The war in Ukraine. Russia loses ground, hospital targeted in Severodonetsk … Update at night

As Finland and Sweden move closer than ever to joining NATO, as Moscow fears, the Russian armed forces are gradually losing ground in Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian army and British intelligence services, Russia suffered great material and human losses since the beginning of the war, which forced it to constantly review its goals.

For its part, the Ukrainian army continues to lead a counterattack in the Kharkiv region.

We take stock of the events that marked the last few hours.

Bombing of a hospital in Severodonetsk

The head of the military administration of the eastern Luhansk region, in the Donbass, Serhiy Haiday, reported through his channel on Telegram, the targeting of a hospital in the city of Severodonetsk on Sunday, May 2022, according to the American media, CNN. .

Reportedly, nine civilians were injured in the hospital, which continued to function despite successive shelling. According to Sarhi Haiday, the Russian Armed Forces carried out, on Sunday, “11 artillery attacks on Severodonetsk.” In addition to the hospital, homes, a chemical plant, and a school were targeted.

Ukrainian battalion reaches the Russian border

The Kharkiv region saw a Ukrainian counter-attack gaining ground for several days and gradually regaining the positions hitherto occupied by the Russian armed forces.

During the night, several videos were transmitted on social media, and confirmed by local media, claiming that a battalion managed to reach the Russian border northeast of Kharkiv, which led to the gradual retreat of the Russians.

The Russian army is in trouble around Luhansk

In the Donbass, the Russian armed forces are forced to revise their goals, according to the American Institute for the Studies of War. According to the latest report, published on Sunday evening, and cited by the New York Times, Russia was to abandon its intention to encircle tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers, from northern Izyum to southern Donetsk, to focus on the capture of Luhansk. area, a goal that is more difficult for them to achieve than initially anticipated.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his daily update published on social networks and on the Ukrainian government website, also specified that he expects To new Russian attempts to launch an offensive in the Donbass, to intensify its movements in southern Ukraine.

Significant losses confirmed on the Russian side

According to the same report, it is also possible that the Russian armed forces will have a shortage of reservists to send to war. This will force Moscow, according to the American Institute for the Studies of War (IWS), to send more soldiers from militias or private military companies.

British intelligence had announced earlier on Sunday that Russia “has now likely suffered losses of a third of the ground combat force it committed in February,” while the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense estimated Russian losses at 27,400 soldiers, 200 aircraft, 1,220 tanks and 164 helicopters since February 24. .

The war in Ukraine. Russia loses ground, hospital targeted in Severodonetsk … Update at night

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