For the 2022 version, a big favorite and many strangers

Eurovision 2022. This Saturday, May 14, 2022, the Eurovision Final will be held in Turin, Italy. Who is the candidate for France? What are the favorite countries for betting? An internet user is evaluating the latest news from the European Singing Contest.

18:46 – How can the public vote for the Eurovision 2022 final?

In France, it is possible to vote for the performance you prefer, as well as the performance of our two candidates, Alfyan and Ahiz. All you have to do is send an SMS, call or vote on the official Eurovision app. The phone numbers to be contacted will be determined a few hours before the start of the competition.

18:36 – Who are the favorites at Eurovision?

The specialist betting site, MyBettingSites, has collected the characteristics of 65 Eurovision winners to create a typical winning profile. In seventh place among bookmakers, Greek Amanda Tenfuord came in first with Portuguese Maro (17th among bookmakers).

18:29 – Is Russia participating in Eurovision 2022?

Usually, Russia sends one of its representatives to Eurovision. But due to the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s forces, the organizers of the competition decided to exclude the country for this year. “In the context of the unprecedented crisis unfolding today in Ukraine, it was feared that a Russian participation this year would discredit the competition,” said a press release from the European Broadcasting Union. (EBU) Television, event organizer, February 25, 2022.

18:21 – Which song presented at Eurovision is the most successful on music platforms?

On the music streaming platform spotify, the Italian song Mahmoud & Blanco records over 81.5 million streams before Eurovision begins, this Saturday, May 14, 2022. The next nominees are Sweden’s Cornelia Jacobs with “Hold Me Closer”, heard five times less than Italians, and Dutch S10 offering her piece” De Diepte”, listened to it six times less often than Italians. On the other hand, the French piece Alvan & Ahez is behind with 2.7 million plays.

18:13 – Why is the Eurovision final in Italy?

The winning country is responsible for organizing Eurovision the following year. Thus, Italy, winner in 2021 with Maneskin, is the organizer this year. In Turin, more precisely in the Pala Olimpico, the singing competition takes place in 2022.

18:07 – Can Italy achieve the double at Eurovision 2022?

Represented by Mahmoud and Blanco and their song “Privedi”, Italy is one of the favorites according to bookmakers. If the duo win Eurovision, the Italians will complete the 2021-2022 double after rock band Måneskin won last year. The duo has the advantage of being already well known to Eurovision fans since Mahmoud already took part in the competition and even finished second in 2019.

18:00 – What are Australia doing in the Eurovision final?

Since 2015, Australia has regularly participated in Eurovision. However, the country is not part of Europe. Seven years ago, the nation of Oceania was exceptionally invited to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this event. Given the success of the first state engagement, the invitation was renewed in subsequent years. Australia was unable to run in 2021, due to health restrictions imposed on overseas travel in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

17:43 – How will Eurovision 2022 vote?

Competing countries, even those that did not qualify for the semi-finals, each assemble a national jury. The latter separately awards points to ten countries (12 points, 10 points, then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). When the jurors announced their vote in front of the cameras, they only mentioned the name of the country to which they attributed 12 points. Since 2016, viewers from competing countries can vote as well. This is the public vote. Of course, it is impossible to give points for your country.

17:26 – How many times has France won the Eurovision?

Since its creation in 1956, France has won the Eurovision Song Contest five times: in 1958, 1960, 1962, 1969 and 1977. It thus comes behind record-holding Ireland with seven victories.

17:10 – Which country won the previous Eurovision Song Contest?

During the last edition of Eurovision, which was broadcast on May 22, 2021, Manskin, who represented Italy, was crowned the biggest winner. The Italian band won the world singing competition thanks to its nickname “Zitti e buoni”. It has overtaken France and Switzerland in the second and third places, respectively. Before the big evening, the rock band was already a favorite of bookies, who imagined winning the competition.

16:54 – Why was the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra not supposed to take part in the Eurovision final?

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra did not initially participate in Eurovision because they took second place in the national selection: the primary candidate, Alina Bach, had to withdraw after a row. She was actually accused of traveling to Crimea via Russia in 2015.

16:37 – What are the favorite countries according to fans of the Eurovision Song Contest?

Before Eurovision, bookmakers weren’t the only ones expressing themselves in the favourites. Fans of the competition, under the OGAE (General Organization of Amateur Eurovision) regularly share their predictions before the final. In the 2022 edition, Sweden, Italy and Spain took the top three places among the fans, while France took the sixth place. Ukraine, which bookmakers expected to win, ranks 11th in the international OGAE rating.

16:18 – Which countries are the favorites to win Eurovision by bookmakers?

Bookmakers are still predicting which country will win Eurovision 2022. A few hours before the competition, Ukraine is still seen as the favorite to win the tournament held in Turin, while Italy and the United Kingdom complete the lead.

16:01 – Who was France’s nominee in the previous Eurovision Song Contest?

Breton band Alphan and Ahiz succeed the singer Barbara Braffy, who gave France second place in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, unheard of since 1991 and Amina.

15:46 – How was the French group, Alvan & Ahez, nominated for Eurovision, formed?

Alvan, Marin, Strain D. You’ll see they make up the group Alpha and Ahes, a pseudonym from a character from Breton legends. Alvin explained, “We met at a bar last summer Tele-Leisure. We discussed our own musical universes. Alvin had already written a piece, and was thinking about the possibility of adding Breton sounds. We listened, and she commented directly on what he was suggesting. In the process, she called Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou. We sing together at the Breton festivals. We wrote the lyrics, and so Volyn was born. ”

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Eurovision 2022 takes place at the beginning of May. The final will take place in Turin on Saturday 14 May 2022. In France, the action can be followed in France 2 from 9 pm. Previously, the semi-finals made it possible to select twenty finalists. It was held on Tuesday 10 May 2022 and Thursday 12 May 2022, a few days before the winner of this 66th edition is known.

France is represented by Breton group Alphan & Ahes at Eurovision 2022. There are four members of this line-up: the women’s trio Ays Marine Lavigne, Strain Deredoulou and Strain Le Guillou, and musician Alexis Morvan-Rosius, better known as Alphan. They were selected on March 5, during the program “Eurovision France: You decide”. The tricolor group performs on the Turin Theater the song “Fulenn”, which in Breton means “spark” and “beautiful girl”. Since 1977 and the victory of Marie Miriam, France has not won the Eurovision award.

We do not yet know the Eurovision 2022 standings. Last year, the Italian group Maneskin won the singing competition with 524 points, saved mainly by audience votes. He was ahead of France and Barbara Braffy (second place, with 499 points) and Switzerland (third place, 432 points) on the podium. Iceland (378 points), Ukraine (364 points) and Finland (301 points) came first. Below, find in detail the latest Eurovision rating.

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