waiting for the November elections, the fiercest opponents of abortion are counting on the local level. A few days after the Supreme Court document was leaked, the Washington Post revealed the contents of a bill that could pass in Louisiana. This state, ruled by anti-abortion Democrat John Bel Edwards, was dismantling Roe v. Wade in order to reduce access to abortion as much as possible. In May 2019, the governor had already banned abortion after 6 weeks, by which time the heartbeat is detected, even in cases of rape or incest.

The end of Louisiana’s national protection would allow it to move forward: Concretely, the project would make resorting to abortion a murder. and the text that grants constitutional rights to every person.”From the moment of fertilizationIt would make it possible to prosecute women who chose to have an abortion. If the decision is not yet official, it must quickly become so given the republican majority in the two state parliaments.

Make abortion ‘out of the question’

In Mississippi, a state adjacent to Louisiana, Roe v. Could Wade have an effect on contraception? Asked about this possibility by CNN on several occasions, Republican Governor Tate Reeves refused to answer explicitly. Upon initiating the call, he preferred to decline the question explaining that contraceptives were not what he was using.”Concentration“At this moment. And this response has caused a reaction in the American press, as the curator proposes a forthcoming amendment on the subject. With good reason, the governor states on several occasions that life according to him “It starts from the design“.

Without currently criminalizing pregnant women or denying access to birth control pills, Texas is also pursuing anti-abortion initiatives. In a situation where the abortion is already restrictive, the goal is to make this procedure “unimaginableHe said Republican Representative-elect of the Texas House of Representatives. In fact, if the 1973 ruling was overturned, the state had already planned to introduce a ban on complicity as well as a ban on medical abortion by mail. In short, everything to discourage people from taking advantage of the pro-abortion laws in neighboring states, the only way out for Texan women who want an abortion.

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