Soon the moment of truth between the United States and its allies?

America, the Biden administration, the Western world, still weighing the slightest comma against the master of the Kremlin, fearing a race to the abyss. And Joe Biden hit the statements with a punch, emphasizing…

America, the Biden administration, the Western world, still weighing the slightest comma against the master of the Kremlin, fearing a race to the abyss. Joe Biden doubled down on the remarks with a punch, asserting on April 4 that what was brewing in Ukraine was “genocide,” before repeating it eight days later. This “halfway around the world dictator” was depriving Americans of cheap food and gasoline, exacerbating inflation and the global economic crisis. He dared to brandish the specter of a nuclear apocalypse!

Exposing Putin’s nuclear hoax

A month passed, and no one in Washington was left to scoff at the emotionality, even the supposed old age of the American head of state. “Joe Biden did nothing wrong,” asserts Elliot Cohen, a career at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, in Washington. He weighed his words and laid out his goals: One, to shake Putin’s certainty and sow uncertainty about what he believed to be America’s next actions. Secondly, classify him once and for all as a dangerous, reckless and brutal dictator, and make him a true pariah.Third, he sent a message to China explaining to her the true nature of its Russian ally, which is uncontrollable in the global game of chess played with the West.

Fourth, one might be tempted to add denouncing Vladimir Putin’s nuclear hoax, while quitting his own fears. US intelligence, culminating in its accurate predictions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, continues to assure Joe Biden, during a briefing every morning in the West Wing of the White House, that the Kremlin will not start a fire on its borders, unless it senses an existential threat, in this case a ground invasion by NATO.

Almost unanimous support from Congress

Freed from such existential questions that many European capitals, Paris and Berlin still front, struggle, America unleashed its kindness, aided by the heroism of Ukrainian fighters. Dropper deliveries of portable Javelin anti-tank missiles gave way to a veritable airlift and an avalanche of heavy equipment, sanctioned by a landmark decision: re-enactment of the Lend Act dating back to 1941 and intended to prop up the then-Soviet Britons. The war effort, when the United States was still neutral.

“The United States will ask its allies more clearly if they are with them.”

Very rarely in the case of the political division of America in two, the tenant in the Oval Office can count on the almost unanimous support of Congress, Republicans and Democrats united in unwavering support for the Ukrainian resistance.

No return to the previous state

The time for procrastination is over. The turning point was played on April 26, at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. In front of 40 Allied delegations, the US showcases its ambitions: to help the Ukrainians “win the war,” and “strategically weaken Russia,” so that it cannot prolong or repeat its perverted “special military operation.”

and yet? As French President Emmanuel Macron struggles to imagine a future peace agreement with Russia, to which we will “have” to extend a pole, experts across the Atlantic envision a dark and turbulent future, leading to a geostrategic reshaping of the ancient continent. Eliot Cohen outlines: There will be no return to the status quo ante. Managing a Russia that lives to be defeated and humiliated, weak but still dangerous, isolated but still counting some charitable relays in the world, will require all American political knowledge in the near future. »

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