The war in Ukraine. The United Nations Extraordinary Council, the trial of a Russian soldier .. The point in the night

The United Nations Human Rights Council, meeting in an extraordinary session, Thursday, May 12, 2022, is examining the allegations of grave violations committed by Russia in Ukraine, in particular in Mariupol and Bucha.

this meeting “On the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine as a result of Russian aggression” He was asked by Kyiv, which, according to the first draft resolution, wants to conduct an investigation into what happened in the Kyiv, Chernigov, Kharkiv and Sumy regions.

Il s’agit de la première réunion consacrée à la détérioration de la situation des droits de l’homme en Ukraine depuis que l’assemblée générale de l’ONU a suspendu Moscou début avril de la mat plus haute instance de l’organère internationale en human rights.

After Russia expected its suspension by relinquishing its status as a member of the Human Rights Council, it can participate in the work of the Council as an observer. It also has a chance on Thursday to take advantage of its right to respond as a state concerned. But Moscow decided not to participate.

“The Russian delegation will not legitimize this new political presentation organized in the form of an extraordinary session with its presence.”Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced.

Unfortunately, our arguments and clarifications about the true objectives of this special military operation and the real situation on the ground have been completely ignored. Obviously, they won’t be heard this time either.”regretted, describing this session as a “A New Anti-Russian Approach of the ‘Collective West'”.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, who has previously accused the Russian military of committing “acts possibly amounting to war crimes” in Ukraine since the invasion on February 24, is due to open the session at 8 am GMT.

The draft resolution condemns “The alarming number of civilian casualties caused by the aggression against Ukraine” It condemns attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure.

The text, which may still be subject to change, requests the United Nations International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine” Conduct a private, thorough and independent investigation […] On the events in the Kyiv, Chernigov, Kharkiv and Sumy regions at the end of February and March 2022 […] to hold those responsible accountable..

The first trial for war crimes linked to the Russian invasion

The Kyiv Prosecutor announced on Wednesday evening, May 11, that a 21-year-old Russian soldier will be tried for war crimes in Ukraine, which will be the first trial for this charge in the Russian-infested country on February 24.

In a statement, the Prosecutor General’s Office Irina Venediktova said that Vadim Shishimarin is accused of shooting a Kalashnikov from the window of a car in which he was traveling, killing a 62-year-old unarmed civilian, indicating that he acted to prevent the explosion. A man who testified in a car theft case.

The statement added that the accused soldier was traveling with four other Russian soldiers after their convoy was attacked on February 28 and stole a car near the village of Chubakhivka, explaining that the civilian – who was not identified – was riding a bicycle on board. The side of the road is not far from his house when the robbery occurs.

“He ordered a soldier accused of killing a civilian so that he would not be reported.”Justice note. “The man died on the spot, tens of meters from his house.”.

Vadim Shishimarin, who is arrested, faces life imprisonment if convicted of war crimes and premeditated murder.

Ursula von der Leyen attacks Russia

Russia is ‘Most immediate threat’ European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Thursday in Tokyo that the international order is due to her invasion of Ukraine.

Russia “Today is the greatest direct threat to the world order through the barbaric war against Ukraine and its troublesome pact with China.”Von der Leyen said after meeting Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida with European Council President Charles Michel.

Ukraine replays a friendly football match

The Ukrainian national team, which has not met since the start of the conflict at home at the end of February, beat Borussia Monchengladbach 2-1 on Wednesday in a charity match organized in the Rhine city for the victims of the conflict. ..

Thousands of spectators waved Ukrainian flags and joined the players in conveying a message of support for the country, which Russia attacked on February 24. The entire recipe must be donated to associations that help Ukrainian civilians.

The war in Ukraine. The United Nations Extraordinary Council, the trial of a Russian soldier .. The point in the night

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