Sub-variables Ba.4 and Ba.5 could lead to a resumption of pollution in Europe

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned Friday that these sub-variants of Omicron could “lead to a significant overall increase in Covid-19 cases in the European Union in the coming weeks and months”.

Is Europe heading towards a new epidemic wave? On Friday, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) warned in a statement about the spread of sub-variants of Omicron, which could quickly become dominant on the continent and lead to a resumption of infections in the coming weeks.

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Ba.4 and Ba.5 were first identified in South Africa in early 2022. These are already in Europe: the second representative, on May 8, already “37% of positive cases“In Portugal, it can become the majority in the country”By May 22Next, say health authorities.

So far, studies show nochange in gravityof these two variables compared to the previous sub-variables of Omicron, but the latter can”Leads to a significant overall increase in Covid-19 cases in the European Union in the coming weeks and months“European organization estimates. they “high increaseIt could also allow them to replace variants already prevalent within the 27. While they are unlikely to be more dangerous than the already known sub variants of Omicron, the proliferation of cases could overburden healthcare institutions, causing a wave of hospitalizations, the institution recalls. .

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention therefore calls on countries to be vigilant, particularly by maintaining an important testing policy to identify variables and monitor the spread of the epidemic. The statement also highlights the benefits of vaccination, including the benefit of “2nd booster potion“Among the most fragile, even for”Some or all adults 60 or olderand vulnerable population groups. “Countries should have plans in place for rapid deployment of booster doses in these populations“A sign that this topic is being taken seriously, Ba.4 and Ba.5 have been reclassified,” says the organization.worrying variablesBy ECDC, Thursday.

In Europe, most countries experienced a month-long lull, in terms of health. This is particularly the case in France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Belgium. But pollution appears to be increasing again in certain countries, such as Portugal or Ireland, according to OurWorldInData. “We arrive, not only in France, but in Europe“, commented, at the beginning of May, the President of the Scientific Council, Jean-Francois Delfraissy.”The epidemic is not over yet“However, the actor accurately identified, adding that”New variables will take over the current variable. We will return to one of the types of this virus in the also progress.

In France, these two subvariables are not very present. At the last epidemiological point, Sainte-Public France (SPF) noted that “The BA.2 sub-strain is the majority in France, with 98.6% of the 1158 Flash S17 scanning sequences“. If they were detected several weeks ago in the area, Ba.4 and Ba.5 represent only a few contaminants:”As of 05/10/2022, seven cases of BA.4 and 15 cases of BA.5 were identified in the territory during rapid surveys.SPF Specifier.

However, re-infections have doubled in recent months: 961,550 “probable cases” were identified, between the beginning of March 2021 and the end of April 2022, “including 96.7%” since the appearance of the Omicron variant. However, as the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes, Ba.4 and Ba.5 can get away with it.”Immunological protection resulting from a previous infection and/or vaccination, especially if diminished over timeThese cases could therefore double, if these sub-variables spread in the coming weeks.

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