French NF1 Champion, Feytiat Basket 87 promoted into Women’s League 2

They had three match points to climb into the Women’s League 2. After spoiling the first half, last week at SCO (71-61), Feytiacoises avenged Saturday night with a 78-70 win. This success allows them to claim the title of French NF1 champion and move to the Women’s League 2 one day before the end of the final stage.

The end of the game is not breathing

In the first half, Cyril Cisic’s girls made the choice to win (42-29) by signing a very consistent quarter-second match (25-12).

By perfectly controlling Jennings and Lubruchick (no basket) when they inflicted heavy damage on them in the first leg (33 ratings for the American pivot, 25 points at 7 out of 14 on three points for the French bowler), the Feytiacoises sealed their double defense. And since they found solutions within, they took up Prugnières, Raynaud, and then Misset … (42-29, 20).

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On his way, Feytiat counted up to 17 points up front (52-35, 25) but with three consecutive shots, Anaëlle Le Bruchec reminded locals that nothing was going to be easy (52-45, 28). Worse, three minutes after the end, Scue (66-67, 37) took the lead. But, by causing fouls, Caroline Messet’s teammates took the lead on an unbreathable end to the game. With an extraordinary mind. That heroes.

They come from so far…

This trophy and this height reward the season in which the Devils will experience all the emotions. To tell the truth, they’re back from so far… Fourth at the end of the first leg, the Cyril Cesic girls only lost once during the second leg (at home against Voyron). This defeat seems to condemn this group, quantitatively limited. But he would have the advantage of believing in him until the end when his chances of making the playoffs looked complicated after such a setback. So improbable. They achieved the impossible by qualifying for the play-offs on April 16, after a late match against Nice and an amazing third quarter (29-0).

Starting this last stage with a score of 2-0 (as a result of the confrontations against Monaco, the other qualifiers), Vytiat had an advantage. He cemented it with a win over Le Havre on day one before suffering a setback last week in Skou. His win, Saturday night, provides him with one last game to leave or double next Saturday in Le Havre.

Historic accession, steady development in recent seasons

For the first time in its history, Feytiat Basket 87 is preparing to enter the Women’s League 2 after more than ten years in the Women’s National 1 Championship. While playing once on taraflex in front of a few spectators, this club has seen tremendous momentum in recent seasons by growing in all Sectors (infrastructure, sponsor, spectators, etc.).

After making the first move with Benjamin Felger, the arrival in 2018 of former Women’s League coach Cyril Cisic accelerated the development of the Vienna Athletic Club. Many believe he should have been rewarded for his brilliant season in 2020 (he was undefeated but the season was canceled four days after the end due to Covid). Two years later, Feytiat Basket 87 finally celebrates. The wait was long, but the happiness is greater.

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