Kyiv demands “reservation” of its place in the European Union

9:12 am: Ukraine asks us to ‘reserve’ a place in the EU

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, asked, Thursday, to “reserve” a place for his country in the European Union, even if accession negotiations must continue for a long time. « On entend très souvent que l’Ukraine appartient à la famille européenne et à présent il importe de réserver cette place » pour le pays dans l’Union européenne, at-il déclaré à la télévision publique’ allemande visit in the country au

9 am: Finland’s leaders make no secret of their desire to join NATO

Finland’s president and prime minister said they want NATO membership “without delay,” while announcing that they will make their final decision on Sunday on the country’s membership in the transatlantic alliance. Sweden can follow shortly.

Acceptance of their request would pave the way for an increased troop presence in the northern region. Norway, Denmark and the three Baltic states are already members of NATO.

8:23 am: The German company Siemens announced its withdrawal from the Russian market

“Today we announced our decision to conduct an orderly process to end our commercial and industrial operations in Russia,” Siemens CEO Roland Bosch said in a statement. The German company had previously decided not to undertake any new projects after the invasion.

Siemens said its second-quarter net profit fell 49% to 1.2 billion euros, affected by 600 million charges related to Western sanctions against Russia since the invasion of Ukraine. Siemens employs about 3,000 people in Russia.

A person was infected at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. Photo Seba / Azov Regiment

7:35 am: Kyiv offers to exchange Russian prisoners with wounded Azovstal

Ukraine offered the release of Russian prisoners of war in exchange for the safe evacuation of seriously wounded fighters trapped in the steel mills in Mariupol.

On Wednesday evening, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshuk said that negotiations are underway to release wounded fighters holed up in Mariupol, the last stronghold of the Ukrainian resistance. She said there are different options, but “none of them are perfect.”

In addition, on Wednesday, a group of wives of Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov Regiment met Pope Francis, who asked him to intervene “to save the lives” of these soldiers.

6:57 am: The besieged commander in Mariupol seeks help from Elon Musk

A Ukrainian commander among the fighters besieged by Russian forces at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol on Wednesday appealed directly to American billionaire Elon Musk’s help to intervene to save them. “People say that you came from another planet to teach people to believe in the impossible. (…) Where I live, it is almost impossible to survive,” tweeted Sergei Volina, commander of the 36th Marine Brigade in Mariupol.

“Help us leave Azovstal for a third country. If it’s not you, who else? Give me the lead,” noting that he created a Twitter account specifically to directly challenge the world’s richest man trying to buy the social network for $44 billion. The soldier asked “everyone on the planet” to help make sure Elon Musk was aware of his attractiveness.

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6:28 am: Special session of the Human Rights Council on Ukraine

An extraordinary session of the Human Rights Council is scheduled for Thursday in Geneva, at the request of Kyiv, to discuss “the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine”. Russia, which became a minor observer after leaving this organization in April, decided not to participate.

6:20 am: First war crimes trial in Ukraine

Ukraine will hold its first war crimes trial linked to the Russian invasion against a 21-year-old soldier accused of shooting an unarmed civilian.

The Prosecutor General’s Office Irina Venediktova said in a statement that Vadim Shishimarin is accused of shooting with a Kalashnikov rifle from the window of a car he was traveling in to shoot an unarmed 62-year-old civilian. To find out more, read this article.

5:55 am: Russia is the “most direct threat” to the world order, according to Ursula von der Leyen.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Thursday in Tokyo that Russia is the “most direct threat” to the international system due to its invasion of Ukraine.

After meeting Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida with European Council President Charles Michel, Ms. von der Leyen said that Russia “is today the greatest direct threat to the world order due to the barbaric war against Ukraine, and its disturbing pact with China”.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not just about Europe, but is shaking the heart of the international system, including Asia. The European Union and Japan are strengthening Western sanctions against Moscow, including financial and energy ones,” said Mr. Kishida, whose government has joined Western sanctions against Moscow. Ms. von der Leyen said Ms. von der Leyen said Their collaboration, including the launch of a digital partnership, a first for Europe, that will focus on competitiveness and security in the field.

5:50 am: UN Security Council meeting this Thursday

The UN Security Council is expected to hold a new plenary session on the conflict on Thursday. At the request of France and Mexico, this will be the sixteenth session of the Security Council since the Russian invasion on February 24.

Ibra/Juliette Mitwin

‘We believe in victory’: Facing the French students, Zelensky wants to send a message of hope

Volodymyr Zelensky answered questions on Wednesday from students from schools and universities in Paris, Nancy, Strasbourg and even Lyon, gathered at Sciences Po Paris. The Ukrainian president renewed his criticism of Ukraine’s failure to join NATO and the European Union, while saying he was confident of his country’s victory over Russia.

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5:47 am: A pro-Russian official discusses the annexation of Kherson region

A pro-Russian official said on Wednesday that Ukraine’s Kherson region, which has been occupied by Russians since the beginning of March, will request its annexation by Russia. Kherson is the only major Ukrainian city over which the Russians declared complete control in the two-and-a-half month war in Ukraine.

And a senior Russian parliamentary official, Andrei Torchak, had already confirmed on Friday, during a visit to Kherson, that Russia would remain “forever” in southern Ukraine.

5:46 am: Latest feature on Earth

– Russia is slowly gaining ground in the Donbass region. The besieged twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lesichansk in particular look as if they could fall at any moment.

– On the other hand, Kyiv had the pleasure of repulsing the Russian forces that had been firing for weeks on the northeastern regions of Kharkiv, the second city of the country, and captured some small towns in this area very close to the Russian border.

– In Mariupol, if the hundreds of Ukrainian fighters who are holed up there still keep the Azovstal steel plants, then they are also constantly bombarded, according to KEV.

– The governor of Russia’s Belgorod region bordering Ukraine in southwestern Russia claimed, on Wednesday, that bombing from Ukraine had caused One dead and three wounded. He explained that the situation is the “most difficult” that his region has known since the start of the Russian offensive on February 24.

Visacto Infographic

What to remember from Wednesday

  • Russian gas shipments to Germany transiting Ukraine on Wednesday fell 25% for the first time since the conflict began. Ukraine and Russia blame each other for this situation.
  • In Vienna, where he was attending a UN meeting, the UN Secretary-General called for maintaining contact with Vladimir Putin’s Russia to save lives in Ukraine and prepare for peace, even if a peaceful settlement of the conflict is not currently in sight.
  • In Washington, where he met President Biden, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi also called for dialogue, believing that the United States and Russia should sit around the same “peace table” to find a way out.. to the war in Ukraine.

5:45 a.m.: Hey everyone, welcome to this livestream where we’ll be following the situation around the conflict in Ukraine, this Thursday, May 12, the 78th day of the Russian invasion.

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