Boston and Dallas blow up the finalists for 2021!

The results of the night in the NBA

@ dollars Celtics : 81-109
mavs @Albars: 123-90

Boston Celtics – Milwaukee Bucks: 4-3

So there will be no new version of the 2021 Finals this year. There will also be no back to back for bucks. Milwaukee and Phoenix both took the door after the seventh games played on Sunday, in a common scenario we didn’t really expect: the dry, sloppy slap.

Boston were the first to capitalize on their home stadium advantage and the confidence born from the success they had in Wisconsin in Game Six, unceremoniously knocking out the defending champions. Giannis Antetokounmpo was very lonely, and his exploits (25 points, 20 rebounds, 9 assists) were not enough this time in the absence of Chris Middleton.

The Celtics put him against a real wall for a new defensive mastery to limit them to… 89 points. Regardless of the first quarter that the Bucks won (26-20), Boston dominated this encounter without appearing in a panic or lacking in solutions. Unlike Milwaukee, which gradually fell, without being able to find its aura last season. Shots did not come as an understatement (4/33 out of 3 points) without Mike Budenholzer’s group being able to compensate with an iron defence.

Ime Udoka players managed to unleash true team spirit from this encounter once again. Maybe the Bucks weren’t ready for the Grant Williams game. Whoever wanted to be named Batman in the regular season is not far from winning this one after winning 27 points in seven award-winning baskets, backing Jason Tatum (23 points).

The Celtics turned that 7 game into a firework (22 3-point baskets, a record for a game 7 in the NBA playoffs) and swept Milwaukee. Giannis apparently had stopped breathing late in the game after carrying the team on his shoulders.

You have to realize that these Celtics launched teams embodied by two of the most dominant players of their generation: Kevin Durant and Giannis Antikonmo. Now put in the Heat group, for a place in the NBA Finals.

Chris Paul who is still off the field after leading 2-0, it’s important

Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks: 3-4

Predict the Mavs conference final early in the season, when Luka Doncic He came back from the Olympics worn out and in good physical shape, he was rather bold – Antoine Bimmel, who was part of the Prophets, is currently reveling in his dollar collection – But that was underestimating the boy and his team. The Mavs tear down, smash, and smash the Phoenix Suns in ways they never expected.

Phoenix completely missed this seventh game at home, smearing the results Chris Paul In such a situation (0-5) since the beginning of his career. It is clear that CP3 is not responsible for the mass collapse. Hit in the groin, the Arizona leader simply couldn’t float and drag everyone with him.

Led by 20 points in the first half, then with 32 at the start of the fourth quarter, Suns were unrecognizable and far from the team that dominated the regular season. Nobody above 12 points, ghostly executives and coaching staff unable to counter the Texans’ plans, spared nothing for the stunned viewers.

They will at least be able to see Luka Doncic’s career take on a new dimension, as he plays his first conference final after pulling out a team he had believed so little in, especially after Kristaps Porzingis’ deal against Spencer Dinwiddy. However, Dinwiddie is the one who caught fire off the bench to shoot 30 points and support Doncic as he should.

The Slovenian only needed 30 minutes to drown out the sun in depression. With 35 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists on 12/19, Luka Doncic dominated this game without sinking his resources, which is great news for Dallas ahead of challenging Golden State for a ticket to the Finals.

The time of reckoning for Phoenix will come, and it will be painful, but now is the time to rejoice for Mavis and watch the journey of the generational talent that is Doncic.

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