The French Pro Championship is reborn at the Médoc golf course

FIGARO INFO – The event has disappeared from the calendar for ten years, has been relaunched by Bernard Pacasio and will be contested at the Chateau Tournament from 15-18 June 2022. With great ambition.

From our special correspondent in the Medoc statement,

The French professional golf tournament is preparing to come back to life. Organized by Calica with the seal of the French Federation, and the only one authorized by the Ministry of Sports to issue a national title, the four rounds of the 2022 tournament will take place from Wednesday 15 June to Saturday 18 June at Château d’Eau. Golf du Midoc Resort. “I believe very much in this event because the title of champion of France is very symbolic”, notes Bernard Pacasio, at the initiative of the project. We’ll have to find the Jean Garaïalde cup in the vaults and dust it off before giving it to the next winner…


With a suspension of up to 150,000 euros, the French Pro League will receive a stadium with 90 players from 2022, distributed as such: the top 40 players in the national ranking at the beginning of June, and the 25 players present in the same previous ranking. While 20 invitations will be issued and 5 fans will be accepted. The final list of players in attendance will be known at the beginning of June.

The official poster of the 2022 French Pro Golf Championship for men Kalika

“We chose the date according to the international calendar, Notes the founder of Kalika. This takes place during the US Open. The French players will be the main players. We depend on their presence. But for me, the tournament should be stronger than the players…” In other words, the Jan Garayaldi Cup, which I last competed in in 2009 and was won by Gary Stahl, is legitimate enough to attract the best. If the best French do not turn up, the organizers will not take into account the dates of next year’s European League. “We intend to relaunch the event for a long-term lease, Denis Faber, Head of Relaunch sets this out along with Bernard Pascasio. We don’t move, we want to see her time-recorded and played on a Médoc Resort golf course for at least the next three years. »

If such a relaunch is possible from 2022, the organizers owe in large part to the arrival of the main sponsor: Maisons MCA (a construction company based in New Aquitaine, which has about forty agencies in Landes, in the Pays Basque…) led by Serge Melchiori. They committed themselves for the next four years “Being a French champion means being the absolute best”confirms Thomas Delage, Director of Communications, using the words of his boss, a golf fanatic (index 2), a member of Arcachon, a club he has crowned as the French Amateur Grand Champion.

“When you are a professional golfer, you have to take risks. You do not work in management!”

Bernard Pascasio

“Without bragging, Bernard Pacasio resumes, never skimping on kind words, The Ryder Cup could have been held in France thanks to the Open de France grant of €4 million. By the way, I never paid any players to come in, because I’d rather put the money into the endowment. When you’re a professional golfer, you have to take risks. You do not work in management! My wish today is to help the young French players. » To follow up: “I received a letter from Raphael Jacqueline that gladdens my heart. He writes, among others: “I will be available for the French championship. I am happy to come and play this tournament and respect the efforts made to revive it.” I want the players to be proud of being the champion of France! With the challenge presented by the Golf du Médoc Resort and the good staff, I believe we have the legitimacy to believe in it. »

Vincent Paris, Bernard Pacasio and Denis Fabre Antoine Davout

Hosting the Lacoste Women’s Open France on its three-year track (which will take place in 2022 in Deauville), today Vincent Paris is delighted to see the French pros land in Medoc. “The question did not arise for a long time whether to go there or not, Explains the general manager of the golf hotel complex, which regularly ranks among the most beautiful in Europe. Since inception, not a year has gone by here without a professional golf tournament, apart from the four years of work we’ve done. In addition to the Women’s French Open from Lacoste, there were the men’s French Open, Challenge Tour Finals, Alpine stages or the PGA Schweppes Championship…”

The Golf du Médoc is appreciated by the many French players (Havret, Pavon, and many others) who make it a standout place for training, and it is also the perfect setting for an event that promises to be a beautiful annual festival of golf. “We plan to invite Jan Garayaldi to present the trophy that bears his name, accompanied by the President of the Federation”, notes Philip Sabros, who advocated strengthening by Pascassio and Fabre within the organization. In this context, a blue-white-red border could appear on the winner’s sleeves – similar to what exists for France’s champions in cycling or skiing – just as the departure of the “French legends” could begin on the morning of the 4And And the last lap of the event, like the rookie in the Masters in Augusta.

In 2023, we could have a field of 90 men and 50 women, with the same endowment. »

Bernard Pascasio

In 2023, the French championship should also be mixed. “We wanted this to be the case from 2022, Bernard Pacasio explains, But the European women’s calendar had a date in mid-June (Aramco’s London Team Series, Editor’s Note). Too bad this year. In 2023, we could have a field of 90 men and 50 women, with the same endowment. This is our goal. The gift of the ladies will be the same as that of the gentlemen, in proportion to the female participation. » The project is clearly supported by the main sponsor, MCA, open on the topic: “If MCA can, in the long term, collaborate with other partners to develop the diversity of the French professional championship, Hugo Lafitte concludesWe will encourage her. Golf is a mixed sport with equal values. » Notice to…professionals.

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