“My future goes through position 4”

Excellent in his first season at Betclic Elite with Paris Basketball (11.8 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.5 against average), Ismael Kamagati (21), a predictor in the next draft, played the match for the first time from a height of 2m11.

first sport

“Football from 9 to 10 years in SCO + (Sporting Club Ouest, editor’s note) a club in the 14th district. I played goalkeeper and defender. I resigned because I did not like football. It was my mother who registered me for the channel.”

First Basketball Club

“La JAM, Jeunesse Athlétique de Montrouge who became Paris 14. I was 11 years old. I stayed there for two years. »

first post

“Post 4. I was a little taller than the others, but not by much.”

The first back coach

“Saad, my number one coach at JAM. He trusted me right away, telling me I could go far. We are still in touch.”

The first basketball player

“I started to be good and we played against an opponent team in 13th place, the second team. We won with 25 or 30 points and I scored 25 or 26 points, more than the entire opposing team!”

The first game in PRO

Against Vos-sur-Mer (October 11, 2019 68-70 win, editor’s note). I had to put in 4 points, 1 outside shot and 1 dip, and 1 rebound. It was my first game, but it wasn’t really special because I played all that Pre-season at the start of Season 5. When the season started, it was Gary Floremon who was 5 years old.

first immersion

“In my first U-15 year of warm-up in a tournament. I was told to try it and got it right the first time. I was 95 meters tall. It’s a gesture I really like. I’ve already photographed Victor (Wimpanyama) in training. I beat the points record (21 against Borg on March 12th, editor’s note), but it’s going to be complicated.”

first address

“With the U-17 team during my first year in Orleans. We finished the region champions. It should have been against Blois.”

first idol

“Kevin Durant. He’s tall, he’s smart, he can run, he shoots, he does everything! Before, I used to see myself in him because I was doing more things. Now, my activity is more restricted, I develop like interior design. I don’t necessarily have Being able to do whatever I want my natural position is 4th place but in Paris I play 5th but at the highest level I don’t think I will continue to play 5th there are players who are taller and more physical than me and like my strength is more agility and speed if I can Add dribbling and shooting, that would be perfect.”

first injury

“I opened the pass with a fall the first year. Other than that, I sprained my ankle, but it only lasted for a week. I don’t get hurt much.”

first interview

It was at U18, my second year. Coupe de France in Lézignan. Interview with five over five. I don’t like interviews (smile). I like to stay in my corner. But I started to open up and talk to everyone. I know the journalists in the NBA are very present. I also take English lessons and try to speak fluently with all the Americans on the team. »

The first autograph

“From the French handball team that came near my house for training. I didn’t really know them, but I was told it was the France team, so I wanted to continue. The signing is still with my dad. I, my first, must have been during my first year in Paris. Basket. Before, I’d do a different signature every time, I found one recently. I put in a K and I and I doodle!”

first transfer

“When I left JAM for Paris Basket Avenir at U15. I was playing for Paris Basket Avenir and Domremy at the same time. After that, I went to Levallois, then to Orléans, then to Paris Basket. In the first year, I also had to play for the French pole in ASP (Dual License, Editor’s Note), but with Dustin (Silva) injured, I had the opportunity to train and play more, so I was directly integrated into the spin.”

Basketball with the first salary

“In Paris Basket. 750 euros. I had to give a gift to my father. »


“Polly and then Cordon Bleu during my third year of basketball at the Paris Basket-Avenir. I was always talking about chicken! I love it. Today, my nickname is Camagator Tower.”

first tattoo

“I have nothing and I do not intend to do anything.”

First friend in basketball

“He’s my childhood friend, who was with me in college, his name is Juha. We started basketball together, but he stopped. Among the pros, I’m the closest to them is Milan Barbic. We’ve been together at Paris Basket Avenir since my third year in basketball.”

Confused for the first time with someone

“Sometimes people call me Chuck even though I’m not fat! People ask me if I played in the NBA!!!”

First time in the France team

“During my second year in Orleans. I pre-selected for the U-17 World Championship. I was not picked up. That was the year after the European U-18 Championship, where I was selected for the first time as a youngster. With A, for the time being, I am still a partner sparring. I am waiting for the day I will be called up for my first choice. I am patient and work by my side. The coach must consider that I have reached my limit, that I am still missing something. I am trying to find it and work on it.”

The first opponent who liked you

“Victor (Wimbanyama) is in U18. He was moving well, he handled the ball well, he impressed me. Today, we expect more from him and me too. He’s doing the job now, but the bar is now set higher. For him, he’s a resource. Motivation. He is a phenomenon but we must not forget that he is still young. The good thing is that he keeps his head on his shoulders.”

First contact with the NBA

“I don’t have any contact. The priority is to stay. There’s a real project with Paris Basketball and it would be a shame to go back down. That’s my main goal now. Draft, I’ll see that later. I don’t count if scouts come to see me. I don’t look where I’m advertised.” I am a person who lives in the present, and by achieving a good end to the season, you will give me more opportunities to attract attention.”

number one

“4. In Paris Baskett, I wanted a 14, because I’m from the 14th district, but Dustin took it, so I have an 8. If I go to the NBA, I hope to get a 14.”

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