MAVZ: The 3 Big Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Match 7

The Suns and Mavs have had a fierce duel since the beginning of the series and it’s time to give us a winner. See you from 2am for the legendary Game 7, but until then, how about a little preview?

Who will challenge the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals? Is it a favorite, Phoenix, or the Dallas Outer? Suns may well receive, we all know that 7 is 50-50 and we will have to go into the field with a steel mind and a warm hand. We’re breaking out of the classic preview format to analyze this final roundup with three big questions that should provide an overview of this series and what lies ahead tonight. Arizona and Texas fans, here’s something to keep you busy before hostilities start.

# Time to wake up for Chris Paul?

But what happened to Chris Paul? Completely adept in the first two games, like his season, the captain no longer seems to know how to put one foot in front of the other. Was the fact that 37 candles went out between games 2 and 3 that bothered CP3? Little did we know that it was an era that could cause so much damage. Looks like monsters stole his skills and he’s been really strong in the last four matches. So we’re gathered here for Game 7 in Arizona and we’re laying the foundations right away: Phoenix needs Chris Paul at his best not to be needlessly afraid. At the moment he’s hung at home and Devin Booker is wild to run the store, but it would be nice to give him some support. Executives have to set the tone and no one is in a better position than CP3 to do so. He’s the most experienced, he’s the catcher in the time of money, he alone is changing the face of the Phoenix and may hold in his hands the future of the 2021 finalist. Nothing says Game Scenario 5 won’t reproduce with a escalation group like it should but the cactus would undoubtedly be more zen if Point God showed up. her best face.

# Who plays the X-factor?

That’s the question on Madame Irma’s setting, and fans of both camps are of course free to come and give their opinions in the comments. Game 7 is not a game like any other and can elevate any player to the status of champion in their homeland through an action, performance, or even throwing a towel if that helps. We’re talking about the X factor, so we’re not talking about Devin Booker or Luka Doncic, we need one or more players who aren’t on top of the bill but can and should advance. The kind of player you say to yourself in the morning: Do you remember so-and-so shot that gives us +5 in 10 seconds from the end? Thanks, my friend! On the Phoenix side, Asman quickly slipped out of the hat. We want Mikal Bridges to be on duty on Luka in defense but he also has the right to score on the other side of the field. Its contribution is currently insufficient and is expected at the juncture. Another boy who has a big role to play and won’t surprise anyone: Deandre Ayton. The Bahamian Axis has the ability and compatibility to destroy the Mavs within, and even if he isn’t worthy in the series, we feel he can still do the violence and rise to the next level.

On the Mavs side, their respective performances make many names come to mind. Obviously, Galen Bronson is among them. After a very sloppy start to the series, Lieutenant Doncic put his head back in place and the Mavs became oddly better. Dorian Finney-Smith also has a good X-factor face with his uncompromising defense and good shooting range. If we get his copy of Kawhi Leonard from Game 4, Dallas actually has a better chance of passing. Finally, we have a little word on Frank Ntilikina, who scratched his minutes thanks to his defensive qualities. We don’t expect to see him put 20 points tonight, but if he can make sure Devin Booker doesn’t plant 45, Texas fans will give him a big thank you.

# Finally a close match?

+27 in game 6, +30 in game 5, not forgetting a small +20 in game 2, we can’t really say that this series saves us cash time with a knife every night. Every team knows how to be respected on their field and this sometimes gives real lessons to the opponent. The narrowest gap between the two teams seven points, coincidence or coincidence, was in Phoenix! What gives us some hope of an outcome about oxygen tonight? We doubt every fan base would prefer to see their team flex their muscles and throw in the punch to avoid cold sweats, but it’s Game 7, and for playoff magic, you need an end under pressure and with crazy suspense. You need salt, you need a game winner or crowd action in a situation where we’ve seen the Suns had the heart of a champ or where Dallas has shown he’s at the top of the bill now. Phoenix is ​​the logical favorite to get to the next round but given the Suns’ current difficulties, Dallas has all the chances and the gap isn’t great. Hopefully we’ll say the same when watching the scoreboard at the start of Q4.

Phoenix, Dallas, Suns or Mavs, that’s the big question to be answered and both teams have 48 minutes to give their all and join the Warriors in the conference finals. See you at two in the morning for a frenzy duel.

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