G7 members say they will ‘never recognize the borders’ that Russia is trying to forcibly change

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1:15 pm Helsinki has announced that Finnish President Sauli Niinisto has called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin about the Scandinavian country’s imminent candidacy for NATO, which is antagonizing Moscow. “The conversation was direct and direct and passed without disturbance and avoiding tension is important”The Finnish head of state said in a press release issued by the presidency.

12:20 pm : As promised by the G7 foreign ministers to extend sanctions Economic targets targeting Moscow because of its invasion of Ukraine “The sectors on which Russia depends in particular” While China urges it “Do not undermine” These measures. The seven major economic powers want “Accelerate Efforts” to Putting an end to Russian energy dependence. According to a press release.

12:18 pm : heads of diplomacy On a statement issued after a three-day meeting in Engels, northern Germany, in which they invited Belarus again “Stop facilitating Russia’s interference and respect its international obligations.”

12:13 pm : G7 No “You’ll never know” The borders that Russia wants to impose by force with its war in Ukraine, the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven major powers confirmed..

12:05 Time to evaluate the news:

Russia cut off electricity supplies to Finland as a retaliatory measure in the face of this Scandinavian country’s stated desire to join NATO. Yesterday, the Finnish subsidiary of Russian electricity supplier InterRAO announced the suspension of its supply from Saturday, citing payment problems from Helsinki. The Finnish telecom company has confirmed that it can do without the Russian electricity that it represents “less than 10%” of his needs. Carry on with our lives.

Emmanuel Macron officially begins his second term today. But the appointment of the next prime minister, who will succeed Jean Castix, is still pending. Franceinfo guest Yael Brown-Bevit, LREM deputy from Yvelines’ re-election candidate, believes we must be patient. Carry on with our lives.

The Elysee announced that Emmanuel Macron will travel tomorrow to Abu Dhabi to honor the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who died Friday at the age of 73. The result: Prime Minister Jean Castix will not go to the Vatican as planned, and he cannot be the two chiefs of the extraterritorial executive at the same time, Matignon said.

Near East The United Nations Security Council has Strongly condemns the killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Oqla on May 11 and the wounding of another journalist in the city of Jenin in the West BankIn a statement issued yesterday unanimously, according to diplomats. This very rare unanimous position of the Security Council on an issue concerning Israel also calls for “An immediate, thorough, transparent and impartial investigation” about this murder.

11:14 am : Electricity exports from Russia to Finland stopped overnight after an announcement to that effect from a Russian supplier. The company responsible for sales of Russian electricity to Finland, RAO Nordic, announced yesterday its intention to halt deliveries, citing unpaid bills, as Finland prepares to announce its candidacy for NATO membership.

10:55 France 3 Provence-Alpes Côté d’Azur in Grasse tells us that a company is rehabilitating part of its buildings to allow reception for families fleeing Ukraine. The property management company AGEFIM has provided buildings (400 square metres), rehabilitated and furnished them for the refugees.

10:39 Finland’s application for membership in NATO “give a golden argument” at Mr Putin’s propagandaBertrand Badie, professor emeritus at Sciences Po and a specialist in international relations, responded. Finland’s approach It feeds the argument of Moscow, which “trying to explain foolish aggression, saying that Russia feels threatened, surrounded by NATO,” According to the specialist.

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1:20 pm We begin immediately with a point on the news:

Supplier company RAO Nordic Oy, which is 100% owned by Russia’s InterRAO, has announced that Russia is suspending electricity delivery to Finland from today. This announcement comes against the backdrop of escalating tensions between Moscow and Helsinki, which announced its desire to join “without a deadline” NATO under the influence of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. Intent that Moscow looked at with a very bad eye, which had already threatened to retaliate Military technology.

• I turned the page last night, midnight, as Macron’s second five-year term began. But expectations for the appointment of the next prime minister to replace Jan Castex, who will remain in office at least until Monday, linger. If the Elysee gives no indication, one thing is certain: the head of government is in the process of filling his boxes. But the change is not for this weekend.

• The Nanterre Court has sentenced the French Sanofi Group Compensation up to 450,000 euros The family of her daughter, on display in Depakin in the womb, was born with malformations. The court considered that the risk of developing autism disorders associated with Depakine was known to the laboratory, at least in 2005, and therefore it was their duty to mention it in the instructions.

• At Eurovision, the musical notes have soared before this evening’s Grand Final in Italy: From Norway’s wolves to Ukrainian nominees, the Great Song Contest must win new decibel records. France is represented by the Alvan & Ahez group that bears its title Volyn Inspired by the legend of Breton.

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