How to buy the perfect laptop bag for women

computer backpack for women

While working anywhere that sounds cool these days, fitting a laptop into your regular work bag can seem like a chore.

Laptop backpacks are also a real work force. En plus d’être des sacs à dos de travail, ce sont des sacs à dos de voyage avec des compartiments extensibles pour contenir tout ce dont vous pourriez avoir besoin lors de vos déplacements (chargeurs, pour déles – mainsinfectant, vous) table).

You can find laptop bags with waterproof fabrics, anti-theft features, and even a USB charging port (!) to charge your phone.

But it’s not just jobs, you can also find models. You can find leather or faux leather laptop backpacks for a more elegant look, or simple backpacks that can be used as tote bags.

Choosing the best can be a difficult task. You want a backpack that meets your needs and more. You might be pleasantly surprised by a feature you didn’t think you needed before. Here are some of the things you should pay attention to when choosing a laptop backpack:


Convenience should be the first item on your list. Even if you’re not used to carrying heavy loads, one day you may need to load your bag, and you don’t want your back to be screaming at you at the end of the day. (Check out The Verge’s perennial column What in Your Bag? for a variety of things some people carry with them.)

Make sure the bag distributes the weight of your items evenly. Most sites that give recommendations on how to wear backpacks suggest wearing them high on your back, with the bottom of the backpack at or above waist level. If you think you’ll be carrying a lot of weight on a regular basis, a chest, waist, or hip belt can make a big difference in taking the pressure off your back.

The different parts of your bag

The first thing to consider is the compartment of the backpack. It is one of the most useful things you can find in a backpack. Set parts for notebooks, reading notes, stationery, smartphones, wallets, and even EDC pocket knives are very useful. Backpacks with compartments allow you to store and organize your belongings very efficiently. Much more efficient than having to dig deep into the packaging trying to find something among the bulk.

Whether you’re heading to a new co-working space, starting school in the fall, or heading back to the office soon, this women’s computer bag can come in handy, not to mention a godsend on your shoulders.

the size

Then try to find the right size for your bag. Large backpacks can carry weight on their own which is definitely not an advantage for travel. Moreover, they were made for specific activities such as hiking. If you always have your laptop with you, medium sized laptop bags can hold laptops up to 17 inches. Just the right size for storing your laptop and other things

Additional Features

Some of the best lightweight laptop backpacks for women have extra features you didn’t know you needed. Besides the laptop compartment and travel umbrella/bottle pockets, we’re seeing more and more cool features these days.

From the sunglasses hook, to the anti-theft features, to the USB port, you can find it all in one backpack. We have certainly entered an era where backpacks are no longer the primary purpose of just carrying things. They have become an integral part of our daily needs.

Women’s computer backpack design

Backpacks come in many designs. Manufacturers began to produce backpacks that are not only stylish, but also support your posture. It is not always convenient to carry your laptop and other essentials while traveling. Want to avoid back pain after a long day of travel? Therefore, it is essential to choose backpacks whose design ensures your comfort during and after carrying them all day.

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