Zion is missing but the qualifiers have been found

After failing for two straight years at the gates of the playing cycle, Pelicans version Zion Williamson finally wanted a taste of post-season this year. It got off to a really bad start, to the point where the 2021-22 campaign looked pretty much like a lost campaign. But the Willie Green group never gave up and after a brisk trade deadline, New Orleans was able to distance itself to achieve its goal. Come on, let’s evaluate it all!

What did you announce?

In a record 37 victories, he qualified for the tournament. That’s what we saw at a crystal ball last September. We weren’t necessarily a fan of David Griffin’s slack season (particularly with the departure of Lonzo Ball) nor the overall balance of the Bills, and it’s never easy to measure a team with a new coach on the bench aka Willie Green (junior coach moreover). But with a monster like Zion Williamson and an All-Star like Brandon Ingram, we can still imagine NOLA doing better than previous seasons and really involved in the race for the qualifying.

What really happened

36 wins in the regular season, and ninth in the Western Conference, qualifying for the playoff championship. It’s a fairly effective crystal ball, don’t you think? Well, we wouldn’t bring it in too much either because at the scenario level, we weren’t really there. Meanwhile, who could have expected Zion Williamson to stop? His foot was touched during the holiday season, and Thanos hasn’t played a minute this year (we’ll talk about it a little later). And at the start of the regular course, we thought this injury would hit New Orleans right up to the end, especially since his friend Brandon Ingram was also stuck in the dispensary during the first half of November. The result, twelve defeats in thirteen games to start the 2021-22 campaign, in other words, didn’t really smell good.

But the swans never gave up. Under the guidance of Willie Green who hasn’t been helped by conditions but is brilliant in terms of driving for the rookie season on the bench, they started to get their heads out of the water at the end of November under momentum in particular from Brandon Ingram in all-Star mode. Gradually, in a somewhat open Western Conference, the Bills began to think that there might be a place in the playing cycle to hang on to. From 1-12 mid-November, the balance increased to 13-23 on January 1 and then to 22-32 on February 8, before the trade deadline. And on Deadline, Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin—under apparent pressure in his goal to return the Bills to the playoffs—decided to strike: Goodbye Josh Hart and Nickel Alexander Walker (plus Thomas Satoransky, Didi. Louzada and Draft Capital), Welcome to CJ McCollum and Larry Nance Jr. (and Tony Snell), who arrived from Portland. This move bolstered the group by providing a strong offensive boost to Ingram, and Cijay brought a great end to the season with his new colours. His experience, as well as his skills as a player and playmaker, gave NOLA a boost in its quest to play the game. And it ended up paying off.

Victory over Tottenham in the first game of the tournament, the Clippers win over Paul George’s campus in the second, here is the playoffs! It was a big bonus for a group at the bottom of the hole a few months ago. And in the spotlight on the OP, Pels confirmed that they didn’t steal their spot. Against the best team of the regular season (The Suns, 64 wins), Willie Green’s squad clearly didn’t look down, capitalizing particularly on Devin Booker’s sores to extend the streak to six games. Overall, this post 2022 season is the perfect symbol of the progress NOLA has made throughout the year. Brandon Ingram was simply sexy, CJ McCollum and Jonas Valanciunas weighed in well to help this group reach a milestone, rookies Trey Murphy III and especially Herb Jones (we’ll talk about the guy in more detail below) within sight. Glance, Jose Alvarado became the team’s new darling, Jackson Hayes appeared on the big stage, and Larry Nance Jr. was invaluable through his versatility. So much satisfaction to finish the season, and above all so much hope for the future.

Swan season in a few articles

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  • Weight of Zion Williamson, sensitive topic in New Orleans: 140 kilos apparently on the scale, beware…
  • Kyra Lewis Jr. victim of knee ligament tear: The season is over, the blow is heavy on the youngster from Bills
  • Legendary endgame in Oklahoma: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander from Logo, and Devonte’ Graham from… Where?
  • Brandon Ingram aka Santa Claus from Louisiana: The madness is on this month, and it’s no surprise Nola is back on winning ways
  • Nice surprise for New Orleans: Herb Jones, defensive power and offensive potential in sexless pelicans
  • Official: CJ McCollum Transfers From Blazers To Pelicans Huge Bomb In Portland On Trade Time!
  • Jose Alvarado Weasel: His specialty? Hide on throw-ins to go scratching the intercept
  • One fan had a lock signed by Herb Jones: This is a direct entry into the top 10 defenders in the league, isn’t it?
  • CJ McCollum, the missing piece the Pelicans have to flip: It’s not us who say it, it’s Damian Lillard
  • In honor of Willie Green: a rookie coach but above all a true leader, the Pelicans finally have the right coach
  • Shout Out To The New Orleans Pelicans: A Great Series From Willie Green Men, You Will Buy A Jose Alvarado T-Shirt
  • Zion Williamson wants to sign his contract extension ASAP: Hey, we know someone who was promoted by the end of the Bills season

season photo

We could have put together the impressive batting of signed midfielder Devonte’ Graham against the Thunder, but the image that immediately comes to mind when we think of the Bills season is coach Willie Green’s speech during the game against the Clippers for a place in the playoffs. We talked to you about driving above, and here’s the best guide. While the Bales were in trouble against Los Angeles, Willy managed to find the words to revive his forces. -7 to ten minutes from the end, New Orleans returned by inflicting 25-14 on the Clippers with a 105-101 finish, thus validating their ticket to the playoffs for the first time since 2018.

Hot Hat: Herb Jones

Usually, it’s very rare to see rookies come into the NBA to have a significant defensive impact. Because when you get to the big, for all the potential you might have, you simply reach a new world with players that are more athletic, more technical, faster, more everything. But Herb Jones isn’t a beginner like everyone else. We are talking about a 2m01 wingman who has become a specialist in covering up opposing snipers with his long arms. She makes some great movement that you obviously don’t see every day, and Herbert has made a name for himself that way. But Jones is much more than just great defensive plays that finish in the top ten. Some people imagine him so squarely in the All-Defensive that he is able to eliminate chaos in opposing attacks (in the top 10 interceptors with 1.7 steals per game, 0.8 against average). We may not go that far, but it shows the defensive impact he’s had on the Bills. Add to that the interesting offensive progression shown during the season and in particular in the first round of playoffs against the Suns (nearly 11 points averaged 48% shooting rate including 42% parking lot), and you get a nugget real. Note: We’re talking about the 35th draft, holy robbery!

We’ve been waiting for that and we’re still waiting for it: Zion Williamson

Zero matches have been played. zero. Yes, Zion Williamson has already had a white season after running a somewhat exceptional campaign during his sophomore year. It all started when Chief of Basketball Operations David Griffin announced on Media Day that Zion had broken his foot in the off-season. Completely unexpected news that immediately brought a large gray area into the upcoming Pelican season. Because if Griffin initially indicated Williamson would be ready to make a regular appearance, his comeback has been consistently delayed, until this announcement in mid-March saying he probably won’t play at all this year. Between small setbacks during rehab, big fuses on his weight, and rumors of tensions between Camp Williamson and franchise leaders, we have simply witnessed the Zion saga running parallel to the Pelican Trail. After dropping the big Tomar during the end-of-season warm-up but forced to remain on the bench during the playoffs, the first player in the 2019 draft could not help but witness the great promises his team has shown. Inevitably, one wonders what Team NOLA Version 2021-22 could have accomplished with him on the decks.

the following

The main topic of Offseason in Louisiana is Zion Williamson’s contract extension. Despite the many speculations that accompanied the 2021-22 season, the young star confirmed that he wants to sign for the long-term with the Pelicans, who will be eligible this summer for a maximum extension ($181 million over five years). New Orleans clearly want to keep their core despite injury issues, it remains to be seen what the terms of this new contract will be. It is already possible that the negotiations will be a little heated between the Zion camp on the one hand, who wants the cap, and the Pelicans on the other, who will want to at least cover themselves against the risk of injury that accompanies Williamson. There is also a scenario where Zion becomes a restricted free agent in 2023 if no new contract is signed. Very interesting story to follow. Other than that, the Pels team has an interesting mix of talent, youth and experience. As we saw at the end of the season, a New Orleans side can be a formidable on both sides of the field when playing at their best, especially if Zion comes back strong. The goal for the Pelicans next year will be to ride out the good dynamics that accompany this qualifying playoff (for the record, there’s no major player at the end of the decade), and take an extra step up the Western Conference hierarchy. Also note that they have the Lakers’ choice for the next draft, and the selection is in the lottery (eyes emoji).

Pelican season has begun in a disastrous fashion. It ended with a lot of hope and promises, all despite Zion Williamson’s continued absence. Thus, the NOLA franchise will be approaching summer with a smile, but soon there will be the big Zion file that must be ironed out. In the best of all possible worlds, the player side and management agree on a deal that works for everyone and The Beast returns to form next year to help New Orleans become a team that has its weight in the game. ‘the West. Where do we sign?

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