Basketball – Denin snatches his Pro B maintenance on Evro’s floor!

Meeting with Denaisien President Yohan Senez the day after an evening where Voltaire played his maintenance in Pro B.

Scaldis: How was the experience of yesterday’s match? This suspense until the end?

It is very easy last night to maintain that it was necessary either to win in Evreux or when Lille, Tours or Nantes lose. The three clubs you just mentioned didn’t miss out on winning all on their floors, so we owe that to ourselves only. In the end, it is much better in both the moral and the mathematical sense. It’s a beautiful happy ending.

Scaldis: You often say this season is “crazy.” Explain to us why?

But quite simply that the second NM1 touchdown (rounds) takes place with 14 victories over the clock which is unprecedented. Ranking reveals: Dinan maintains 15 victories and returns to 10th place in the championship one evening. We are one win away from the playoffs! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve become like that neck and neck.

Scaldis: We imagine that last part of the season was particularly difficult?

The whole season was really tough, but it’s true that we’ve tasted a lot in recent weeks (laughs). with Remy and Mahdi ( Note from the coach and general manager of the professional editor team ) We looked at the standings every day and said to ourselves: 7 wins in a row at home, a masterful victory over Shallon, and we’re still talking about maintenance or relegation? It is absolutely amazing. And yes, it is nerve-wracking. But it’s good we have strong nerves.

Scaldis: What will you remember from this season?

Only positive. First, the exceptional cohesion of the team around me. Characters are always revealed in adversity and all leaders and partners have been role models of trust, loyalty and asceticism. Then also the popular enthusiasm for home games in the latter part of the season. We had great moments of jubilation and celebration after the breathless matches where we always felt like we were playing our lives. With a special mention of the last derby against Lille of course, but also against Chalons, with this beautiful popular meeting between fans of the Carnival and the fans of Voltaire.

Scaldis: This season is also the last chapter in Rémy Valin à Denain’s book.

Yes, and as far as I’m telling you it’s first and foremost what I think of this great season finale: a crazy home victory and maintenance of the floor Evro knows by heart. We couldn’t ask for more and it was well worth it. Deanne owes him a lot.

Scaldis: Already on top next season?

For some time now. But here I admit we are going to break out a little this weekend and enjoy the sun. And then I don’t want to be responsible for GM’s fatigue that hasn’t slept for weeks (laughs). Jokes aside, of course, the next coach is being hired and we’re working on a budget model for next season to be immediately competitive in the tournament. That’s the goal I’ve set for the sports crew in the coming weeks.

Scaldis: A more personal word about you. You haven’t hesitated occasionally to “chants” some supporters during this season, and yet people say you’re a boss who’s very close to the crowd. How do you explain that?

You should not exaggerate. At some point in the season when we were going really badly, I didn’t appreciate some of the notes on social networks, some of which were offensive to the team, the staff and some of the players. I may be overprotective but that’s it. And I can tell you that even when things were going badly no one gave up, the following seven home wins are there to prove it.

But I am also the first to say that these behaviors are in the minority and can be achieved thanks to the importance of social networks where some people allow themselves to “let go” and then think.

For the vast majority of supporters and audience Denaisiens they are absolutely fantastic! I was told yesterday in Evro that only hearing them are. ( Laughter ) Mahdi Shallah had to find a bus and additional trucks, as we recorded. So from the bottom of my heart, thanks to them, to Marilyn, Gallibut, to the volunteers, to the youth, Voltaire is first and foremost.

Scaldis: An epilogue?

Yes I really want to thank both people. Mahdi Shallah first, who combines professional team management and training center management. At the helm of a small and partly volunteer team, he does a pretty huge job, from negotiating contracts to organizing match nights. And since he is the first to take everything in his face when there is a problem, even a small one, we owe him all the thanks and, on a personal level, my support and friendship.

And then, a big thank you to Mayor Anne-Lise Dufour, who has always been there since the club’s bailout ten years ago until today, accompanies and supports the transformations in the hall, by being present at every game. I will never forget his personal, heartfelt intervention one day in the locker room. The players were amazed by his energy and love for the club. Ann Lise recently asked me to develop recreational basketball and I know it’s a very strong domestic demand, I promised her we’d roll up our sleeves and get stronger in that aspect.

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