Naila Safidan: The New Fitness Bomb That Makes C8 Crack

30 August 2021

“I would love to play in a series. I just went through the set of love puzzles…”

If you love getting up early and watching fitness on TV, you definitely know Naila Safidan! For a little over two years, the hot latin bombshell has already been hosting Live gym, at C8, on Wednesdays and Fridays, at 6:15 a.m. Originally from Chile, she told us about her amazing journey…

Interview Directed by Jerome Golon (Twitter @JeromeGoulon)

Jerome Golon: You are the new fitness icon! Tell us about…
Naila Safidan: My main job is athletic trainer and Heels Reggaeton dance teacher. On TV, I host the show GymDirect, on C8. I am also having conversations about showing Jackie on IDF1. I was also an ambassador for Doctissimo on YouTube.

And what time can we see you on the C8?
My visit is every Wednesday and Friday morning at 6:15 AM. I do fitness and dance. My specialty is flat belly, round buttocks and Chili Chippe dance. Next, I also touch on meditation, personal development, and self-confidence. I am very “soul temperament”. I am connected to Mother Earth. I come from Chile and have been adopted by two wonderful French parents, but I feel like my soul is connected to Latin America…

How did you come to C8?
I hit C8 two and a half years ago. This is done thanks to Kévin Coique, who is also a coach at C8. He’s a friend of mine and he’s in the fitness world. I went to see him at a fitness show. I told him I loved what he did, and that I very much wanted to invite me to the show. Well he told me. I added that I wanted him to give me the microphone so I could teach what I could do. So he gave me half an offer. From there, I met the production assistant and told him I’m available if needed. Help my community. And keep me!

I went there with a nerve. Is this your way
yes ! I’m hot, it’s my brand! Furthermore, Bruno Gillon and Mika note my eccentric side from Fun Radio, who often enjoy repeating my funny clips. And on social networks, I call them my “hot community” fans!

You claim the concept of Chili Shape’n Dance. What is that ?
It’s a fitness concept, a reggaeton. I tell myself that in France, there is only Zumba in the Latin fitness world, and that I pioneered the Latin dance fitness concept. I am also in partnership with Radio Latina. My goal is to make the concept national and international. In fact, in June, I trained five “chili coaches”. It is fun and entertaining. Chile Shape’n Dance is available to everyone. Evidence, I made Jackie out of Dorothy’s Dance Club! The goal is to create movement around the concept. She also launched a fitness/dance apparel brand, “lachiliboutique”.

Was fitness always your thing?
Yes and no. I have a BTS Tourist License and a STAPS License. I have a tour guide card, and I mainly work in tourism, languages ​​and social media. And in fact, since I was young, I’ve been doing competitive gymnastics. I also played soccer and tennis. I really touched everything. Deep down, I’ve always wanted to work in sports. But my parents, and especially my father, did not agree. They wanted me to graduate first. So they encouraged me to complete my studies, and thanks to them, I am now a chameleon, despite my little Latin appearance! (He laughs) So I started Geo fitness at Club Med. And the following year, while living in Agen, I met a firefighter from Paris. So I decided to join him to become a sports coach in Paris.

And this fireman, is he still your friend?
He’s my ex today! (He laughs)

You’ve been telling me about your Chilean origins. Did you live there before you came to France?
no. In fact, my parents were looking for a child. And as soon as I was born, I was called. I was adopted two days after I was born. I stayed two months in Chile, while the paperwork was being completed, and then arrived in France. I only came back to Chile when I was 14 to see the country.

Have you seen your biological parents?
not at all. When I came back to Chile, it was really tourism. I saw the hospital where I was born. But that’s it. My biological mom doesn’t know who I am anymore, and on my dad’s side, I was born under an X.

You are talking about it quite freely…
Yes, because my story is not sad. That’s why I talk about it so easily. I thank my lucky stars every day. Thanks to my dear parents, I am where I am today! Very nice !

She told me, in addition to fitness, you also work on self-confidence. Don’t trust yourself?
When I was younger, I was bullied in college. I was sixy, it shocked me. When I think about it, I still have a pain in my heart. They were romantic stories, with boys who wanted me so badly.

why ?
They attacked me on my body and on my voice. I am very emotional, so it affected me greatly. It was very complicated. And I still have a few leftovers today, even though I know what I’m worth. For a long time, I was very careful about how people looked or what they said. I listened a lot to people.

Is this not the case today?
no. And thankfully, especially after I went through a breakup in December that ruined me…

Was he a fireman?
No, he was a dancer. (He laughs) For me, he was the man of life. You left me, broke my heart! This period of my life was a real transformation. But when you go through complicated times, you realize that the balance between mind and heart is irrelevant. You have to take a step back and realize that some things aren’t that bad…

Harassment is unfortunately a topic. What advice would you give to young victims of bullying?
It’s tough, because when you’re young, you don’t necessarily have the necessary perspective. I would tell parents to pay more attention to their children and communicate with them. For example, I often cry, but I did not dare to talk to my mother about it. I was afraid he would fall for me at school. But my mother finally suspected something …

I imagine that now, men no longer bother you, they are under your feet… Do you get beaten up often?
The word is weak! (He laughs) Even the word is too weak! men and women ! I receive marriage proposals every day! I also get a lot of restaurant invites. In fact, I can eat by eye!
Then there are those who are less tactful and send me their genitals directly.

How do you live it?
Honestly, now it makes me laugh. It no longer affects me. Before, it was bothering me. For example, when I was photographed in some rather odd situations on the C8, I wasn’t feeling well. I thought she distorted my picture. Today, I tell myself it’s part of the game. As Mark Oriel said: “Emeralds do not lose their value for lack of compliments.” From the moment you know who you are, what you deserve and what you stand for, we can say what you want, as long as you know who you are, you’re fine! But before, I wasn’t, I was fragile!

O my two marriages, what tempts you with a man?
His humor! I have to laugh. I am also loving, caring, lovable, affectionate and loyal. And then we’ll talk about the financial situation.

How is that ?
What I mean is that I am an independent woman. If a guy doesn’t have a job but I like him mentally, I can boost him, and eventually he’ll have a job!

Conversely, what makes you run away from a man?
I hate good men who degrade women. I hate men who do not consider women, who take us for a piece of meat. I hate macho!

What are your next goals?
I have other projects on C8, but nothing has been done yet. I’m climbing the ladder and can’t wait to see other groups! Otherwise, in September, I opened my associative dance school in Paris, centered on Reggaeton: Latin Evasion. There will be famous teachers like Daniela Brill, Melissa Vicki, Ronnie Gomez, Luis Carlos Gonzalez…

What is your ultimate goal?
My first passion is acting. So I like to play the series. I just passed the casting love puzzles… I would also like to write my film and be the actress of my story.

What will be its subject?
About my personal history, adoption, etc. It’s so long, my life is incredible!

Tell me more…
There was an incredible moment in my life, when I was in England. I found myself wandering from house to house with my trash bag, clothes, and bag, like a homeless person. I wanted to act like an adult. I worked at Domino’s Pizza and slept in a brothel…satisfying stuff…that lasted for a year. So you see, there will be a lot to say…

Interview Directed by Jerome Golon (Twitter @JeromeGoulon)

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