Jabra Ladies Open: An Unmissable Event

Rented last week in Thailand inAramco Team Series from Bangkok, Ann Liz Caudall He hopped on the plane as soon as his championship ended and headed to France. A long and exhausting journey with several stops, which you would never have skipped for anything in the world: starts this Thursday this Thursday Fateh Jabra for womenthe first two regular tournaments in Women’s European Tour (LET) in France by French Lacoste Women’s Championship mid September. “You have registered for qualificationsUS Women’s Open Which takes place on Monday in London, but I preferred to scratch myself to get into the best shape possible in Evian. You have to choose, and for me that choice was made quickly! » Indicates the double winner in the European circuit. Like many other players returning from Asia, this week’s big event takes place not in the outskirts of London, but on the shores of Lake Geneva. “It has obviously become a must-attend tournament for us. On the field this week, there are players who have their cards from LPGA Tour But who is back here to try to qualify for the major European championships?, she completes. Ann-Liz Caudall makes special reference to her countrymen Celine Herpen And Agathe Lissenwhere you ask for a ticket toAmundi Evian Championship (July 21-24 at the same location) andAIG Women’s Championship (August 4-7 in Muirfield).

It was created in 2017 and then recorded in the calendar of the missionIn Europe’s second division, the Jabra Women’s Championship has grown since then. Endorsed by circuits large and small in 2018 and 2019, since last year (the 2020 edition has been canceled due to Covid-19) Leaves Full. From 50,000 euros at birth, its endowment rose to 120, then to 200, and finally to 250,000 this year. The tournament has grown, both in terms of course, organization and field. Before it was young, it’s now a big European championship, and we also see it in the posters, the communication, the clothes, the fallout it shoots”Ambassador explains Jabraa company of Danish origin that specializes in audio products such as headphones, earphones and other microphones. “And it is clear that the organization cares a lot about us players: we have been very well received. But what makes this tournament so interesting, what all the girls want when they come here, is to face this Evian tournament, to see what the main course is, especially since we “ We play it under the same conditions, from the same departures.”

Contract extension until 2026

John the Baptist Payne

Owner and President of Championship Amundi Evian, Frank Ribaud We have had the pleasure, every year for the past six years, to make the famous European Champions Tour for female golfers on the European circuit.Evian Resort Golf Club. With the supposed intent of giving them a golf test as high as the one shown to the world’s stars at the end of July: “Whether it’s a Jabra race, a Grand Prix Jeunes Majeur U14, a kids’ Haribo Cup or whatever amateur competition we host, the philosophy is the same: at any time of year, set up the course as for the Majeur. Today, the only real difference may be It’s the speed of greens – on LET’s request, and the raw density that’s been decreasing since spring and not the heart of summer.” A fully embraced philosophy John the Baptist Paynedirector of Jabra in France and the main focus of the tournament: “The goal is to offer the girls one of the best opportunities to play this season because it is a major tournament, and to give them as much support and welcome as possible.”

And to the delight of the players, the Jabra Ladies Open has a bright future ahead! This year alone, the giveaway has been increased to €250,000 thanks to the arrival of bit stamp as much as Presentation of the sponsor. And more good news will fall: We will announce the extension of our contract until 2026, the year our 10th anniversary. This medium-term goal will allow us to continue to organize the tournament in terms of quality, recruitment and reception of players. We’re not among the biggest leagues in LET yet, but that’s clearly where we want to go.”Jean-Baptiste Payne concludes. Meanwhile, the fifth edition that opened on Thursday has all the ingredients for a high-profile show: 132 players in the fight for the trophy, but above all a place in the season’s European Grand Prix, and the right to dream higher.

We’re not among the biggest LET tournaments yet, but that’s clearly where we want to go.

Fateh Jabra for women

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