In Bordeaux, Roxane whispered in the ears of hundreds of thousands of YouTubers

Roxane is an ASMR influencer and is the owner of the Youtube channel “Roxane ASMR”. (© Roxane ASMR)

whisper about him Internet. Roxanne, 25 years old, is Youtube And streamer. Relaxing Video Creator, simplifies it with a laugh.

This Thursday, May 12, 2022, the young woman enters a café in mirinac (Gironde), accompanied by mascot “Milo”, her little dog, Chiba. The night before, she posted a new video on her channel Youtube Roxanne ASMR. Its function: the intrinsic sensory response, or better known as ASMR.

The goal of this practice is to attempt to produce a response from nerves, particularly those in the skull and scalp, by stimuli. These nervous reactions are responsible for feeling well-being on a daily basis, when we drink hot coffee, when we are walking around … We try to reproduce this phenomenon, explains the young woman.

Hypnosis-like exercise

A relaxation method close to hypnosis. On YouTube, she whispers and clicks on different things, scratches her microphone, rubs her hands, and makes many other gentle movements to calm the listener.

On his channel, relaxation is approached from many different angles: in classic forms such as the special “click” (click) or “sleep”, but also full of role-playing videos of all kinds. Sometimes a surgeon, a character from the Harry Potter saga, or even a dwarf, the ISS doctor…

Followed by 230,000 subscribers in May 2022, the young woman says she makes enough money on YouTube to be able to live off it full time.

Videos: Currently in Actu

Convey joy and humor

That morning, wearing a wisteria jacket, choker necklace, and pineapple-style shoes, she gave this influencer a solar aura with her smile.

Upon entering the Mérignacais Café, one of the subscribers approaches her to thank her. “That’s why I’m doing this,” she replied. This feeling of helping people is a great thing. Personally, it gives me self-confidence and I thrive as a result. »

La Girondine also has a Twitch channel. On this platform, 30,000 people watch live broadcasts regularly. During her live broadcast, she does ASMR but she also plays games, and she plays video games in short. “I would like to dedicate more time to this platform. There, I can interact directly with my community. This is what I kinda miss on YouTube.”

Roxanne places great importance on interacting with her fans. But putting her creations on the Internet, she regrets not being able to respond quickly to all her subscribers. “The ASMR community really does care,” she adds.

“In the comments, if someone writes that they are not doing well in their life, people naturally come to support them. It is a very healthy space.”

Intensive care nurse at Purdue University Hospital

Besides her Youtube and Twitch channels, Roxane is an Intensive Care Nurse at CHU Pellegrin in Bordeaux. Every week, she posts a video of about twenty minutes long and produces about 5 hours of live streaming. “A military organisation. »

In 2017, during her studies in Nursing, she launched her channel. Too much personal investment, “but only happiness.”

Currently, she has retired from her medical assistant business since the beginning of 2022, and a break was needed after these intense years past. Currently, she spends more time on these videographer projects, broadcasts two videos per week and produces more than ten hours of live broadcasts per week.

But I miss contact with patients a lot. I need both to be happy. Therefore, part-time, you will return in July to work in the hospital.

Find her ASMR content on her Youtube channel Roxane ASMR and her livestream on her Twitch channel Roroowtv.

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