Finland will formalize its candidacy for NATO membership, the crucial meeting in Sweden

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On the 81st day of the invasion of Ukraine, Russian pressure remained strong in the east of the country, by Kyiv’s own admission, which is still convinced of victory after the successes in the Kharkiv region. Russian strikes on Sunday targeted military infrastructure in the Lviv region, while at the diplomatic level, Finland has to formalize its candidacy for NATO membership at midday. Follow the events of May 15th live.

  • 10:24 am: NATO ‘on track’ to agree Finland-Sweden merger

The head of Croatian diplomacy said that NATO member states are “on the right path” to reach a consensus on integration between Finland and Sweden.

Jordan Glick Radmann said upon arrival at the informal meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of NATO Affairs in Berlin.

The last-minute opposition of Turkey, a member of the alliance, to the integration of the two Nordic countries, casts a shadow over the outcome of the process.

  • 8:53 am: Germany is ready to quickly certify Finnish and Swedish NATO nominations

During the second day of discussions with her NATO counterparts in Berlin, Foreign Minister Annallina Barbock told reporters that Germany was ready for a quick certification process if Finland and Sweden decided to apply for NATO membership.

“Germany has prepared everything so that the ratification process is quick,” she said, adding that ministers agreed during Saturday’s dinner that there should be no gray area between when the two countries were introduced and when they joined. “We have to make sure that we give them security guarantees, and there should be no transition period, no gray area, where their status is unclear.”

  • 8:08 am: For NATO, Ukraine’s victory at Eurovision shows the country’s ‘big public support’

NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Guyana said on Sunday that Ukraine’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest shows the “huge public support” of the country under attack by Russia.

“Yesterday (Saturday) we saw the tremendous support from the audience all over Europe (…). Of course the song was great, it’s great,” he stressed before the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO countries in Cairo. Berlin added that the Russians “have waged the most brutal and cynical war since World War II.”

  • 7:17 am: British intelligence believes the Russian attack on the Donbass has ‘lost momentum’

Britain’s military intelligence said on Sunday that the Russian offensive in Donbass had “lost momentum and retreated a lot”.

“Under the current conditions, it is unlikely that Russia will be able to significantly accelerate the pace of its progress over the next 30 days,” he said in a post published on Twitter.

  • 7:08 am: Several missiles hit military infrastructure in the Lviv region

Several missiles hit military infrastructure in the Lviv region of western Ukraine on Sunday, May 15, according to the region’s governor, Maxim Kozytsky.

“Four hostile missiles hit the military infrastructure in the Lviv region,” he wrote in a message on Telegram. According to preliminary information, there were no injuries, and no one sought medical help.

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