Understand all about the battles around the strategic Snake Island

Fighting continues on Wednesday on Serpent Island. According to the British Ministry of Defense. The Russian military effectively confirmed Tuesday that it had recovered three additional bodies of “Ukrainian special forces soldiers” there in the Black Sea, bringing the total recovered bodies to 27 after Kyiv’s attempt to regain control of the strategic Snake Island. “Fail,” according to Moscow. Why are these colorful confetti surfacing at the center of an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia? 20 minutes It explains all about Snake Island, a strategic point in the Black Sea that has become a symbol of resistance to Russian attack.

Snake Island, Origin of Conflict

Since the first day of the conflict in Ukraine, February 24, 2022, the Russians have attacked Snake Island to capture it. This gave rise to this episode, which was interrupted by Kyiv’s propaganda, in which the Ukrainian coast guard radio contact with the Russian cruiser. Moskva, since drowning, to “retreat” rather than surrender. From the beginning, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised the “heroic” death of those soldiers who “defended to the end” of this small island against the Russians.

Many media outlets have covered the story of these thirteen martyred soldiers [treize selon certaines sources, une cinquantaine selon d’autres] Before the Ukrainian Navy posted on Facebook that the soldiers were “alive and in good health.” For its part, Russian television broadcast pictures of these soldiers who are currently detained in the Crimea. This episode gave symbolic weight to this pebble, but it also made this small snake island the subject of Keif’s first major publicity work. The government even released a stamp to celebrate the event in which we see a soldier from behind giving his finger to the Russian cruiser. Moscow, off the coast.

Snake Island, bombarded mercilessly

After claiming last week to have bombed Snake Island and destroyed a Russian battery, the Ukrainian military announced it had destroyed two Russian Raptor patrol boats near the island, using Bayraktar drones. last week siRNAThe same source said on Facebook that a fast landing ship with a carrying capacity of 45 tons was to be hit. On May 8, Kyiv allegedly destroyed a helicopter trying to land Russian paratroopers. Nearly 50 soldiers were killed in Moscow in these serial attacks, according to Ukrainian media [27 corps auraient été repêchés]. In parallel, it turned out that Russian troops were going to send dolphins on a commando mission in the Black Sea.

Snake Island, between conflict and strategy

Snake Island has an area of ​​a few hectares [662 mètres d’est en ouest, 440 mètres du nord au sud] which offer, according to British Ministry of DefenseA comprehensive threat shooting platform. This small area is already located about fifty kilometers from the mouth of the Danube, one of the main rivers of Europe and an important trade route, about a hundred kilometers from Odessa, and it theoretically allows to hit the entire Ukrainian coast. Serpents Island is also located less than 200 kilometers from the main Romanian port of Constanta and 300 kilometers from the main Russian base in Crimea at Sevastopol.

In times of peace, the island provides significant marine range and the wealth that comes with it, particularly hydrocarbons. AFP reports that Romania and Ukraine also had to go to court to settle their dispute over the control of these resources. The International Court of Justice finally ruled in 2009 and determined that the island was Ukrainian.

Snake Island, the future fulcrum of Russia?

Until the start of the war in Ukraine, Serpent Island was under the control of a small group of Ukrainian border guards, according to the British Guardian newspaper. international mail. The “weak”, it has been under intense Russian bombardment since February 24 and could, according to experts, become a “key and strategic point to be monitored.” “It blocks air and sea access to the entire Ukrainian coastal edge, and poses a threat to the estuary of the Danube,” Captain Eric Lafault, a spokesman for the French Navy, confirms to AFP.

And the Russians will not be about to drop their annexation, and would like to ensure the existence of such a platform sufficient to secure “anti-aircraft defense equipment, anti-ship defense, but also medium-range missile systems in addition to the firepower of the Black Sea Fleet’s ships,” said Igor Delanuich, according to Deputy Director of the Franco-Russian Observatory in Moscow and a specialist in the Russian Navy, Snake Island “is a support point that makes it possible to be more confident in approaching the Ukrainian coasts.”

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