OGC Nice: The Sports Club ousts Saint-Etienne in a crazy match

After the defeat in the Coupe de France final against Nantes, the Aiglons immediately had to raise their heads and look towards the European places. Facing Saint-Etienne’s side who were playing for his upkeep, the match was shaping up to be a big fight.

Since the start of this match, OGC Nice has shown a desire to go ahead and play. Despite the lack of offensive play offered in recent weeks, the tactics put in place at the start of the encounter look similar to the last games: working on both sides to bring in crosses into the area.

So the gym is trying to make a difference on the wings, first on the right side with Daniliuc (5And) then Ibrahimi (6And) both are trying to find Delort;

Like recent encounters, Nice has not been a successful attack in this way, however, we also see a desire to drop quickly to recover the ball.

After 10 minutes of play, in Saint-Etienne’s first possession, the Greens tried to play quickly and Denis Bouanga was found on the edge of offside. With the support of Nordin, the Gabonese managed to cause a rift in the defense and a goal that put the Allianz team on hold.

Regarding the next move, Stéphanois is still looking for Bouanga, this time in a building post.

As usual with Pascal Dubras, his team managed to create danger through counter-attacks.

On the nice side, we insist on using both sides, but to no avail. We also try depth with de Delort or Brahimi via Todibo, but that never happens in the feet.

at 35Andthe entire Cote d’Azur stadium secures a draw, but Kluivert, who had free space on the left, is unable to complete his move.

Even if they grab the ball, the people of Nice are no problem defending ASSE, and in the face of the new Greens they score another goal. It all starts with a mass drop forward and Podboz is the one making the pass in the far corner, Youssef skilfully takes over and finds the Benitez hatch. 2-0 Saint-Etienne in the last seconds of this first half.

In the very bitter first half, it was certain that the Eglon family was still occupying their minds in Paris. With futile possession and botched offensive tactics, the gymnasts were far from wrong and fell into the trap of counter-attacks that Stefano executed so well.

When they came back from the locker room, the gymnasts tried to use more depth, but that didn’t pay off.

In one of the rare, well-designed attacks placed near the surface, the people of Nice put pressure on the Greens’ defense. It’s the former Lyonnais Bard who will take matters into his own hands by slipping into the left wing. At the end of the race, the side shoots into the corner and puts a ball into the opposite skylight. 1-2 in 52And.

After a few minutes, we finally witnessed a successful hub and it is Daniliuc who is the author. The gym is starting to show something with a new energy driven by the field and this cool goal

Nice team managed to make more diffs and make mistakes which gives possibilities for the set pieces. A free kick is taken at 25 metres, Kluivert and Guerre negotiate to see who should shoot, but it is Delortt who will take care of it perfectly. With a big hit, the former MHSC captain cheats Bernardone and equalizes for the gym! 2-2 only at the hour mark.

Saint-Etienne is no longer around and Kluivert is still able to find Lemina in a penalty kick, the Dutchman is more fair in his choices and achievements. Moments later, we found him at the rear, he entered the deck and perfectly served Delort ending with a flat foot (62 .).And)

Within 10 minutes, Ness is back in the game and now takes the lead!

Jostled Sainté will try to come back after a good possession, and it is Camara who will try his luck, but Benitez is there.

On his first ball from El Boudaoui, the unfortunate offender of the victorious penalty kick from Nantes, Delort awarded it, the Algerian resumed after rebounding and scored an exceptional goal. 4-2 for ness is crazy!

In these last minutes, ASSE will have several chances to score a third goal, first with Thiob (83 .).And) who curls up on the right and then Aushesh (87And) who found Benitez and then with Hamumah (93And) who exploits Daniliuc’s mistake and serves Crivelli who misses the inevitable.

But it’s OGC Nice who will win in this totally crazy scenario.

A stunning victory for Christophe Galtier players On Wednesday, the Cote d’Azur showed a sad face in the first half by conceding two goals and producing an inadequate attacking match. Returning from the locker room, fueled by new energy and a quick goal from Malvin Bard, the Eagles reversed direction and found success led by exceptional Andy Delors, double scorer and passer for his countryman El Boudaoui. However, this victory has a bitter taste due to the shameful song of some Nice fans in the death of former Nantes player Emiliano Sala.

With this success, OGC Nice regained fourth place in the standings, a good position with a view to returning to Europe next season.

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