Boris Johnson predicted on Monday that Northern Ireland was mired in political paralysis

A week after Sinn Fein’s historic victory, Northern Ireland is mired in political paralysis as DUP unionists bent on blocking the work of the new assembly to oppose post-Brexit arrangements in the British province.

Shortly before 90 elected representatives followed each other to sign the record during the first session of the local assembly in Belfast, DUP union leader Jeffrey Donaldson confirmed his party’s choice to block the establishment. “We have taken a decision not to support the election of a president for the assembly at this stage,” he said.

Northern Ireland Protocol at the Heart of the Obstruction

The unionist leader, whose party is firmly committed to union with Britain, insisted the need to “send a clear message” to both the EU and the British government “that we are very serious about the need to resolve the issue of Northern Ireland”. protocol.

He stressed that “no federal elected official” “supports the protocol” and called on the government to act “now” to “restore Northern Ireland’s standing within the United Kingdom”.

customs controls

L’Assemblée nouvellement élue se réunissait vendredi pour la première fois depuis que le Sinn Fein, partisan de la réunification avec la République d’Irlande, est arrivé premier aux élections locales pluses du 5 mai, en une de centhire anthere Governorate.

Mais deuxième, le DUP refuses de partager le pouvoir avec le parti nationaliste, comme le prévoit l’accord de paix conclu en 1998, tant que resteront en place des contrôles douaniers post-Brexit prévus dans le protocole du ndégocilorés divorce ‘European Union.

publish “hostage”

Jeffrey Donaldson, who had already refused to appoint a local deputy prime minister, reiterated his strong opposition to this protocol, which, he said, threatens Northern Ireland’s standing within the United Kingdom.

Sinn Fein Vice President Michelle O’Neill, who has called for the new head of the Northern Ireland government, accused him of “taking the public hostage”. The British government wants to deeply renegotiate the protocol that was signed when it left the European Union, while Brussels says it is only willing to make adjustments. However, he is calling on the parties in Northern Ireland to form an executive to give the people of the province “the stable government they deserve”.

“Anti-democratic” action

London threatened Thursday to act unilaterally to bypass protocol, possibly as early as next week, an unacceptable position for Brussels that could lead to severe trade retaliation. But according to Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, any unilateral action by the British government would be “undemocratic”.

“The protocol must be implemented flexibly and pragmatically to take into account the concerns” of the unionist camp, he told BBC Radio 4: But if he takes unilateral actions, in addition to “breaching international law”, the British government “will deliberately act in an anti-democratic manner, because 53 of the ninety elected members of the Northern Ireland Assembly support the protocol”.

‘An imminent threat’

On the other hand, for David Frost, the ex-mr. Brexit, “The government now has no other choice but to act unilaterally not to implement all or part of the protocol.” “There is an imminent threat to our ability to govern Northern Ireland,” he wrote in the Conservative daily on Friday. telegraphbelieving that European retaliation, which raises fears of a trade war, would be “disproportionate”.

By keeping Northern Ireland in the European single market and customs union, the protocol aims to preserve peace by avoiding the return of the physical border between the British province and the Republic of Ireland, an EU member. to me guardianA delegation of members of the US Congress is scheduled to travel to London, Belfast, Brussels and Dublin in the coming days to confirm the White House’s commitment to the peace agreement and protocol.

At the end of the day, the leader of Sinn Fein in the British province announced that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to arrive in Northern Ireland on Monday. “I spoke with Boris Johnson himself,” said Michelle O’Neill, after the DUP thwarted the process of appointing a local council chair.

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