Respected anti-drug man killed in Paraguay on honeymoon

Paraguay – The killers disembarked on a water bike on Paradise Beach on the island of Baro in Colombia and, on Tuesday, May 10, killed Paraguay’s attorney general who specializes in the fight against drug trafficking, Marcelo Pecchi, while he was on his honeymoon there. .

The murder took place on the private beach of a local luxury hotel, the Decameron Hotel, among tourists and in front of the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Two men came [depuis la mer] On a boat, they approached and opened fire before escaping.” “One of the guards wanted to intervene so they shot him too.” She simply added that Prosecutor Beachy “received no threats.”

Marcelo Picci, 45, married Colombian journalist, Claudia Aguilera, on April 30 in Cartagena, and posted photos of her wedding via her Twitter account. “Yes, he died,” his wife confirmed in a short interview with Colombian radio.

Post a picture of one of the killers

The hotel complex in which the couple was staying gave more details in a press release, stating that “the killers arrived on a jet ski on the beach in front of the hotel.”

In the last photo posted before the tragedy on the young woman’s Instagram account, the couple was embracing on the beach, with a pair of small socks in front, indicating that the newlyweds were expecting a child.

Five Colombian investigators have been sent to the Caribbean island “where the murder was committed” to conduct investigations with the support of Paraguay and the United States, the Colombian police chief told the press at the beginning of the afternoon. General Jorge Luis Vargas. He did not specify the date or circumstances of the assassination, which was committed while the Public Prosecutor was spending his honeymoon on this tourist island.

According to Paraguay’s ambassador to Colombia, Sofia Lopez, the “transport” of Prosecutor Peche’s body to his country “will not take place immediately”, due to the necessities of the investigation. The diplomat, who spoke to Colombian media, said the attorney general was on a “private” trip and did not have a business meeting scheduled during his stay.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Colombian police released a photo of one of the alleged killers, wearing black Bermuda shorts with his head covered in a beige Panama hat. Police announced a reward of $488,000 for information leading to the arrest of the killers.

His wife was expecting a child.

The Director General of the Colombian Police, Jorge Luis Vargas, stated at a press conference that the US Drug Enforcement Agency and the Colombian and Paraguayan authorities are working together to “obtain as much information as possible” about this crime.

Colombian General Jorge Luis Vargas said that a “police commission” from Paraguay will travel to Colombia to participate in the Colombian investigation.

Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez condemned on Twitter the “cowardly assassination of Prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi in Colombia”, which “mourns the entire Paraguayan nation”. “We condemn this tragic act in the strongest terms and redouble our commitment to combating organized crime,” the president emphasized.

‘The way they are [les assassins] They act, and the way they performed, is characteristic of the mafia. I don’t see any other explanation […]”, according to the President of the Paraguayan Association of Prosecutors, Augusto Salas.

Speaking on Colombian Radio, Paraguay’s attorney general, Sandra Quiñones, noted that her murdered colleague had received “important convictions” in “eleven years of fighting drug trafficking and transnational crime.”

“He just wanted to enjoy his honeymoon in privacy, which is why he didn’t have safety” around him. “He was a great friend […]He told me that his wife was expecting a baby,” Sandra Quinonez confirmed.

He participated in the investigation that led to Ronaldinho’s imprisonment

Colombian President Ivan Duque also condemned the assassination via his Twitter account and confirmed that he is in contact with his Paraguayan counterpart to ensure “all cooperation (necessary) to find those responsible.”

Marcello Picci was a prosecutor specializing in organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing. He was known for his involvement in the investigation that led to the placement of the footballer Ronaldinho behind bars between March and August 2020 for entering Paraguay with false documents.

Paraguay and Colombia have strengthened their cooperation against international organized crime in recent years. Despite decades of fighting cartels and drug dealers, Colombia remains the world’s leading producer and exporter of cocaine.

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