directly. Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Abu Dhabi to “honor” the late President of the United Arab Emirates

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12:31 PM : Let’s take a look at the news:

• Last-minute opposition by Turkey, a member of NATO, to the integration of Finland and Sweden, casts doubt on the outcome of the process. “I am convinced that the allies in this alliance will view our membership in this alliance with a constructive and positive eye.”However, declared NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Guiwana, who said he was confident that a consensus could be reached. Carry on with our lives.

In the wake of their victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, Ukraine is preparing for crucial battles in the Donbass, with Kyiv confident of victory after Russian setbacks on the front lines. Russian forces are trying to advance in this strategic eastern region, which has made Moscow its main target since the withdrawal of its forces from the Kyiv vicinity at the end of March.

Emmanuel Macron and the new president of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed, affirmed their desire to strengthen the already highly developed strategic partnership between their two countries, during a meeting in Abu Dhabi. The French president was the first Western leader to go there to commemorate Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE president who died on Friday.

Pope Francis has declared ten “saints” of the Church, including desert hermit Charles de Foucault, in front of thousands of faithful from all over the world gathered in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome. Among these ten “Bricks” French monks include Marie Rivière (1768-1838) and César de Bus (1544-1607) as well as Dutch priest and journalist Titus Brandsma, known for his commitment against Nazi propaganda during World War II.

11:54 : Emmanuel Macron congratulated him “to elect” The day before instead of his half-brother and “He expressed his determination to continue and develop everything that has been done together over the past five years.” “The UAE is a strategic partner of France, and the extent of our cooperation in various fields such as defense, culture and education attests to this.”said the presidency, a report on the stock exchange.

11:52 : Emmanuel Macron arrived in the early morning in Abu Dhabi, and went to the palace where he was received by Mohammed bin Zayed, known as “Mohammed bin Zayed”, the new head of the state and the strongman. During an interview, the two heads of state emphasized their desire to strengthen the already extensive strategic partnership between their countries.

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12:20 pm : Be aware that the political system of the United Arab Emirates is a bit special, dear Tweet embed. It is in fact a royal federation, in which each of the seven emirates that compose it has its own government institutions, as explained on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In particular, they have powers in the areas of security, defense, education, and health. The Supreme Council, made up of the seven princes, is the highest governmental body. She elects for a five-year term the president who is still a member of the Al Nahyan family of Abu Dhabi.

11:47 : Hello, why are you talking about the President of the Emirates? Isn’t he a king?!

10:48 : It is not the state that enjoys patriarchy, it is its political class.

Will a woman be assigned to Matignon? Edith Cresson, the only person to have served as Prime Minister (between 1991 and 1992), wishes him ‘A lot of courage’ and criticize The virility of the political class French in an interview published in Dinar. “They gave me words I had never said before, they made constant criticism of me, they made comments about my dress, ” Says the former socialist leader.

Edith Cresson, October 15, 2021 in Paris.  (Ludovic Marin/Paul/AFP)(Ludovic Marin/Paul/AFP)

10:30 am. : In Abu Dhabi to honor Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He was respected by all for the values ​​of peace, openness and dialogue that he embodied. My support goes to his brother, the newly elected President of the United Arab Emirates, as well as to the people of the United Arab Emirates.

10:56 : Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Abu Dhabi “to salute” To the President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who died Friday. The President of the State published a message on Twitter, accompanied by a photo, in which his brother, Mohammed bin Zayed, greets the new President of the State.

(Christian Hartmann/Paul/AFP)

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