Has Pat Beverly gone too far in criticizing Chris Paul?

Patrick Beverly He suspected that such an outing would make people react. guest on ESPN Commenting on the Suns going out of the way against the Mavs, the Wolves’ guards publicly attacked Chris Paul. The latter, he said, Nobody can be defended, everybody knows that in the NBA ‘, the former Clippers player sent, before comparing his counterpart to ‘ A plot, like the one we train with during the summer »…

If he says he didn’t doubt for a second that “CP3” would end up in “Hall of Fame,” Patrick Beverly, who remembered his quarrel with Chris Paul during the last playoffs, considers that he should have made six fouls due to calling Galen Bronson. And that Monty Williams should have put his goalkeeper on the bench, instead of Deandre Ayton…” It’s not a showdown with Monty, he’s a great coach, coach of the year, but if T-Lo had coached the Suns, he would have made that decision. It’s a tough decision, but he would have made it. »

A dispute going back a long time?

Chris is one of the best basketball players in history…why do I comment when some are chasing after him when they aren’t even in that category “,” Suns coach reaction. The latter explained that these types of comments are one of the reasons why he does not use social networks.

When I hear things like that, another player picks Chris, It doesn’t bother me at all. I look at all of Chris’ work, wherever he goes, taking franchise to a level never reached before. I can answer, but we’re aiming for other things, more important things. »

On Twitter, Damien Lillard also went there with his reaction wondering What Chris Paul had fact » To Patrick Beverly. ” The man appears on TV as if his word were law “,” File a lawsuit against point guard Blazersdescribing very strange behavior “.

A few weeks ago, on the JJ Redick podcast, Patrick Beverly explained that he and Chris Paul had known and engaged for a long time. According to the Wolves player, the confusion goes back to the LeBron James camp organized by Nike, when he was still in college. Then he managed to confront Chris Paul. I killed him. Demolition. So when I saw him in the NBA, of course that energy was finding its way into the league. »

Patrick Beverly then added respect for the Suns veteran’s talent, but not so much as his deputy. “Chris, he does things on foxy. People don’t know. He’s a dirty little idiot. Chris knows that very well… I appreciate what he brings to the game. He’s changed the game. You have to celebrate whatever he can do. But he also knows how to manipulate the system, and we have to.” Talk about all of that, too.”

“Clown” by Matt Barnes

And when one user compared Patrick Beverly’s playoff stats (11 points, 5 assists) to Chris Paul’s stats over the last five games of the series against the Mavs (9 points, 6 assists), “Lady” it’s back” Nobody » He was defending the wolves player…

At the center of a regular “trash talk” session, Matt Barnes, Still on the ESPN group, also added two cents to criticize Patrick Beverly’s comments. According to him, “CP3″, a former teammate of the Clippers, ” He played poorly from game 3 to game 7. He was bad and that’s what he will tell you. […] As representatives of the media, it is our duty to be critical, but I believe there is a fine line between criticism and disrespect. And what Pat Beverly did to Chris Paul today was completely disrespectful and inappropriate. »

Like Monty Williams, Matt Barnes considers the two men not fighting in the same category.

Chris Paul has done really poorly in this series and his stats are always better than your stats in your career. You have to understand that he was a 12-time All-Star, nine-time member of the “All-Defense” team, seven times in the top five defenses, and would be a Hall of Famer ‘, the 2017 NBA Champion was listed with the Warriors, noting that Pat Beiff was “key players”” of the same type “.

All he needed was a red clown’s nose, because he was talking like a clown”Matt Barnes concluded. “CP is a basketball legend. We are ‘role players’ so respect these guys. »

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