The creepy profile of Payton Gendron, Buffalo shooter

Police arrested Payton Gendron after the Buffalo supermarket shooting on Saturday. Since then, her disturbing image has surfaced, with President Joe Biden calling the drama “domestic terrorism.”

On his weapon, a racial slur and a number, 14, used by white supremacists as an emblem. Payton Gendron, just 18, committed one of the worst shootings in the United States on Saturday. Armed with an assault rifle and a flak jacket, he opened fire at a Buffalo supermarket, wounding 13 people, including 11 African Americans. Ten of them were killed. President Joe Biden, like New York State Attorney General Letitia James, quickly called the killing “domestic terrorism” of its hateful and racist character. Since the tragedy, the image of the killer is already emerging.

On Sunday, federal authorities said they were checking the origin of a 180-page statement, posted online under the gunman’s name, in which Payton Gendron said he was inspired by crimes committed by other extremists in the past, including the 2019 massacre of 51 worshipers at two mosques in the city. Christchurch, New Zealand. In this document he would raise the “Great Alternative” theory, believing that whites should increase their birth rate so that they would not be “replaced by non-white aliens”. According to the statement, the “alternatives” must be eliminated by force or by terror. And WIFR reports that Saturday’s attack, in addition to eliminating blacks, was also aimed at intimidating all non-white, non-Christian people and forcing them to leave the country. Moreover, just like the Christchurch terrorist who broadcast his crime live, the American also committed his attack by filming himself on Twitch. “This guy came here with the goal of killing as many black people as possible,” the mayor of Buffalo said at a news conference Sunday.

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Threats against his school

In the “New York Post,” the owner of the shop where the teen bought his gun said, “He feels terribly bad.” Immediately after the tragedy, the police reported him to be the one who sold him the Bushmaster XM-15. In the online statement, the suspect reportedly declared his intention to carry out shootings with this particular weapon. The man explained that he does not remember this particular sale due to the number of customers who come in each day. But a search of his files with two agents who came to question him showed that he saw “no alert” about the young man when he met him. “He didn’t have a particular attitude. Otherwise, if that was the case, I would never have sold him this weapon. I don’t understand how an 18-year-old boy could do that. I know I didn’t do anything wrong but I feel awful.”

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According to the first elements of the investigation, Payton Gendron could have converted the weapon once he had purchased it, to make it more lethal. If, during this purchase, the attacker showed no signs of his future crime, his past was nonetheless cause for concern. Last year, when he was still a high school student, his organization threatened a shooting. He was not prosecuted for these threats but was taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Then he was able to go home quickly. Apparently he was investigated when he was a high school student. “He did a medical evaluation based on something he wrote at school,” the New York attorney general asserted. Despite these serious threats, once he is released from the hospital, Payton Gendron is no longer in contact with the authorities. He then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2021 and has since attended SUNY Broome Community College. Many are now wondering whether the teen will be able to legally obtain a gun, despite threats against his high school. “That’s exactly what we’re currently achieving,” Governor Cathy Hochhol said when asked about it.

According to the investigation, the day before the terrorist attack, Payton Gendron could have come to find out about the place. This was clearly a racially motivated hate crime. “This guy is evil,” said Erie County Sheriff John Garcia. The exact location was to be chosen. While the shooter lives in Conklin where 95% of the population is white, he would go to Buffalo, 320 kilometers from his home, and choose a neighborhood inhabited by the majority of African Americans. In addition to his assault rifle, he also had two other weapons ready for use in his car. CNN source part of the video from Twitch. Filmed from the shooter’s point of view. The platform claimed to have removed it from the live broadcast less than two minutes after the attack began. So far, Payton Gendron has been charged with premeditated murder and has pleaded not guilty. New charges related to hate crimes and terrorism may be added soon.

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