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DriverPack is a free driver update tool that finds the device drivers your PC needs in just a few clicks, then downloads and installs them for you – without going through any installation wizards or prompts.

Since it is easy to use and free from the clutter that similar software has, there are also some features that you will not find in this tool.

There are two ways to run this program:
normal mode

By default, after opening the installation file, DriverPack runs in “normal mode” where everything happens for you: your computer is ready and the drivers you need are downloaded and installed for you.
DriverPack Normal Mode

This mode is different from the Expert mode below, because it is a hands-off approach to driver installation. There’s even a personal assistant who talks to you while he’s working so you know exactly what he’s doing at all times.

Choose this mode if you are too new to getting driver updates and don’t want to pick and choose which ones to install.
Expert Mode

The other way to get drivers with this tool is Expert Mode. Enable the option to run in expert mode after opening the program and you will see a screen like the one shown below.

DriverPack Solution Expert Mode

DriverPack’s expert mode gives you complete control over what gets installed. Check the box next to each driver update or driver kit that you want to install.

This mode also allows you to access the list of recommended programs in the Programs tab on the left. They include, for example, the Opera web browser and some security tools. Select it to install, if desired.

Protection and cleaning is another aspect of this DriverPack mode that identifies programs you may want to get rid of. We can consider it a potentially unwanted software detector, as some security software do.

Diagnostics is not related to drivers at all, but it is useful if you are interested in knowing the make and model of your computer. It also displays your username, computer name, motherboard details, and other things you’d normally only find in the System Information tool.

Finally, DriverPack Offline lets you install drivers even if you don’t have an internet connection, which is a great idea if you plan to install drivers on a computer that doesn’t have an internet connection. You can choose to download a huge selection of multi-gigabyte drivers or just drivers in certain categories, such as video card, network card, sound card, phone, card reader, webcam, and/or computer drivers. Then transfer the files to the computer without the need for the Internet and you can install it.

About DriverPack

DriverPack has all the features of a driver update tool you’d expect:

Fonctionne avec Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista et Windows XP.
DriverPack est un programme léger qui ne prend pas beaucoup de temps à télécharger et se connecte à Internet pour des mises à jour de pilotes en ligne gratuites.
Il est entièrement portable et peut être lancé à partir de n'importe quel dossier, disque dur ou périphérique portable, comme un lecteur flash.
Des points de restauration sont créés automatiquement avant l'installation des pilotes.
Vous pouvez installer tous les pilotes nécessaires en une seule fois
Plusieurs langues sont prises en charge
Affiche la version du pilote actuel ainsi que la version de celui qu'il peut télécharger pour le remplacer
Peut lister tous les pilotes, même ceux qui n'ont pas besoin d'être mis à jour
Le site Web vous permet de télécharger des ensembles spécifiques de pilotes, comme le chipset, le Bluetooth, le son, la vidéo, etc. Une fois que vous avez téléchargé, par exemple, les pilotes Bluetooth, l'archive contient des dossiers séparés pour les différents fabricants comme Logitech, Motorola, Realtek, Broadcom, etc.
Dans les paramètres, il existe une option permettant d'effacer les fichiers temporaires une fois que les données nécessaires ont été utilisées. Cela permet de limiter le stockage sur votre disque dur.
DriverPack Notifier peut être activé pour surveiller votre ordinateur à la recherche de pannes matérielles ou logicielles.

Thoughts about DriverPack

DriverPack is a great option if you are not familiar or uninterested in all the backup/restore options, settings, and other screens that some similar driver updates offer.

If a minimal driver updater is something you’re interested in, give it a try. However, we find that sometimes it takes a while to download drivers – longer than we’ve seen with similar tools that update drivers.

Remember the disclaimer at the top of this page. We have received emails and read reports from other users that this program is known not only to infect your computer, but also to install unrelated programs without your asking (sometimes fake programs with names similar to the real ones).

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