24 Hours in the Life of Sandrine Archisette, C8 . Star Trainer

7:45 am. Usually the alarm goes off a little before 8:00 am because I’m taking my son to school. Sometimes I wake up early on filming days. It is not always clear. In the morning, I try not to ask myself too many questions. My advice? I give my alarm a few minutes (max 10) to take advantage of the last moments in my bed. I think it’s important to look good and take your time to start your day well. Once I get up, I do some stretching and breathing exercises.

09:00.. After I shower, get dressed, and take my son to school, I eat breakfast. For breakfast, I drink coffee with a little milk. Pressed fruit juice, fruit (often a banana or apple) or brioche. For a long time, I did not eat breakfast in the morning on weekdays. I was doing intermittent fasting. It has changed the way I do things since my surgery (Sandrine had open heart surgery, editor’s note). I thought it was a nice moment and it was nice to settle in before continuing your day.

10:30 am.. Direction Boulogne-Billancourt to reach the plateau William Limergey. I’m a columnist for “William à midi” on C8. I also prepare my gym classes for my “Gym Direct” show which I hosted several years ago. Or I’m working on another project. Recently, I have been working a lot on the release of my first book “Ma Coach Gym Direct” which has just been published by First. I really wanted to do it so everyone could practice. In each proposed exercise, there are options depending on its level. There are many different topics (beautiful buttocks, target muscular back, stomach, back to calm, training before going skiing, warming up when getting out of bed, etc.) so that everyone can find their account. In total, you can find more than 100 exercises. It’s very complete.

12 pm. If I’m not on set, I have a fairly light lunch. Salad, or sometimes granola. As a rule, I don’t make big lunches. Best to dine in the evening and enjoy with the family. It does not reflect my relationship with nutrition at all. I love eating. In addition to the food side, I love this friendly moment to sit down to eat. After that, I don’t know any frustration. I listen to my body. The one little thing I’ve never done? Snack between meals. And there again, not because I prevented it, but because I don’t feel the need. I think it’s not a good idea to get your body used to eating all the time. For example, if I start feeling hungry between meals, I will drink a large glass of water with lemon juice. I avoid binge-eating (so no chocolate, laughing), on the other hand to settle down, I don’t hesitate to eat fruit. Diet, I didn’t do anything. You have to be very careful with diets that often promise mountains and wonders. Losing weight just to gain weight afterwards is not very good. Me, I gave up on Libra a long time ago. I think if you exercise, eat right, take some time for yourself, keep yourself hydrated and sleep well, that’s actually very good. For me, ban is not good. My advice is to find your balance without overdoing it.

3:30 PM – 5 PM. Every Monday afternoon I do my “Gym Direct” sessions. I shoot multiple training sessions on the same day. I rehearse at the same time with the viewers. My programs vary by week. I can do strength training, cardio, stretching, etc. I diversify the lessons significantly, so that I do not always train in the same way. The rest of the week, I like to do a small 30- to 45-minute cardio/booster session. I also give neon lessons. These are gym classes that are streamed online. On the weekends, I take care of my little one, and that too, believe me, is a sport (laughs). I’ve always been very athletic, I’ve done figure skating, synchronized dancing, and then a competitive physique.

7:30 PM. I am fortunate to have a mistress of a very skilled cook. In the evening, he regularly prepares good, balanced and varied dishes for us. This is also the secret to a good diet: eat a variety of foods. For my part, I really like to make delicious pancakes with tomatoes, mustard or zucchini.

10:30 pm.. I have never suffered from insomnia. On the other hand, I need 8 hours of sleep. When I finish my workout too late or after a fairly fast day, I do some stretching and breathing sessions before bed. This is an important time to calm down and sleep better.

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