Top 9 ways to miss a video game

Video games are generally more successful. But it still happens that studios miss out on the big shows. Often for the same reasons.

In terms of quality, there is a gap between yesterday’s video games and today’s games. Technologies, more and more advanced, and knowledge, more and more, lead to experiences that are mastered from the ground up. Those that are able to make people dream for weeks and weeks, in the aftermath.”elden ring To quote a recent example.

But there are still times when developers and publishers suffer major setbacks from which it is sometimes difficult to recover. There are indeed pitfalls to avoid in order not to disappoint players.

1. Promise a lot with a great trailer

Comrades developers, players have no short memories. And they love to dissect every second of the trailer. Promised mountains and wonders? The result must live up to expectations, otherwise we risk seeing many videos comparing what was shown at the time of the ad and the final result – often at the expense of the final result. In a way, the first trailer is a trap: It should drool, but never mislead the goods.

best example : watch dogs. We’re at E3 2012. Ubisoft reveals watch dogs, a new license that contains everything from GTA 2.0. The long gameplay video was really tempting. Except that we’ve never played this game, everything is summarized in the comparison below, signed by the analyst site Digital Foundry.

2. Suffering from technical debts that are difficult to repay

The graphics never make a game, even if they are eye-catching. On the other hand, a lack of technical solidity can ruin everything. Slow motions that break the rhythm, ugly bugs, crashes and force you to start over… Lots of elements that make you want to put the game away and never touch it again, even if the developers can rectify the situation after the fact, thanks to the updates. Often, however, the damage has already been done.

best example : Cyberpunk 2077 movie. CD Projekt Red had his eyes bigger than his stomach Cyberpunk 2077 movie, an RPG that had to make everyone agree. Alas, wanting to release the game on platforms with very fragile shoulders, the Polish studio shot in the foot. The PS4 and Xbox One versions were in a sorry state and pulled the groundbreaking movie down. Even upgrading to PS5 and Xbox Series X isn’t entirely convincing. Proof that the site was absolutely formidable.

Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox Series X // Source: Capture Xbox

3. Stupidly copy the popular genre

The video game market often operates in cycles, such as fashion trends. There was a time when publishers stacked up against open-world games. Today everyone wants their own dark soul or their own It is an electronic game. Except that sometimes copying a concept doesn’t really make sense and is more opportunistic than a real creative suggestion.

best example : Need for Speed ​​Heat. With this racing game from a cult saga, Electronic Arts thought that incorporating elements from Dark Souls – an especially action-oriented RPG – would be a good idea. Joystick in hand, it’s an aberration.

Need for Speed ​​Heat
Need for Speed ​​Heat // Source: Electronic Arts

4. Relying on a questionable business model

The games were sold for €70, and they are full of microtransactions, which drives players to make publishers richer… It’s certainly the most hated business model, especially when it willingly plays on the fan service side to provoke a compulsive purchase. Even worse, when a push speeds up progress and unlocks benefits even faster. This syndrome is called pay-to-win.

best example : Star Wars Battlefront II. Electronic Arts should think for a long time about the failed launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, which is a real biblical case about what to do to irritate the public. Not only betting on random loot (a mechanic was criticized during the beta), the multiplayer FPS has shown huge costs to unlock famous characters. Therefore, for the possibility of playing Darth Vader, we either spent several dozen hours there, or paid a few dozen euros. A suspicious glitch that tarnished his reputation Star Wars Battlefront II.

Star Wars Battlefront II
Star Wars Battlefront II // Source: Electronic Arts

5. Offer an open world, but forget to fill it up

In 2022, doing an adventure in the open world is no longer impossible, and on the other hand, making it fun is more complicated. Oftentimes we had the opportunity to visit the environments which were certainly extensive but very empty. And when they are filled in, they are in a purely virtual way, with very similar tasks (when not 100% identical).

best example : funnel 3. funnel 3 She dreamed of herself as a visual rendering of the Xbox One, using cloud computing technology to simulate the awesome effects of destruction. Upon our arrival, we found ourselves with a sub-GT who didn’t have much for him. ” The city has nothing to offer its 100% fans. We wrote in our judgment.

funnel 3
Crackdown 3 // Source: Microsoft

6. Put your game on one concept

Video games are a mixture of inspiration and new ideas. However, originality is not always a guarantee of success. The concept, however modern it is, can be painful in terms of gameplay, dampening the fun of the game. From time to time it is a matter of factuality. By wanting to get too close to real life, the developers forget about the idea of ​​fun. Because, yeah, weapons that break all the time (first Dark Souls) or a gas tank to fill up (hello Days gone byIt eventually becomes painful.

best example : Balan Wonderworld. One button to do it all: This is the hilarious concept that one of Sonic’s parents (Yuji Naka) imagined. In terms of ergonomics, it’s a pain. We could also have mentioned Red Dead Redemption 2, and its very heavy-duty realistic mechanics.

Balan Wonderworld
Balan Wonderworld // Source: Square Enix

7. Leave the game too early

Years ago, when updates weren’t around, an incomplete game release was something that killed them. Today, studios always have the opportunity to complete a project after its launch. And it is a real concern for players, who have to pay money when the game is launched, hopefully splatter saviors. Sometimes it is better to wait (Days gone by). Sometimes it is not refundable (National anthem).

best example : No Man’s Sky. butt No Man’s Sky First of all, there was a mathematical equation consisting of creating several thousand different planets in real time. The ingenuity was there, and the interest in the game wasn’t really there. Years have passed and now Hello Games’ UFO is a real game. However, it has come a long way…

fight anthem
National Anthem // Source: Electronic Arts

8. Lazy recycling

Nostalgia is a great seller. We tickle the memories to retrieve them, and for the most part it works. Gamers in this video game market have understood well and have never hesitated to offer collections full of old games, often without any real contribution other than ease of use (no need to find an emulator anymore).

best example : There are many more, but search for Nintendo, Capcom, Konami … Did not find? Check out the Switch version ofAnimusha, a very stupid and bad port of a game that was originally released on PlayStation 2. Here, Capcom doesn’t do much to dust off the action game, which has necessarily aged with the weight of the years. A small graphical fix and a few updated features would have been enough to give it some shine. As it is, it’s the same game as before.

9. Exhausting the license without renewing it

As in the cinema, video games feed on licenses, can be replicated at will and give birth to a trade, you want some. But (big) publishers tend to pull the rope: Once a story is successful, we build on what we’ve learned. Players know how to make it paid, as was the case with Assassin’s Creed. With one author a year, the franchise has become a comics. In the face of backtracking, Ubisoft ended up revising the basics and putting an end to copying and pasting.

best example : far cry 6. far cry 6 Resembles Far Cry 5 who looks like Far Cry 4 who looks like far cry 3

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