Basketball – Nationale 2: Why did we love this crazy Lot-et-Garonne season?

After Garonne AB got used to qualifying, he just missed qualifying. This is not the case with its neighbor BB Marmande. For Agen, this exercise was exhilarating and she ranked 4th all of a sudden. The only downside: getting off from Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

After two seasons troubled by Covid-19, orange ball fans have been anticipating a lot of 2021-2022 training. Returning to normal action heroically did not turn upside down. And in this game, the Lot-et-Garonne clubs (four in this group B) were great.

Again, the hardest part begins

They would have signed with their eyes closed if – at the start of the season – they were promised such a fate. The children of President Jean-Louis Carnier took fourth place in this “B” group. Incredible with a record of 17 wins and 9 losses. Fred Rocco’s buddies made an exhilarating second stage with 9 wins. However, had it not been for the defeat in their den against Mongayard, Jardon or Neure, ABC could have achieved something great. They had a two-stage season. First time with Laurent Ruesgas at the helm before resigning. The arrival of Fred Rocco then allowed the group to tighten up, and discipline them to march towards the top of the ratings. In particular by being the best attack of the group during the away matches. Without being as complicated as the “red and white” season.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since ABC has been to such a party. We must take advantage of it and continue behind it all. However, the hardest part begins for ABC whose primary mission is to perpetuate a providential man, specifically Fred Rocco, at the helm of their science team. Then prevent the group from looting. By having results like this, Agenais has excelled and some players are in the crosshairs of some clubs that would be hard to compete against.

Garonne is a bit disappointed

The goal of “Yellow and Blue” was the play-off matches. Garonne BC did not fail in their last game. But this season hasn’t always been put under the seal of regularity. A poor performance on Tertre, particularly against Laval or even against Agen, weighed heavily in the balance. If GAB has the undeniable means to its ambitions, its group sometimes falters. And it wasn’t his status as the group’s top attacker that secured his qualification.

GAB failed to catch up with BBM to go to the play-off
Nicholas Niedergand

Some characters weren’t enough to reverse the trend. Dear Lot-et-Garonnais, President Serge Casagrande is accustomed to playing these qualifiers, and will take the opportunity to prepare for the next game. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the team change dramatically over the next season.

The craze for marmandays isn't over yet.  See you next Saturday in the quarter-finals at Beaupuy against Berck

The craze for marmandays isn’t over yet. See you next Saturday in the quarter-finals at Beaupuy against Berck
Nicholas Niedergand

BBM, historical precedent

At the beginning of the season, the “Blue and White” team did not even think about playing the main roles, specifically the costs of the playoffs. Here again, the Marmandais Collective was formed during this 2021-2022 fiscal year. A group that knew how to mold themselves and also find resources in a totally crazy French Cup tournament, they failed in the semi-finals. Somewhat exhausted by the playoff streak, Alexandre Balfroy’s youth found the energy to achieve a clear run and keep that second place synonymous with the playoff.

Arno Prozac and his partners play a playoff match.

Arno Prozac and his partners play a playoff match.
Nicholas Niedergand

So the season is not over for Arnaud Prozac and co. He will play Berke in the French National Championship 2 quarter-finals. The first leg will take place in Beauboy on Saturday 21 May at 8 pm. The return will take place on the Parque floor in Berk, on Friday, May 27 (and the lovely finish, on Sunday May 28 still on the Opal Coast). It wouldn’t be a picnic on BBM because adversity is formidable. This Pas-de-Calais formation had a royal career with only 23 wins and 3 losses. But without stress, BBM might be eager to climb mountains.

Villeneuve joins National 3

‘Green and White’ has been saved during ‘Covid’ seasons with Frozen Courses by the FFBB. There, VBC failed to find the solution despite the group that never gave up. But not enough in a very complex chicken. Villeneuvois finished the unenviable last place with 4 wins and only 22 losses. For the next exercise, the VCB will have to find new energy to regain momentum and reconnect with a gentle trajectory. For Lot-et-Garonne, there’s no denying that’s the downside to this great season at National 2. And it may not be over…

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