Ball-N1: “We weren’t a real team,” confirms Romain Duporte after eliminating STB in the playoffs.

The St. Thomas hub sets a relentless balance sheet the day after STB’s pathetic elimination in the playoffs quarter-finals. For him, ego problems and the very composition of the workforce ended up sounding the death knell for Le Havre’s ambitions.

Joined on Saturday 14 May 2022, the day after the mass bankruptcy of St. Thomas against Mulhouse (85-111), in the second match of the quarter-finals of the qualifiers, Romain Duporte did not have. “I did not sleep much at night, only a few hours. »
“Normal after a failure like that.” Painful conclusion but ” Logic “ It can be roughly predicted according to the axis.

How do you explain the defeat against Mulhouse?

“There are so many things, so many explanations, and details throughout the season that makes sense for me to leave. We didn’t deserve to go all the way. We weren’t a real team, in the end, there wasn’t enough cohesion, unlike a team like Mulhouse, who He may have less brute strength, but the players are in tune. They put effort together, were one in both attack and defense, and they beat us.”

“When you are not in the habit of putting in effort in every game…”

In the first half, nothing and nobody in St Thomas seemed able to stop Berezina…

“It’s complicated in those times. We tried, in dead time, or we sometimes said to ourselves: “Come, come, let’s go!” We each tried our part, but we never managed to catch the thread. We were soaked everywhere. There was nothing, there was clearly not enough aggression, too many archers exposed, and no one trampled on their archers. Yes, they were skilled, but we helped them really well. We let them do with us what they want. »

How did STB get here?

“I think there have been a lot of ego issues in the team, not enough dirty work actually. We haven’t put our ass on the ground enough over the whole season. That’s it…when you’re not used to putting in the effort every game “The day you come across a team with a real team team, you dominate the whole game. And at scale. We simply did not have the collective weapons to collectively respond to such a well-equipped team.”

“Maybe we were too many offensive players”

What do you mean by ego issues?

“This means that each person may consider himself a strong player, a captain. But that is not what a team is. There must be leaders and lieutenants and ‘role players’ as they say. That’s what Mulhouse had. Their leaders, we knew them: Durand and Diehl. He played The others have their turn, without exaggeration, which is something we haven’t been able to do this season.”

Didn’t the problem simply come from the composition of the group?

“It comes from a lot of things. But if we had to draw a balance sheet, yes, no doubt this team wasn’t ‘matched’ enough, if I may say so. We were probably too many attacking players, too many of players who would have become leaders in other teams, and we didn’t have enough “role players”. As is evident in other sports, especially football, putting together a lot of great players doesn’t always make for a great team.”

“Personally, it’s a pretty big failure”

As usual in this type of situation, criticism is directed at the coach. What do you think about Hervey Codray’s share of the responsibility for this disappointment?

“In these cases, it is everyone’s fault, and there is no need to put someone higher or lower in terms of responsibility. Inevitably, we will look at him first because he is the one holding the boat, the captain. There will be ups and downs all season, disagreements, we have dealt with. Each has its own qualities and drawbacks both. From player and coach. »

As a player, did your Pride take a hit, when St Thomas was announced as the top candidate for these playoffs?

“Personally, it’s a pretty big failure. This club is so close to my heart, I’m wrapping up my ninth season here. Because of my relationship with Rudy (Sevi), the failure was even more important because I wanted to give back to him, compared to everything he does throughout the year. It was the first time In my career I’ve had the opportunity to try climbing We know how difficult it is to come out of a championship like N1 Personally I didn’t see myself in Pro B for an hour From the start there were signs that let me believe we were going to live a season of ups and downs Didn’t miss I’ve been playing basketball for a long time and these things, with experience, you feel. We tried to fight them, but when they arrived the result made sense. It wouldn’t be a steal if we had hijacked the climb, because our team was so strong, but collectively, we would never have known How do we deal with it?”

“The desire is still there, overflowing”

STB will try their luck for the fifth time next season. with you?

“Yes, it will be with me. The desire is still there, overflowing, even if there are more complex days, the mind is still strong. I tried to give everything in these qualifiers, with mistakes, of course, but I think I can look at myself in in the mirror and tell myself I did my best. Without a doubt.”

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