For NATO, Kyiv “could win” against Russia

On the 81st day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Sunday 15 May, follow the latest information live on the conflict. With a large convoy of refugees arriving from Mariupol in Zaporozhye, Ukraine continues to fight for Donbass with confidence despite Russian pressure. Because according to an American official, the Russians are unable to ” big catch In the flank. Meanwhile, Ukraine won the Eurovision competition.

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► Russian pressure remains strong in eastern Ukraine, particularly in the Donbass region, where the Russians have announced that they will focus their military efforts.

► However, kyiv is still convinced to win. ” Little by little, we are forcing the occupiers to leave our lands Nevertheless, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday, The situation in Donbass is still very difficult. Russian forces are trying to achieve at least one victory there “.

“In the East the Russians are incapable of making” big catch A US defense official said on condition of anonymity.

Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy, ahead of the United Kingdom and Spain, thanks to a vote of viewers who voted for the Kalush Orchestra, which has represented the country invaded by Russian forces since the end of February.

► You will witness the war in Ukraine” Transformation » in August and Russia will be defeated before the end of the year ”, predicted the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence, assuring that Kyiv would be able to restore all of its territory.

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1:25 pm: Ukraine” You can win the war ‘, confirms to NATO

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, wants to be optimistic about the outcome of the war in Ukraine, which has been invaded by the Russian army for nearly three months. He also criticizes Moscow’s military operation: ” Its main offensive in the Donbass has stopped, and Russia is not achieving its strategic goals. “Ukraine” can win This war, Jens Stoltenberg announced after an informal meeting of foreign ministers of allied member states.

12:20 pm : Kyiv welcomes Previous » Created by Berlin with arms delivery

On Sunday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba welcomed ” Previous It was created by Germany’s decision to supply Kyiv with its first heavy weapons, in a video posted on its Facebook account. According to him, a Psychological obstacle has been overcome “.

On the day of my arrival in Berlin, Ukrainian soldiers were training in the use of German 155th self-propelled artillery caliber mm The head of Ukrainian diplomacy announced at the conclusion of a four-day visit to Berlin. ” Soon these howitzers will hit the enemy. precedent has been set. psychological obstacle (to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons) defeated “, Saucepan.

The Ukrainian minister also welcomed the development of Berlin’s position regarding its dependence on Russian hydrocarbons. ” We talked a lot about the gas ban He pointed to the Russian. And ” My impression is that the basic political decision that German dependency is a big problem and must be ended, this decision has been made “.

11:20 am: Finland’s NATO membership is subject to member consensus, Turkey is hostile

Although a Turkey runner at the last minuteNATO member states on the right track In order to reach a consensus on the merger of Finland and Sweden, the head of Croatian diplomacy Jordan Grelic Radmann ruled, Sunday, on the sidelines of a meeting of NATO ministers in Berlin.

I am ready to have a new discussion with the President (Turkish language) Erdogan on the issues he raised Finnish President Sauli Niinisto insisted, when announcing the official request from Helsinki.

Turkey criticizes Finland and especially Sweden, which is also considering joining the alliance, for showing too much tolerance towards the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, despite its presence or on the EU’s list of terrorist organizations.

10:10 am: Finland formally applies to join NATO

Finland has decided to apply for NATO membership, The Scandinavian President and Prime Minister announced, a direct consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. ” It is a historic day. Dawn of a new era Finnish President Sauli Niinistö said at a press conference.

The two Finnish officials have already announced their intention, but they were able to formalize this request only after a meeting of the Government Council. They still have to confiscate the draft accession to Parliament, which was submitted to MPs on Monday, May 16.

9:20 am: The G7 has criticized India’s decision to suspend wheat exports, which is supposed to make up for shortages caused by the war in Ukraine.

While India, the second largest producer of wheat in the world, decided to suspend its exports, The G7 countries criticized this announcementIt could escalate tensions in the global wheat market already complicated by the war in Ukraine. The reason given by New Delhi is to maintain adequate reserves after the 2022 season which was affected by an exceptional heat wave.

Indian wheat was supposed to make up for the shortage of Ukrainian and Russian wheat, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India would feed the world. However, the decision to suspend exports is not surprising, because in normal times, India already exports very little of its wheat.

The global market, which consumes about 200 million tons of wheat annually, will have to find solutions while Ukrainian wheat is still paralyzed by the Russian blockade of its ports. European and American production will also suffer from drought – these countries will not export more than usual.

8 am: Russia accuses Ukraine of bombing Russia’s Belgorod region again

The governor of the Russian Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that the village of Sereda in the Chepkino region was bombed from Ukrainian territory, and a civilian was wounded by shrapnel. According to Ukrainian media, Kyiv The Independent, Ukraine has so far neither confirmed nor denied its bombing of Russian regions.

7 a.m.: Ukraine’s victory in Eurovision shows that “ Huge crowd support In the country, according to NATO

The Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest hour ” Huge crowd support Benefiting the country attacked by Russia, on Sunday 15 May, the Governor of the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mircea Giwana. ” Yesterday (Saturday) we saw massive public support across Europe (…) Of course, The song was beautifulIt’s a great He stressed before the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Berlin, adding that the Russians had ” Waging the most brutal and cynical war since World War II “.

6:50 a.m.: London says Russian attack ” lost momentum “, a ” acceleration ” he is ” Unlikely »

According to the British Ministry of Defense, The Russian offensive in the Donbass lost momentum and retreated significantly. Despite initial progress on a small scale, Russia has failed to make significant territorial gains over the past month, while maintaining consistently high levels of attrition. “.

In a series of tweets, London also claimed that ” Present cases or current states “,” It is unlikely that Russia will significantly accelerate its progress in the next 30 days “.

6:30 am: Finland joins NATO It will severely limit the Russian presence »In the Baltic Sea

Finland’s accession to NATO will be Certainly A threat to Russia, which will respond with retaliatory measures military technical For this membership, Moscow ruled on Thursday. Helsinki’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance is a revolution that risks upsetting the strategic balance in northeastern Europe, notes Amelie Zima, a researcher associated with ESL. Because that would severely limit the Russian presence in the Baltic Sea.

Finland’s accession to NATO would “severely limit the Russian presence” in the Baltic Sea

5:10 a.m.: With the gardener Donbass sending all his flowers to Boutcha

The war disrupted all Ukrainian economic activity, especially in the Donbass, where the bulk of the efforts of the Russian forces were concentrated. Factories are closed, many shops have closed their blinds, farmers who can continue to grow their fields cannot sell their wheat. Our special correspondents in the Donbass Anastasia Picchu and Boris Fisch Visited a horticultural farm in Pokrovsk.

While Viktor Masyuk had clients all over Ukraine interested in his plants and flowers, he had not grown or sold anything since the start of the war. However, before February 24, he hired up to 20 people to maintain 15 hectares of his nursery: there were only 4. After the discovery of the massacres of Bucha and other localities in the Kyiv region, He made the decision to send several thousand roses there

19 Ukraine – Enrobeh A horticulturist sends flowers to Bucha and Irpin at 8 am.

4:40 am: A large convoy of refugees from Mariupol arrives in Zaporozhye after three days of waiting

A large convoy of cars and buses carrying refugees from Mariupol arrived in the Ukraine-controlled city of Zaporizhia on Saturday. According to Petro Andriuchenko, Deputy Mayor of Mariupol, this convoy of 500-1000 cars has been waiting for three days to pass.

He was finally authorized on the evening of Saturday 14 May to join Zaporizhia, a city under Ukrainian control located about 230 kilometers from Mariupol, passing through Berdyansk.

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