What is the scenario of Aurelian Luart Baskett before the last day? “Men are afraid, but from what?”

The last days were dark Professional teams in Orleans.

distance Saran handball playersshook at Istres and landed at Starligue; Handball players in team Fleurivery uneven against Toulon for not dropping the match too often and not being expelled from the Women’s League even before the final two days of the tournament; Basketball players in Orleans

Aurelian Loart Basket loses to Champagne Basket after a totally crazy match

Orleans holds out if…
OLB wins at Gravelines and Fos and loses at Portel (OLB will have another victory);
OLB wins at Gravelines and loses Paris at Boulogne-Levallois, even if Fos wins (there is a three-way tie and Paris losing).
Orleans is demoted if…
OLB loses at Gravelines;
All three teams win.

Ranking before the last day
15. Paris 12 wins / 21 losses
16. 11 wins / 22 losses
17. Orleans 11 wins / 22 losses

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Their fate is not entirely theirs

The one-point defeat (110-111) to Chalon Reims on Tuesday at the Palais des Sports, after two extensions and two unconverted game points, puts the OLB in a precarious position: Penultimately, the club could no longer control its own destiny as there was only one day left to play.

Not only will he have to win next Tuesday at Gravelines (who has nothing to hope or fear), as the last page of the season will turn for him, but also count on defeating one or two rivals, Paris and Voss.

“Fight to the End”

“We’ll have to fight to the end,” Orleans coach German Castano continued. “But as we’ve had to fight all season…”

Late Recruitment Frequent Infections Coronavirus Disease; Does not appear: Nothing has been spared in OLB since last summer, until the last few weeks. However, it is not mass procrastination that punishes Aurelian today, but its unpredictability. “Victory is built. It’s not just the last possession.”

This Tuesday, German Castano agreed to repeat his analyzes: “We suffer and we respond, rather than the initiative.”

“Our worst opponent”

The first half was passed to yield when it was necessary to attack a formation that came without pressure, as it was not already passed.

“Men are afraid, but from what? From losing a basket? But we have a wonderful room…” Avec ce sens de la formule dont il a le secret, l’entraîneur orléanais comparait son équipe à “un œuf Kinder” “Des fois, tu tombes sur un cadeau qui te plaît ; des fois, non… Notre pire adversaire, c’est we !”

What will OLB look like next Tuesday?

If it wasn’t for the light and tough team that was able to be as well this season, the worst is fear.

Pascal Burgess

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