What do we know about the circumstances of the death of Shirin Abu Okla, Al Jazeera journalist in the West Bank? – Editing

Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, from Al Jazeera Arabic, was killed this morning, Wednesday, while covering the Israeli army’s operations in Jenin refugee camp, the stronghold of Palestinian armed factions, in the northern occupied West Bank. A number of witnesses spoke of Israeli shooting, which is refuted by leniency. CheckNews He collected and analyzed dozens of videos, which were then placed on a map, in order to better understand the context of his death.

Various photos, photographed by journalists and witnesses, show the inactive body of Shireen Abu Okla, face down. These videos are for her Geotagged North of the camp, west of Jenin (Point No. 1 on the map). CheckNews He was able to confirm this location from other street photos.

Seconds before his body appears in the photo, we hear seven explosions, which seem to correspond to shots coming from upstream of this street, and thus from the south. Another journalist is sheltering nearby, behind a tree. When a man tries for the first time to drag the corpse of Shireen Abu Akle, a new explosion goes off.

Pictures show that the journalist, who was wearing a helmet and flak jacket, was shot in the head.

Other amateur videos, collected and geolocated by CheckNews, to shed light on the circumstances of the killing of the Palestinian journalist. One of these sequences, which was broadcast on the social network TikTok around the same time as Shirin Abu Okla’s death, shows Israeli soldiers standing at the top of this same street (Point 2 on the map), which is likely to have been shot. that killed the journalist. But these pictures, in which you hear explosions, do not confirm that these soldiers were the ones who shot Shireen Abu Akleh.

Multiple explosions

Indeed, at the top of the neighborhood, Israeli soldiers exchanged fire with armed men, apparently members of the Palestinian resistance (points 3 and 5 on the map). on The video was broadcast by the Ministry of Foreign AffairsWe see a group of Palestinians, including armed fighters, one of them shooting in an alley in the Jenin refugee camp (point 3 on the map, the arrow opposite the direction of the shots). We basically hear the guy behind the camera shouting at the people around him to be careful. In the final seconds of the video (the full version is 26 seconds long), a voice chanted: “Someone is affected!” But without specifying whether she was talking at the time about an Israeli soldier or a Palestinian. This contradicts some of the translations that the Palestinians were glad to have “Soldier hit”.

In a press release published at 5 pm (French time), the IDF released a video of the same operation, but from the Israeli side. We see soldiers there, in the residential area where the Palestinian shooting scene was filmed, but there are two streets below it (point 5 on the map). Multiple explosions reverberate throughout the video, but the sequence is interrupted when the soldiers join their cars, up the street where Shirin Abu Akle was killed (point 2 on the map).

Finally, it should be noted that a group of Palestinians, some of whom were armed, was also moving in the area (point 4 on the map), as evidenced by various photos and videos broadcast on TikTok as well as on the local Telegram. Channel.

On the part of the Israeli army, he explained that soldiers intervened in Jenin camp in order to “to apprehend persons suspected of terrorist acts.. Dozens of Palestinian gunmen opened fire and threw explosive objects at the occupation forces, threatening their lives. Soldiers responded. affected people”says the IDF.

Later this morning, the occupation authorities clarified their account, indicating that the journalist may be a victim of Palestinian fire. “It appears that armed Palestinians, who fired indiscriminately at the time, were responsible for the unfortunate death of the journalist.”Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement. It is suggested “joint investigation” with the Palestinians.

To defend the thesis of Palestinian responsibility in the killing of Shirin Abu Akleh, the head of the Israeli Executive Authority relies on A video clip quoted above shows a Palestinian shooting in an alley (Point 3 on the map). Palestinians from Jenin were photographed bragging: “We hit a soldier while he was lying on the ground.” However, no IDF soldiers were injured, which increases the possibility that Palestinian terrorists were the ones who shot the journalist.”writes Naftali Bennett.

“We can’t say which bullet she hit.”

This afternoon, the Israeli NGO B’Tselem, which defends human rights in the occupied territories, announced, Post another video Which indicates, according to her, that “The Palestinian fire fired by the Israeli army cannot be the one that killed the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.”. The sequence was filmed by a researcher from B’Tselem, who detailed the plot of the scene, walking between the location of the Palestinian militants shown in the video and up the street where the journalist was killed (Point 2 on the list). These images highlight the great distance between the two places – about 300 meters – and the presence of multiple walls and buildings between them.

Qualifying for the initial position of the Israeli Armed Forces, their commander, Lieutenant-General Aviv Kohavi, finally said in a new statement: She added, “At this stage, we cannot determine which shot she was hit, and we regret her death.” The army also indicates that the operation carried out last night in Jenin camp led to his arrest “Eight suspects” and confiscation “machine guns”.

On the Palestinian side, President Mahmoud Abbas ruled over Israeli power “full responsibility” The death of Sherine Abu Aqleh. As for the TV channel employed by Al Jazeera, it directly accused the Israeli forces in a press release of killing “cold blooded” his reporter. “Al Jazeera condemns this heinous crime that aims to prevent media professionals from doing their work.”, writes the series and is based in Qatar. It calls on the international community to Holding the occupation forces responsible for deliberately targeting and killing Shireen.

The Palestinian journalist Ali Al-Samoudi, who was presented as the producer of Shireen Abu Okla, was also wounded. He was hospitalized in stable condition due to a bullet in the back, and immediately provided the media present his version of the facts. He said that he and Sherine were among a group of journalists who left early Wednesday morning to cover the Israeli operation. The first shot missed, then a second hit him, and the third killed his colleague, he said. Adding that in this regard were the Israeli forces and the group of journalists only.

Two other Palestinian journalists also testified: one of them was present at the time of the fatal shooting of Shireen Abu Okla shelter behind the wallThe second is Shatha Hanaisheh, the woman who was seen hiding behind a tree, next to Sherine’s body, in a clip filmed immediately after her death. Both support Ali Al-Samudi’s novel. They believe the IDF deliberately fired at them, when they were clearly identified as journalists (thanks to their flak jackets and helmets stamped with “press”), and announced their presence to the soldiers.

Finally, note that in this video broadcast on the social network TikTok, we can see the presence of Israeli soldiers near the place of death, but not at the same time beforehand.

During the day, condemnations multiplied within the international community, from the United States to the European Union, via UNESCO. These countries and various institutions are calling for an investigation “transparent” And “does not depend on” Determine the circumstances of his death.

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