Gym: CSMG Dieppe launches flexible schedules

Four gymnasts from Duma College students will begin their scheduled schedules for the next academic year. (© Les Information Dieppoises)

Training, a priority for CSMG Dieppe leaders, has its limitations.

We’ve heard a lot this season or in the past that local gymnasts can’t compete with more high-end clubs that offer more training hours.

Then Mathilde Thomassen, Technical Director I thought about it and found part of the solution.

In fact, I was inspired by what Dieppe Club would do. I’ve spoken with Alexandre Delaro and we’ll adjust his plan for flexible-hours classes on our scale. We started with only one college and four gymnasts, but we are optimistic and if all goes well, it will be just the beginning of work that can give results in the medium term.

Mathilde ThomasinCSMG Dieppe Technical Director

Faster progress

Therefore, a partnership agreement was drawn up and signed with Douma College, The Neuvilais Foundation is already the one that welcomes gymnastics students who are likely to join this project.

Both parties would like to point out that Academic results remain a priority And that many points will be included at different times of the year between parents, teachers and coaches.

On a practical level, Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, students concerned will finish lessons at 3:30pm.

Supported by CSMG Dieppe, they will then join the Desjardins gymnasium for approximately four hours.

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An added advantage, with lessons in small groups, that would allow you to work better and progress faster.

Meetings were also held with the parents who joined the project.

Firstly, So they will be four to take advantage of this device.

Two arrived at Duma College at the beginning of the next academic year and two in the fifth grade.

For Mathilde Thomassen, this first attempt is important and She hopes this project will continue in the long term With other college class levels and more and more gymnasts as high as possible under the colors of CSMG Dieppe.

And “France” said next Saturday

This is the goal of the season for an entire club.

Saturday, The CSMG Dieppe flag team has been competing in the French Federal Championships A, for 14 years and over.

After the journey made by their subjects, Coaches Mathilde Thomassen and Thierry Dumuchil are confident and optimistic.

It must be said that Diepoises are departmental, inter-departmental and regional champions.

Only a small downside, the regional points total that will make the CSMG Dieppe team start in 10th place this Saturday at Kindarena in Rouen.

For the National Final they will be four, very united and ready to give everything for their club.

Laura Ferrell, Betty Marie, Anouk Deschamps, and Chloe Foville They prepared their case well.

We’ve improved the moves to try and scratch the tenths whenever possible because we know that at this level the details can be played with. A change in the workforce was made in order to hold the group together and present the best possible team.

Mathilde Thomassen and Thierry Dumuchelle

Specific training sessions will be accompanied by a pseudoseriology session on Friday evening to de-stress as much as possible.

Under these circumstances, both technicians acknowledge a high target but think it is reasonable.

A Top 5 is possible and girls have the potential to make it happen. It will also play in the head and heart. The most important thing is to have fun and you have nothing to regret leaving the floor.

The current great season of CSMG Dieppe could turn out to be exceptional on Saturday night…

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