“We’re glad it’s over,” said Ujap President Quimper

End of applause for Ujap Quimper. Les Béliers plays at Vichy Clermont at 8 p.m. this Friday, May 13. it’s theirs The last match of the championship. A complicated season with injured players, a health crisis and a group lacking in dynamics. We did an assessment with the club’s president, Bernard Kervarich.

A promising start, a break and then a stumble

The start of the season was rather successful for the Rams: after a false start, in one month, they planted four wins for one defeat. Then there was Nantes on December 23, “We were beaten up and there was some kind of break”President remembers. next one winter is harsh Players are waiting on February 8th to sign their first success of 2022.

In this wide opening of air, there is Defeat in the semi-finals of Leaders Cup vs. Evreux. Bernard Kervarek, not without bitterness, summarizes: “We won the first leg by 18 points. We lost the second leg by 19 points. We were eliminated by one point. We are not remaking the movie but I don’t understand what happened.”

We had to play quickly in every game with the risk of relegation in mind.

What followed was a leap forward: three wins (including the revenge of Nantes), then a setback with a streak of four losses in a row between March and April. “We went through it. We lost a lot of games that we should have won. As a result, we played under pressure and fear of losing until the end.”

The result is a breakdown in ratings and goals. Which are posted to play the playoffs at the end of the season, in other words to finish in the first nine, are left in the locker room. on May 13, Aries will return to the 14th floor in Vichy.

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Injuries and a health crisis undermine the budget

It must be said that fate has not always been kind to Ujap. The club faces many injuries and must be recruited quickly. “It has been a complicated year on a sporting level. We had to take Freelancers who weren’t necessarily at the level So I disrupted the team.” The team that probably saw itself as a bit too high, according to the manager. A type of daffodil that ends up in its own basket: “Maybe we saw each other very well, last year we finished fourth, the year before we finished third…but we had exceptional players that we didn’t have this year”

Unfortunately, there is also a health crisis that has cut off many of the club’s sources of income. “We planned two matches at the Arena in Brest and we had, for example, cancel two matches.” Finally, the league has called up Ujap for the Espoir Tournament, and here are some other tickets that fly away: “this year We were in the red I hope I won’t have a season like this next year.”

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. That’s why I succeeded”

Expressions that evoke the benefit of failure, there are plenty of them; But this appears on the surface. This season, despite his strength, has allowed the club to notice what has not been doing well. “We’re coordinating the club a little bit. We will create a kind of recruitment module, so the coach is not alone in it. We are already thinking about a staffing strategy for the coming year. This will allow us to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past year.” The chief explains, We will keep the same budget 2.4 million euros. A third will be allocated for employment.

In the end, we will remember it Aries is maintained in Pro B, “We are doing well, we are happy and satisfied.” but after “phew” Sighed by a full seat and the entire hall of Michel Glowagen on Saturday 7 May during the victory, not without suspense, against Tours, the President is already working on the rest of the action: “We will try to recreate a positive dynamic. The goal is to continue. Suppose we are relatively optimistic and reasonably optimistic. You have to be careful, they are going fast.”

You have to stick to the new room.

The higher level also requires a lot of infrastructure. Bernard Kervarek is eager to be able to play his club on the floor of the new hall, planned for the hippodrome. Because the new room new cash flow “The room will arrive in 3 years, so by that time we will have to wait. We will have dressing rooms and spaces for partners. There is a demand for it, today we have almost nothing left to sell, all our dressing rooms are very full and it is complicated”, The president concludes.

This newcomer will be 3500 places, It is about a thousand more than the current Ujap Hall. The fans will undoubtedly be there, because this year the club managed to make every home game a real spectacle. Especially since an Aries is in the National Basketball Division II, he’s not on every street corner.

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